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Liam Rosenior makes fresh admission as he speaks out on leaving Derby County

Liam Rosenior makes a fresh admission as he speaks out on leaving Derby County with Paul Warne being brought in to replace him.

The Rams appointed the former Rotherham boss as the club’s new head coach having appointed him last Thursday before he was officially unveiled at a press conference on Tuesday.

Rosenior has no ill-feeling over the decision not to appoint him as permanent Derby County manager and says Paul Warne’s track record is second to none.

Rosenior’s departure was confirmed after he was told he would no longer be in charge on an interim basis following talks with the club’s board last week.

He done a good job in the time he was in charge having steered the club to 7th in the League One standings prior to Saturday’s round of fixtures while the Rams were on an international break.

Some were surprised the club decided to get rid of him, and on talkSPORT today, Rosenior was asked by Simon Jordan whether he was told when he took over that he would be in contention for the job and he responded: “I think I put myself in that position, I am going to be really honest and say that I made it really clear that I thought I was the best person to take the club forward.

“And then there was an agreement that if I hit the expectations that the club expected of me then I would have a really good chance of getting the job on a permanent basis.

“That hasn’t happened and I have no ill-feeling towards that because, and you’ve been in that situation Simon, you are always making decisions and sometimes they’re hard decisions.

“But they are always in the best interests of the football club. I am someone who believes in building a team in the short and the long term. I think that always puts the club in the best position moving forward.

“But at the same time you know there are consequences of that in terms of ‘was I the right person’ in terms of the best guarantee of promotion this season?’ Probably not.

“I am open enough to say that but at the same time could I have been successful? Who knows. I am confident we would have been in the short term but at the same time as an owner you cannot just look at what somebody is saying, you’ve got to look at a track record. Paul’s track record in terms of getting out of League One is absolutely second to none.

“There were no clear objectives, it was just do the very best you can and I understand that because of where we were. You have to remember where we were as a football club, David (Clowes) and his team took over the club in the middle of July and there was a lot to sort out in terms of where the club has been.

“I had five contracted players in mid-July, two players came in on the first day of pre-season and – I understood their position – and told me they wanted to leave. I walked in on the first day and told those players and all of the staff at the training ground that I think we will get promoted. I believe that still, I believe the club will in the end get back to where it deserves to be.

“I think at the time people looked at me and said this fella is crazy, but I believed in it and I worked really really hard to get the players in and put the club in the strongest position. Looking back I am really proud of not just the work that I have done because there are a lot of great people at that football club who were going above and beyond at a really difficult time to set the club up to where it is now.”

Rosenior wants to have a career in management and it’s fair to say he is bound to get offers based on his encouraging reputation as a young coach with bright ideas and won the respect of fans for the handling of the club it tough circumstances.

Simon Jordan said Liam Rosenior done his reputation a ‘world of good’ with the job he did at Derby County.

The aspiring manager was asked if there is the potential to join Wayne Rooney in the US having been his assistant manager at Pride Park and he said: “I will do it anywhere, I love the game, and Wayne did an incredible job here in a short space of time as well to stabilise the club I love the game and I think that is a real strength of mine, I am passionate and willing to enjoy anything.”

“He is a smart young man and will have done himself a world of good by putting in the performances he has with Wayne Rooney,” Jordan told talkSPORT. “He will have learnt an immeasurable amount, he’s taken over the side, he’s done a decent job.”

“You look at the responses coming in from the Derby fans who have said he’s done a decent job.

“He’s conducted himself in a way that you very rarely hear people conduct themselves when they are talking about something that may have been a disappointment for them.

He has done himself a world of good and he is a very smart young man.”

New head coach Paul Warne applauded the job Liam Rosenior did at Derby but admitted he would not have kept him on the coaching staff.

Warne revealed how he had spoken to Rosenior before he conducted his press conference and said he is due to meet him soon. Asked about the job Rosenior did, Warne said: “Excellent. I spoke to him today on the way here. I have a witness so that’s true. I am going to meet him for a coffee in a couple of weeks.

“He knows how football is. I will pick his brains on a couple of things and vice versa. I believe it was all amicable. He’s done brilliantly in trying to keep the club together in really difficult times.

“What Liam has achieved here in the last few months is pretty remarkable. I have the utmost respect for him hence why I phoned him before I came to do the press. I said if I get asked the question I would be honest about it and I’ll be honest about the fact I am going to meet him for a coffee.

“I hope to see him back in the dugout soon because I think he has got loads to give the game. He’s really positive, upbeat and really honest. And they are the characteristics I like in people. It wasn’t like I turned up and his car went out the back door and I came in through the front door. Everything was amicable and it’s my job now to lead this club forward.”

Asked whether he would have retained Rosenior as part of his coaching staff, Warne added: “No from my point of view. I know that sounds pretty tight but that’s the truth. If he had done the job as caretaker for a few weeks then possibly but for that period of time it’s hard to be a caretaker manager.

“And I think he sees himself as a manager. To then work for a manager, and I am only trying to be honest and I know it sounds a bit mean, but chemically I am not too sure I would have been that comfortable.

“Maybe if we had a really good relationship before it and I knew him then maybe I would have been like “okay, you’re no threat” but it’s a paranoid job at the best of times without the previous manager sitting there and talking about the players he knows. I don’t think he would have probably had a role in my office, no.”

This is what fans said as Liam Rosenior makes a fresh admission as he speaks out on leaving Derby County…

@chaza1985: Liam Rosenior is an intelligent and eloquent man who will be a top manager if backed by the right ownership and foundation. That interview on @talkSPORT should be heard by a lot of owners.

@HelenLillie16: Listening to interview with Liam Rosenior and as a Derby fan, I’m gutted but wow a true gentleman.

@storm16540959: Nice guy talks the talk reminds me of Ray Wilkins ! But ultimately I would rather have a doer than a talker and LR as under performed on the Grass ! Warne gets results fullstop!

@aaronclift1: Liam Rosenior is one class act and there’s no taking that away from him

@DerbyRetweets: Liam Rosenior is a class act

@TigerDor: Top man Liam Rosenior. Just listened to his interview on TalkSport. A rarity amongst managers. Come back to Hull Liam. “Liam Rosenior his Nana’s from Hull!”

@d196325: Great bloke. There’s not many ex players I’d like back but his passion we need right now.

@DJimmy_Wilson: Absolute class from Liam Rosenior on @talkSPORT. Comes across so well. Hope he gets a new role and smashes it #dcfc #dcfcfans

@wally_carl: Liam comes across brilliantly thank you for your time at the club #dcfc 🐏🐏🐏

@gocrackerjack: Spoke very well. Good luck Liam, thanks for all you did for The Rams 🐏

@hammersmikey: A very well grounded and well spoken guy … Leroy must be proud. Would be an asset to any club

@StephenPaul91: I have no doubt he will be successful in his first permanent job – extremely high calibre person. Wish him all the

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