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Leigh Griffiths boots burning flare INTO crowd as fans chant abuse at him

Leigh Griffiths boots a burning flare INTO a crowd at St Johnstone as fans chant abuse at him in the game against Dundee this week.

The player, on loan from Celtic, looks set be in hot water after the controversial striker was filmed kicking the object into the end St Johnstone fans were situated during Dundee’s Premier Sports Cup defeat at Dens Park.

The footage shows Griffiths kicking the blue smoke canister into the travelling support as the Dark Blues fell to a 2-0 defeat to the cup holders.

The incident is no doubt going to be reviewed by the Scottish Football Association and Griffiths could face punishment.

In the video clip going viral on social media, Griffiths can be seen walking over to the pyrotechnic which was thrown onto the pitch and launching it back into their direction.

The Scotland striker was reacting to abusive chants being hurled at him by the Perth faithful during the meeting of the Tayside rivals with the player previously part of controversy.

It was for those travelling fans that delighted St Johnstone boss Callum Davidson dedicated his team’s win.

They lifted both domestic knockout trophies last term but fans missed out on a big day at Hampden due to Covid restrictions.

Davidson said: “It’s one of those that we said we’d do it for the supporters.

“I thought they were brilliant tonight for us. They kept us going all the way through.

“It is really important to have them as last year they were not allowed to come.

“Five trips to Hampden. When you say it like that, it sounds pretty good.

“It’s just great to go back to Hampden really. It’s fantastic.

“It’s a great achievement by a club like St Johnstone to get there again.”

Twitter users gave their reaction when Leigh Griffiths boots a burning flare INTO a crowd as fans chant abuse at him…

@Seany_67: Can’t wait until the day he’s no longer employed at Celtic.

@rbm1895: All the things Celtic have done wrong the last year or two, giving Griffiths another years wages to play for Dundee has got to be right up there. Baffling.

@Gary83632037: He was just giving it back

@Darren_Fraser_: If Morelos did this he would be facing a ban and a fine but cause it’s him it’s okay

@jim_honest: That’s just the way of the world now ah. The offended, can stand and shout abuse at Someone, throw missiles but as soon as they do something back they get offended, boo and try point them out to the police

@Arealrangersda: Griffiths ban so he misses the game on Saturday so he doesn’t get the abuse he deserves from the rangers fans.

@TopClubs: It wasn’t against Rangers fans so there may be a strong chance he’ll be banned. Had it kicked it against Rangers fans “nothing to see here”

@kingsparkrovers: Shocking … he just can’t help himself… says it all where he is playing now 🙈🙈

@FFCGAV: Weirdest gender reveal yet

@gdwood01: Thank fuck we never ended up with him

@PETERSBOSS2: To @spfl and @ScottishFA. This could have hit a child in the face and I expect this to be fast-tracked. To @policescotland. Arrest that man. No excuses this time.

@CelticLatest: Should get a ban for this. Quite dangerous stuff that

@garyjkennedy92: Ban the cunt.

@BaldyBassey3: He should 100% get a ban for this. Griffiths is a liability who’s now hated rightfully by Celtic fans who booed him which was 100% his last game for them. Celtic should terminate his contract, fuck having him on your books at all.

@CookieDave55: If this was Morelos who did this, it would be all over the front and back pages of the papers, and every pundit would be calling on him to get banned…

@cameron56689617: Could have seriously hurt someone fucking idiot

@LeeTerris3: @Leighgriff09 its about time you get the fuck away from football, kicking a flare into the crowd 🥴 ohh and btw they weren’t wrong 👍🏼 @DundeeFC @spfl

@WATP_Alasdair: Just a genuine scumbag who has been completely protected by the unashamed mhedia. Rat of a human being

@rossco72_: trying to get banned for the weekend cause he’s no prepared for the pelters he’s gonnie take 😂😂

@ElDuderino5555: I obviously despise Griffiths, but fitba fans can be rite wet wipes at times. Fling a flare on the park & sing Peedo at a player, & then start greeting coz he booted the flare intae them … 😂😂😂 Was quite a decent dig as well, as accurate as he’s managed for a while 🤣🤣🤣

@pieandbov: Hard to see Leigh Griffiths escaping punishment for booting that smoke bomb into the away end last night. Madness. He’ll get non-stop abuse from opposition crowds all season. Needs to learn to deal with it, as showing reactions like last night are only going to make it worse.

@ScotsAbroadPod: There was so many people that still wanted Leigh Griffiths near that Euros squad & thank God he wasn’t. You absolutely cannot fire a flare back into a crowd with women and children in it… not behaviour fitting of a professional footballer, miles off it. Done

@Yaco1872: Kicking lit pyrotechnics into a crowd is surely a criminal offence? Leigh Griffiths surely should be done for this.

@NotoriousBAG_: Leigh Griffiths is genuinely the thickest man alive. We are well rid of this throbber.

@FraserWason95: Takes some effort to be the biggest cretin in Scottish Football but Leigh Griffiths is running away with it

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