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Liam Gallagher and Jamie Carragher in Twitter spat | Noel headbutted by Ruben Dias’ dad

Musician Liam Gallagher and pundit Jamie Carragher get into a rather bizarre yet heated Twitter spat, and it’s got personal too.

It comes following the Premier League title race which played out to a dramatic one, with it going down to the final minutes of the final match.

Thankfully for Pep Guardiola’s side, it was them crowned champions having come back from two goals down to beat Aston Villa 3-2 at the Etihad Stadium, with Liverpool’s victory over Wolves irrelevant.

Emotions got so high after the match with City jubilant in celebration and the Reds bitterness in defeat that Liam Gallagher, one of City’s more vocal supporters, criticised Jamie Carragher on Twitter.

He said: “What you saying Carra you, b****nd.”

Rising to the bait, the ex-Liverpool player couldn’t resist biting back at Gallagher.

“I’m saying you’ll never win the Champions league and Oasis are s**** compared to the Beatles. That work?”

However Gallagher wasn’t stopping, coming back with: “Eh Carra you got s*** banter for a Scouser f***ing hell la [sic] you been hanging out with Neville too long.

“Oasis p*** all over the Beatles how many times did they do Knebworth.”

The spat ended by both congratulating each other on what has been a stunning title race between two impeccable teams.

Gallagher did however aim anger at Aston Villa manager and former Liverpool player Steven Gerrard.

“Gerrard can kiss my a*** as well as the bumbaclart his old clubs smash our bus up. MCFC Champions.”

He then followed that by tweeting “f*** off slippy Gerrard.”

Meanwhile, Noel Gallagher was left needing stitches after being ‘headbutted’ by Ruben Dias’ dad, receiving urgent St John Ambulance treatment at the Etihad on Sunday.

“As the third goal goes in, right, there is absolute bedlam,” explained Gallagher. “As you can imagine, in the stadium where we sit, Rúben Dias’s family are in the box, a couple of boxes up.

“So I’m jumping around like an idiot, passing my 11-year-old son around like the Premier League trophy, everyone is lifting him up, and I turn around and Rúben Dias’ dad runs straight into me – headbutts me while I’m on the floor covered in blood.”

Gallagher required several stitches but returned to continue the celebrations and even later saw City manager Pep Guardiola.

Speaking to talkSPORT Breakfast with Laura Woods, Ally McCoist and Jamie O’Hara, Gallagher added: “I don’t see the last two minutes – I’ve got to get taken down by the St John Ambulance and had to get stitched up. I’ve got stitches in my top lip, I’ve got two black eyes. As I’m going down the corridor Pep’s running up crying and we kind of hug each other and he says ‘what’s up with your face?’

“If you’ve seen me today [Monday], I look like I’ve just arrived home from the eighties, from Elland Road. I look like I’ve had my head smashed in. It’s unbelievable. A lot of City fans are asking, ‘You alright? What’s happened?’ and I said – you’ll never guess.”

Dias’ dad was unhurt in the incident. “Not a mark on him,” said Gallagher. “He’s a big bear of a man – he almost knocked my teeth out. But as days go at The Etihad that’s got to be up there with the best.”

Fans reacted with Liam Gallagher and Jamie Carragher in a Twitter spat while Noel says he was ‘headbutted’ by Ruben Dias’ dad…


@TonicMcWinerson: Social media has come a long way and you only realise it when you’re sitting on a Sunday night with a massive hangover just casually scrolling a conversation with Liam Gallagher, Jamie Carragher and fecking Specsavers. What a place this is.

@bestcanton7: Liam Gallagher and Jamie Carragher having a spat and Specsavers trolling them both is trolling them both is a nice way to end this season. Never mind lads it’s done, let’s draw a line and move on. No point in looking back in anger

@daleando86: Imagine being carragher arguing with Liam Gallagher on twitter, tryin to say Oasis are shite when he and every other lad on the planet in the 90s worshipped them, the fucking weirdo

@shomac28: Wasnt expecting to see Specsavers wade into a fight between Liam Gallagher and Jamie Carragher this evening.

@MUFC_redarmy99: Jamie you never won the premier league in your nearly 20 year career. Liam, your football club have more financial fair play investigations than champions leagues

@stevejamesLFC: The man is still making a living off the talent of his brother and here is is giving it the old Bertie big bollocks.

@lfcalsty99: Is right carra la see you in Paris mate

@FKiernan5: Jamie’s wife is going to her mums for a days

@TheBlackDub1: I’m beginning to wonder if my meds are playing havoc with my mind. I could swear I’ve been watching Liam Gallagher & Jamie Carragher having a Twitter spat and Specsavers are refereeing 😂😂😂


@Jelly31807434: Can someone give Ruben Diaz’s dad a pat on the back.

@MachinDanny: Dias dad more of a blur fan by the looks of it

@mikofLohr: Won’t look back in anger.

@STass99_: What the fuck 😂😂😂

@GovanBoy76: ‘Some might say’ he deserved it accidental or not

@gabeknowsball: what the actual fuck 🤣

@Parksey78: He likened it to city’s away days at leeds in the 80’s . MOT Noel 😂👍🏼

@danwignall1306: This guy is tragic. Can’t wait for the behind the scenes video of him with his acoustic guitar in the changing rooms 🤮

@CUSHNlE: Arrest him for invading the pitch 😂

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