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List of ‘brutal’ fines at Aston Villa goes viral and includes some slightly unusual crimes

A list of ‘brutal’ fines once used at Aston Villa goes viral and includes some slightly unusual crimes that has got people talking.

A photo was published onto social media showing just what players would be punished for and how much, and while some publications claim this is the list issued by Steven Gerrard, the club’s communications director Tommy Jordan tweeted on Wednesday morning saying this was used before the appointment of the Liverpool legend.

Turning up late to training after blowing the whistle for the start of the day saw a straight £500 fine handed out, while the law book also includes some slightly unusual crimes.

One of which would see a charge of £50 a day each time a member of the squad forgets to bring in cakes when it’s someone else’s birthday.

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It’s a £100 fine for anyone who does not wear FLIP FLOPS in the showers, and if that wasn’t enough to empty the wallets of his stars, being late for the team coach or a meeting will cost them £200… PER MINUTE. While the same offence on a match day will result in a £1,000 fine.

Careless players who leave their Snus – a type of chewing tobacco – lying around will have to pay the consequences – £200.

Being booked for dissent means players would also pay out £200, although that’s not as bad as the punishment for being sent off.

Anyone shown a red card has to take the entire team out for a meal – within four weeks of the day they were given their marching orders.

Leaving any kit on the training field or leaving cutlery at the table in the canteen will cost £100 an item.

Villa’s stars must also be mindful of where they leave their cars because illegal parking at football or outside football will also cost them £100.

Other fines include not reporting to the team doctor by 10am after picking up a new injury, forgetting their GPS for training, not remembering their recovery leggings, and not wearing the correct match day attire.

Being late for a commercial appearance will also see their profits from it slashes – because it will cost them £250.

And while it won’t cost them financially, being voted the worst player in training the day before a game will see them wear a jumper that reads “I was the worst trainer” the day before the next match.

The Aston Villa boss does not hesitate to punish his players if they step out of line

List of ‘brutal’ fines at Aston Villa goes viral and includes some slightly unusual crimes

But if you think Gerrard’s fines are a tad extreme, Frank Lampard’s incredible list of fines imposed at Chelsea has gone viral once again on social media, a what a list it is!

Shockingly, there was a total of 12 things squad members could have got into trouble for, the cheapest fine being £500 (per minute) and the most expensive being up to an eye-watering amount of £20,000.

It stated at the bottom of the list that players must pay the fine within 14 days of it being handed to them and then any that were outstanding after that time would be doubled. Ouch.

The first one typed out, for any player that was late for matchday/first-team departure, they would need to cough up a fee worth £2,500.

If the footballer was late for report time for training, they would have to pay £2,500 (plus £2,500 for every 15 minutes thereafter).

For those that turned up late in gym for pre-activation, it’s a sum of £1,000.

Anyone that failed to make it in time for treatment, that’s worth another £2,500.

If players arrived late for team meetings, it would cost them £500-per-minute.

The penultimate lateness fine, this time for the start of training, individuals would be punished with a fee worth £20,000, the most expensive of them all.

Ok, fair enough for those you really deserve to be in some sort of trouble. Here is some other ones that may not come straight to the top of your head.

If a player’s phone was ringing during a team meal or meeting, that would set back players £1,000.

The eighth listed is for those who report in the wrong attire/kit for Team Travel and Match Days, again, that’s also £1,000.

A fine of £5,000 will be dished out to those who don’t travelling back on Team Coach post-match, without giving 48 hours notice to the Manager or an Assistant manager.

Anyone refusing or not turning up for corporate/community duties, that’s another £5,000.

The second most expensive on the list was a £10,000 fine for not reporting illness or injury before day off or 1 hour 30 minutes before training.

And lastly, another late for medical appointments meant players had to pay out £2,500.


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