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Leeds United boss called “bit autistic” as he’s criticised by former France players

Leeds United manager Marcelo Bielsa has been criticised as well as called “a bit autistic” by former France players Frank Leboeuf and Christophe Dugarry.

The pair were speaking to RMC Sport in their home country on the Team Duga show, stating that he has no respect for Bielsa and claims that he often ignored his players while at France, according to Mirror.

Leboeuf said: “He’s somebody I don’t like.

“I don’t like his life philosophy. I don’t like how he manages a group and for me he’s shown nothing.

“To take the lift in the morning with your captain, to not say hello and to not even look at him, there’s a bit of a problem.”

It’s thought Leboeuf was referencing to an incident involving Bielsa and keeper Steve Mandanda during the Argentine’s time in charge of Marseille.

Dugarry added: “It’s the way he treats people, journalists, it’s a bit autistic, isn’t it?

Their co-host Jean-Louis Torres mentioned the praise that Bielsa had been lavished with by other managers. But Leboeuf said: ‘No, no, no, that’s not true, (Pep) Guardiola just said he spoke with him a bit’.

“They were inspired by certain things,’ Dugarry added, ‘but he isn’t their mentor at all. He’s not their mentor at all. They were also inspired by Mourinho, by all the other managers.’

“But there’s dozens of them who mock him. Who’s he respected by? Because he’s crazy? Because he’s sat on a cooler? That’s why he’s respected.

“The number of people who mock him, thinking, “How can you play like this?” Who has he inspired?

“Guardiola was inspired by Cruyff. He might have had discussions with Bielsa that got him thinking. He brought some analysis, a debate, that’s it.

“What’s impressive with Bielsa is that he can stand in front of managers for two hours and give his philosophy, but what has he brought to the game? Cruyff inspired football. What has he created in the game?”


After reading that Frank Leboeuf and Christophe Dugarry criticised as well as called Marcelo Bielsa “a bit autistic”, football fans took to social media to go in hard on the former France players for their comments – take a look at those tweets on the next page.


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