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English Premier League

Leicester City Crowned Premier League Champions – Against All Odds

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By now you have heard the shocking and wonderful news. Leicester City, with odds of 5,000/1 was crowned Premier League champions after Tottenham failed to beat Chelsea. Leicester’s win has caught the country off-guard and has been described as the “most unlikely triumph in the history of team sports”.

We all love a good underdog story. Who doesn’t want to see the “little guy” take their place in the spotlight sometimes? We all get excited when we hear of anyone who beat the odds and came out a winner.

Our friends at Lottoland know a thing or two about odds. They are the UK’s largest offshore and online betting company. They have more than 6,000 clients who come to them to bet on lotteries, sports, races and play casino-type games. This story caught their attention. For more odds, here is an article by Lottoland that you are sure to enjoy.

Bookies face a major loss

Everyone was having a great time celebrating this unexpected event. Leading up to the games, the bookies had a list of outrageous odds listed that were more unlikely than this win. But, a few punters had the last laugh. You see, there were a few people who were brave enough to put their money where their mouths were. They actually put cash down on the odds of Leicester winning. Betting on the “joke bet” was funny, but the result was sweet. Each punter won up to £100,000. The nation’s bookmakers (between them) will be paying £25 million. That is the biggest loss in British history on a single sporting market. How’s that for a record?

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Other far-out odds, bookies claim are equal

There are other predictions that are equally as odd as the one that has turned the sports world on its ear. Below is a list of odds published by whiteoaks.co.uk. We thought you might enjoy them:

– 2500/1 – Arsene Wenger is sacked as Arsenal manager and Piers Morgan named as his replacement
– 2500/1 – Prime Minister, David Cameron to replace Tim Sherwood as Aston Villa manager
– 2000/1 – Kim Kardashian to become US president
– 2000/1 – Elvis Presley is alive
– 2000/1 – Claudio Ranieri to be named as the next England manager
– 1000/1 – Dean Gaffney wins an Oscar for Best Actor
– 1000/1 – The Queen has a Christmas Number One hit
– 1000/1 – Sir Alex Ferguson wins Strictly Come Dancing competition
– 1000/1 – Playboy founder Hugh Hefner admits he is a virgin
– 1000/1 – Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho swaps football for I’m a Celebrity appearance
– 750/1 – David Beckham becomes Manchester City manager
– 500/1 – Simon Cowell is the next UK Prime Minister
– 500/1 – Loch Ness Monster is discovered

Is there money in this win?

Due to heavy attendance on match day and commercial revenues, the Leicester City title win could be worth as much as £150 million to the club. The win has also caused a massive movement on Twitter and is expected to have a move on the business community. People often compare leadership and management of football and other sports to business. This particular win reminds small business owners that they can be a success and never to give up. The effect the win will have on the overall area is expected to be positive.

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Leicester City could be disqualified

Of course, everyone hopes this will not happen. If the 2019/20 English Premier League season is not completed, Leicester City may not qualify for the Champions League due to ‘sporting merit’. There is a lot of hope that a Premier League return is coming in the near future. Leicester City and other clubs like theirs could play the remainder of the season behind closed doors. It is expected that the remaining fixtures will be played in quick fire, three-games per week style.

The team of Leicester City has expressed that either way is acceptable to them Like many other clubs, they just want to see football return, but in a way that is safe for the fans and the professionals who play and work the fields. If the campaign ends as it stands, according to UEFA, the Champions League, and Europa League qualification is to be determined by ‘sporting merit’. If this happens, Leicester could slide down to their “actual position” which at this time would be 12th place.

This event is truly a once-in-a-lifetime. The football clubs are not designed for this. This type of thing just does not happen. But, it did happen. Maybe that is why so many people are supporting Leicester City, football fans or not. This is one story that just deserves a happy ending.

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