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Linesman apologises to Tuchel and De Ligt after late offside call denies Bayern equaliser

The linesman apologises to Thomas Tuchel and Matthijs de Ligt after a late offside call controversially denies Bayern their equaliser.

They both acknowledged that the linesman expressed regret after Bayern Munich’s late equaliser was controversially disallowed in the match against Real Madrid.

Following Joselu’s two late goals as a substitute, which led to Madrid’s remarkable comeback in the Champions League semi-final, Bayern believed they had forced the game into extra time.

In the 13th minute of second-half stoppage time, De Ligt scored a goal inside the penalty area, but referee Szymon Marciniak blew the whistle for an offside just before.

Bayern went from jubilation to then protesting as replays revealed that it was an extremely close decision regarding Noussair Mazraoui, however the linesman’s early flag prevented VAR from reviewing it.

It led to Bayern crashing out of the Champions League in a dramatic end to the game and boss Tuchel was left frustrated at the manner in which they fell to defeat.

Speaking to TNT Sports, he said: “A disastrous decision from the linesman and from the referee… it feels almost like a betrayal in the end because of that decision.”

He later added: “The linesman said sorry but that does not help. At that kind of level, to raise the flag in a decision like this, a close decision in the last minute.

“And the referee as well, the referee does not have to whistle. He sees that we win the second ball, he sees that we get a shot away. To whistle is a very, very bad decision.

“It’s against the rules and it’s a bad decision from both of them, it’s a disaster. Tough to swallow but that’s the way it is.”

De Ligt was also angered by the decision, telling beIN SPORTS: “If it’s offside, it’s offside. But I think we made rules in football and the rules are if’s not a clear offside – which it wasn’t because I don’t see it yet if it’s offside or not – you have to keep playing.

“If you go in the last minutes and you whistle like this, I think it’s a big mistake. If it’s offside or not you can check it, but if you don’t check it, how can you see it? The second goal Rudiger is almost offside. If he whistles ok, but now there’s a difference and this is a shame.

“The linesman said to me I’m sorry, I made a mistake, I can’t buy anything for that. I’m not the type of person who wants to blame a loss or win on the referee but it means you have to win because you win 2-1. I think if it’s a rule, it’s a rule.”

It’s another tough one to take for Tuchel in his spell in charge at Bayern, ahead of his summer exit as the club have missed out on silverware entirely this season.

Twitter users reacted as the linesman apologises to Tuchel and De Ligt after a late offside call denies Bayern an equaliser against Real Madrid…

@marcos_euphonic: The worst part is they constantly let play go on when it’s clearly offside to flag when the move is over, then this time he flags immediately and wrongly when Bayern score!

@sami_fallah: The linesman might have apologised but it was but your game management that was the most horrific part of the night mate … not a single person on this planet apart from him would’ve made those subs. The Gareth Southgate of club football 🤡.

@DannyTarr: Thought it was offside myself but is linesman not supposed to keep flag down in tight situations so in that respect I believe they had been robbed of atleast the right to review the offside. Having said that, Madrid players stopped for the whistle before goal was scored.

@hughespaul09: I’m a bit lost at this. Yes it should’ve gone to VAR but it’s not an incorrect offside. Look at De Ligts foot vs the darker shade of grass vs Rüdigers?! He’s a few inches off.

@ConnorMc96: Can’t get my head around it

@Monty__1010: Its a fix man

@Jord260497: Im so rattled and I have 0 connection to either team

@_The_Lal: Week in week out defenders are killing themselves trying to get back when its an offside but the ref lets it play on next think that cunt just blows his whistle 😂

@Shane90KirkLFC: The Madrid goal was funky, and this is worse. Match fixing should be looked into after these decisions. I can’t imagine being a Bayern fan right now

@AlexDenton17: De Ligt is offside but it looks too close to call on the other player who is the one who actually went for the header. Terrible decision by the linesman 🤦‍♂️

@NCHammer1980: Fans constantly call for VAR to be scrapped and im told they’d be fine to go back to this where the AR makes a call but it could be wrong. It’s simply not true. Fans, players, managers, everyone will complain if there is VAR but also if there isn’t. That’s just how football is

@bstarkes: Why has the Lino flagged for offside here, we were all led to believe that’s what var is for. Keep your flag down unless it’s obvious and let the cameras decide 🙈😂

@WimpyTweets: Monumental mistake from the ref that. I will say I think the Madrid goalkeeper stops because the whistle goes which is why the ball goes in but even still… Munich fans will be fuming

@Hemank_fpl: Daylight robbery, the sideline ref shouldn’t have raised the flag so quickly and whats the use of VAR if the referees make such mistakes at the most crucial stage of the game

@WhistleBlowerDK: Two errors made in this scenario. AR raising his flag early. Referee accepting the flag and blowing the whistle instead of acknowledging and holding on whistling the play dead. It’s poor judgement overall. It’s not corruption. It’s human error. Very surprising.

@Northeastred: Tight enough that play should have been allowed to continue then review if necessary. Dark arts @UEFA

@KieronClarke14: I thought at the time it was poor, I thought he was onside. Ridiculous decision

@davyowens67: Offside or not, he must let it play out. Doesn’t look good

@Lea_EFC: That looks onside to me.

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