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Leyton Orient appoint new interim manager

Leyton Orient have chosen to appoint a new interim manager after sacking Ross Embleton, which came after a 3-1 defeat to Tranmere.

That leaves the O’s sitting 14th in the League Two table following a run of seven matches without a win, leaving the board unhappy.

Now Jamaican international Jobi McAnuff, 39, takes charges after previously playing for the O’s and captained the side to the National League title under the late Justin Edinburgh in 2018/19.

Leyton Orient can confirm the appointment of Jobi McAnuff as Interim Manager.

McAnuff, 39, has made over 150 appearances for Orient and captained the Club to the National League title in the 2018/19 season.

Commenting on the appointment, Chairman Nigel Travis said: “Jobi is a natural leader and someone we feel has got what it takes to make a top class manager.

“As a Club we feel that the play-offs are still within reach for this season and we have made that clear to Jobi, who understands and agrees with us that it should remain our focus and target.

His appointment gives us a degree of continuity but also a fresh approach for the final third of the season.”

McAnuff, whose completion of his UEFA A License has been delayed due to Covid-19, will work with the Club’s existing coaching staff of Danny Senda, Dean Brill and Matt Harrold.


Youth career
–2000 Wimbledon

Senior career
2000–2004 – Wimbledon – 96 games (13 goals)
2004 – West Ham United – 13 games (1 goal)
2004–2005 – Cardiff City – 43 games (2 goals)
2005–2007 – Crystal Palace – 75 games (12 goals)
2007–2009 – Watford – 82 games (5 goals)
2009–2014 – Reading – 189 games (14 goals)
2014–2016 – Leyton Orient – 51 games (6 goals)
2016–2017 – Stevenage – 31 games (4 goals)
2017– Leyton Orient – 99 games (13 goals)

National team
2002–2016 – Jamaica – 32 games (1 goal)

Orient Chairman Nigel Travis said on Embleton’s departure: “This was an extremely difficult decision for us to make, and one which we have done with heavy hearts.

“Nobody can underestimate, nor should ever forget, the influence and impact Ross has had on the rebirth of our Club. He was an integral part of our National League success and he stood up to lead the team following the tragic loss of Justin Edinburgh, and again put himself forward when we were later in need of a Head Coach.

“He is a bright young coach with a strong philosophy and some excellent ideas, but the board felt that with the investment made in the squad and the current situation in football that we should be looking to push on at an accelerated rate and unfortunately in recent weeks that has not happened.

“I’m confident Ross will bounce back from this as he has a lot to offer a club and we genuinely wish him every success in the future and thank him for all he has done for us.”

Fans reacted as Leyton Orient appoint a new interim manager, see what they made of it below…

@Orientsphincter: Ticks these boxes… Played in all 5 divisions – Capt at various clubs – Articulate – Knows the players – Gonna be interesting. Good luck Jobi

@rekabluap: Not sure having our most effective player this season now on the sidelines as a manager is a great idea right now, but have confidence in McAnuff to be a decent manager one day.

@andrewconquest: Best of luck Jobi!

@orient65: Quality experienced managers out there and you go with someone who has none you may as well have kept Ross in charge, NO AMBITION

@ChrisCowell2: So we’ve replaced someone who’d never played the game, with no managerial experience with someone who’s played at the very top level but no managerial experience. Not convinced that’s what was needed.

@parkesey1881: Jobi is our leader. Back him. End of.

@Luke_T7: Saw this coming I really hope he can get the best out of the players and turn the form table around!

@croper1975: No surprise – good luck Jobi!

@flairitymgt: Let’s all get behind Jobi, he looked as frustrated as anyone and hopefully he knows the way forward, has a better football brain and knowledge than almost all of us. Give the lad a chance – he has the right assets to be a top gaffer!

@freddielofc: Get behind him, think he’ll make a good manager one day

@cgibson_89: Will back him 100% but disappointed. If this was going to be the case I’d rather have given Ross the time to turn things around.

@OliverMehlman: May be an unpopular opinion but I think I like the look of this. We need him on the pitch though.

@joe99231660: Horrendous decision

@l_b_burrows: Guys please can we not go thermonuclear immediately. I’ve always thought Jobi has solid leadership skills. Let’s give him a few games before we all start turning on him.

@LesLk52: Where’s the experienced manager we are crying out for, just don’t get this but as always I’ll back him all the way

@lordgriff98: Good luck Jobi. He is a class act and I think this could be a terrific appointment. Of course, if it doesn’t work, then it is only an interim solution and he could be replaced. I sincerely hope that is not the case.

@BenDBollard: I’m pleased with that, he knows the players, he knows the club, he knows football. He’s intelligent and articulate. Let’s all get behind him and make this a success #lofc #COYOS

@eastendmick: Good choice to the end of the season then take it from there he has the respect of the players and staff

@Matthew81402115: The King is in charge. Love it.

@Alexanderjrose1: I love Jobi, please don’t do this

@pd006p: Hopefully, on Tuesday, we’ll see how Jobi sets the team up, which will give us some clues as to how much the coaching staff agreed with Ross’s formation and tactics.

@GeorgeNicolas_1: So does this mean we are not seeking another manager? People can say “don’t moan already” but come on! why are we so incapable of getting a manager. I was one of the positive in the fanbase but not anymore. Has anyone in the board got a clue on the football side? So frustrating!

@kylefear01: Why’s everyone losing their shit. As if we can just magically bring in an experienced manager. Unbelievable. Jobi is the “interim” manager. If you don’t know what that means, it’s basically temporary. So shush and let the board find the right man. Get over it. He’ll do fine

@PaulSkinner88: They make no mention of still looking for a permanent one. That’s what’s troubling to me. Ross was “interim” then they hired him after a rubbish run of results anyway. I really hope it works, but doing the same thing twice and expecting a different result is concerning.

@3Iliott: No one gonna comment on how long we’re planning on it being or what the plans for the future is ? Embarrassing

@PaulRavens39: That’s right, keep it nice and cosy. I’m really starting to really dislike what’s going on here. Jobs for mates. It’s disgraceful. Why give the job to someone within the previous regime? Absolutely nonsensical. I’m disgusted #lofc

@ShaunMercer_: So basicallly no change at all, might of as well got Martin Ling to manage. Same players, same coaching staff staying and leading is going to get you the same results. Basically stabbed Ross in the back by removing him and keeping everyone else. #LOFC

@DaveTappenden: I like this appointment but feel this has to be till the end of the season. Shows no ambition and says what we think of Senda. Tisdale next season please.

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