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Leyton Orient fans hit out at Liverpool over ‘piss take’ Carabao Cup request

Leyton Orient fans hit out at Liverpool over their ‘piss take’ Carabao Cup request to postpone the tie against Arsenal.

The Reds don’t want play the game due to reportedly three players being unavailable to COVID, so have asked the EFL to delay.

Liverpool are likely to be given ample time to play their semi-final against Arsenal if the league accept their request to postpone Thursday’s first leg.

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A formal application was submitted to call off Thursday’s trip to the Emirates Stadium amid a rise in Covid cases at the club, in addition to other injuries and unavailable players.

Nine members of the Reds squad were absent for Sunday’s Premier League meeting at Chelsea, including Alisson Becker, Joel Matip and Roberto Firmino who were all isolating after positive Covid cases, as was manager Jurgen Klopp.

There have been more positives among the club’s players and staff since then, while Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane and Naby Keita have all headed to the Africa Cup of Nations.

Meanwhile nothing has been said on the upcoming FA Cup clash against Shrewsbury Town on the 9th of September.

In a statement, the Anfield outfit said: “The club halted preparations at the AXA Training Centre, meaning Tuesday’s first-team training session was cancelled.

“Among the considerations which led to today’s application to the EFL is the need for travelling supporters to be given as much notice as possible of any potential postponement.

“With no prospect of the current situation improving ahead of Thursday’s fixture and the potential for it to worsen, the club considers it both prudent and reasonable to ask for the fixture to be rescheduled.”

The EFL have confirmed that they have received Liverpool’s request, and will now consider their next steps.

A spokesperson said: “The League has this evening received a request from Liverpool FC to postpone Thursday’s Carabao Cup semi-final first leg versus Arsenal FC which will now be considered in accordance with the competition rules as set out at the start of the season alongside information submitted by the Club.

“We will look to confirm the League’s position as soon as possible once the circumstances have been fully reviewed.”

Those rules state that while requests to postpone matches will be judged on a case by case basis, clubs asking to rearrange any fixtures will have to do so before the next round of the competition is scheduled.

The EFL website states: “For example the Second Round of the Competition is scheduled to take place on 24 August 2021, in the event that a First Round Competition Match was postponed, the rearranged a match must take place by 23 August 2021.

“In the event that the match cannot be rearranged for a suitable date before 23 August 2021 then the Management Committee will award a bye in accordance with Rule 5.1.”

Rule 5.1 covers a club forfeiting a match should they not be able to complete it before the next round is scheduled, but Liverpool look as though they would be able to do that in the event of a postponement.

Leyton Orient had to forfeit their Carabao Cup third round fixture against Tottenham in September 2020, but this was due to an order from the local health authority which led to the club being unable to play it before the fourth round was scheduled a week later.

As mentioned, Leyton Orient fans, and those of other clubs, hit out at Liverpool over ‘piss take’ Carabao Cup request…

@white_peter: the E F L again showing why what’s the most simple, beautiful game in the world is getting its back turned on by millions, you set a rule , stick to it… money and greed….. killing football we loved #CarabaoCup #Liverpool #lofc #EFL

@ReadingGooner1: Leyton Orient kicked out, Villa forced to play youth team. If Liverpool game gets postponed/rescheduled, it’s nothing short of a DISGRACE @EFL

@rehnato: but when it was Leyton Orient they had to forfeit, hmm

@DanAuton2590: Hmm, interesting, we’ll see once and for all if it is indeed one rule for the elite and another for the rest, obviously it’s meant to be a two-legged so it’s not quite the same but Arsenal should be given an automatic 3-0 lead going into the 2nd leg, it’s only fair #lofc

@LeeFussBall: You were fine to field your u19s in every round thus far but when its arsenal suddenly you give a damn about the carabao cup 😂

@CitizenF_93: Give them a 3-0 defeat. Sides like Leyton Orient last season and Harrogate this season were not allowed to cancel and were automatically handed defeats.

@ARDFootball: Don’t allow them to cheat their way out of it.

@johnmackie1976: Did The ⭕️’s not got kicked out last season for this ? Asking for a friend 🤷🏻‍♂️ #lofc @leytonorientfc

@Robo10_Stoke: Bet Leyton Orient might have an interest….

@76Goonerbloke: Liverpool happy to play their kids in every other round, but not prepared to in the Semi? Maybe they can even strengthen in January before the game is replayed. This absofuckinglutely stinks if called off and Leyton Orient should make a lot of noise if it is! #ARSLIV #CarabaoCup

@lofc4life: Kick ’em out

@DarrenArsenal1: Tell them to stick it. Forfiet with a 3.0 or cobble a team together.

@orientlad: what a joke it would be if liverpool are allowed to play this fixture at another time yet orient couldnt. liverpool have always shown disregard for the fa cup and carabao, takes the piss

@AllOsArentWe: Either they should be kicked out or 3-0 handed to Arsenal for first leg imo. There is a precedent. Plus are Liverpool gunna be allowed to also delay the FA Cup tie? They moaned about the busy schedule throughout christmas and now they face the same problem in the next few months, get ready for yet more moaning from klopp

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