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Lincoln City chairman hits out at fake transfer news doing the rounds on social media

Lincoln City chairman Clive Nates hits out at fake transfer news doing the rounds on social media as the summer window opens.

Yep, it’s unfortunately that time of year again where we see a rise in fake ‘ in the know’ transfer rumour accounts, mainly on Twitter and about EFL clubs/players, and then football fans fall for it and spread misinformation elsewhere.

Goalkeeper Lukas Jensen, who was club’s Player of the Season and had the most clean sheets in League One, had been linked with a potential departure from Lincoln, claiming to be in advanced talks with Rotherham United, despite still having a year remaining on his contract. This as you can imagine quickly spread, though lacked any factual basis.

Twitter user Darren Chapman @Chappy151174 wrote: “Heard today Jenson in advanced talks with Rotherham! He’d be a big loss if true for the imps!”

 To which Lincoln City chairman Clive Nates replied: “Really disappointing Darren, you would post crap like this. Total bullshit! At least spell his name right.”

Darren Chapman @Chappy151174 said: “Same bloke who told me also said we had a keeper in from Chesterfield! I’ll ignore that one also then Clive.”

Clive responded: “Best you do. Your mate doesn’t know much.”

@brumantcornell tweeted: No one messes with the @cliven7

Darren Chapman @Chappy151174 responded: “Tell you what Cornell if we now sign a keeper from chesterfield or Lucas does go you’ll all be hearing from my lawyers and I expect a full apology 😂”

Clive added: “Tell you what Darren, if we sign a keeper from Chesterfield or Lukas (note the correct spelling) goes to a team managed by Mr Evans, you will be getting an apology from the ex-Chairman.”

Darren Chapman @Chappy151174 ended: “How about if he even just visited Chesterfield for a day out? He’s got to be right about something! And you’re not allowed to tell your scouting team to not buy any ex Chesterfield players as that’s just cheating!”

The evolution of the internet and social media has transformed the landscape of journalism into something quite highly competitive.

Gone are the days when journalists had to wait for news to be printed, the online platform allows for immediate publication with just a tweet.

Stories can now go viral sharing it, reaching it to thousands, if not millions, of readers in no time.

The advancement in technology has placed immense pressure on sports reporters to break news as quick as they can or even risk losing their story to another media outlet.

Many journalists are also seeing their accounts copied with a very slight change to the username of the actual journalist’s actual account. Another hint is to check with those who are verified. Alan Nixon often calling this out, reporting or blocking them.

They are also tasked with discerning the truth from rumours and gossip, with many putting questions to them, wanting the truth.

Just look how many accounts there have been within just a quick search on Twitter…


This is how fans reacted as the Lincoln City chairman hits out at fake transfer news doing the rounds on social media…

@sjhurst75: Guess that’s a no, then Clive.. beautifully put!

@ehimen_junior: Not enough owners do this. Mr Nates, you’re a great chairman and top man 👍🏼.

@johnpeat01: Must have some truth in it otherwise why the negative response most would just leave the rumours as it is 🤔

@impsteaderz: Me thinks Mr Chairman has been on the 🍷 🤔🤔 Might regret this interaction…..bizarre reaction to a rumour!!

@ShayPurdy44: Well in Clive, best chairman in the world

@johnyimp05: My chairman 👏

@BarowTom77573: Exactly what u wanna see, saying it how it is 👏

@AntonPearson91: Classy

@Turner24: Haha. Mugged off by the Chairman! 😂😂

@ljbotto: Brilliant Clive. 👏 call the rubbish talk out. 🔴⚪️

@TheLiamBryant: Itk’s getting squashed by the main man 😍

@Josh_Russ10: That’s my chairman. #imps

@sjm_mcmxc: I tell you what, I wish our chairman would come out and bodybag the rest of the no profile pic Gen Z “ITK” accounts while he’s at it as well. Enjoyed that. 👇 👏

@JamesMaples16: In Clive we trust 🔴⚪️

@adamf_99: Jensen is going nowhere and even if that did happen, I’ve always rated Sam Long ha ha 😂🔴⚪️

@GuyFawkes4Uk: Just seen messi in the shakey anything we need to know Clive.

@ForeverOUFC: About time we saw more chairman/owners/players call this out, beyond a joke how many of these accounts post such fake stuff, watch it do the rounds, and mad at how stupid fans are to fuel it and spread it without any factual importance/significance behind it

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