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Leeds takeover: Golf pros Rickie Fowler, Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas plan to invest

Golf pros Rickie Fowler, Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas plan to invest in Leeds United as part of a takeover by 49ers Enterprises.

Terms have been agreed for 49ers Enterprises to buy the majority stake in the recently relegated club last Friday after protracted talks with owner Andrea Radrizzani.

Fowler has this week told Sky Sports at the US Open in Los Angeles that a trio of elite golfers including Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth could also “potentially” be involved with the club, now that the deal is in the final stages.

When questioned by Sky Sports’ Jamie Weir if he was technically a part owner of Leeds United, Fowler said: “Not yet, technically.

“There is the group that’s moving forward with being involved with Leeds. Myself, JT (Justin Thomas) and Jordan (Spieth) potentially will be a part of it.”

When jokingly asked whether Billy Foster, who is a Leeds-supporting caddie, had been recruiting them, Fowler answered: “He didn’t know about it from the start.

“But we told him after knowing he is a huge Leeds United supporter.

“It’s cool to have those opportunities. I know we are looking into it. It will be fun if we get to be a part of it.

“If not, we will continue to root for Leeds to see if we can help out Billy.

“Obviously they got relegated, but to be able to go to a Premier League game, Champions League… I feel like, obviously you call it football over there, we call it soccer here… it’s a massive sport.

“I feel like its continuing to get bigger in the States, but still since I haven’t been to a game I don’t have the true appreciation until I’ve actually been able to go and be there and feel that energy.”

Meanwhile, Beren Cross says that the 49ers are “showing their teeth” on the transfer market and could help Leeds United keep their players.

The purchase of Andrea Radrizzani at 100% is expected to give the club a boost this summer, since he only wanted to spend the money raised by sales. This was also the case last year when Kalvin Phillips left and Raphinha joined.

The new regime wants to “push out the boat” to keep some players who are expected to leave due to the relegation.

Cross wrote in his Leeds Live Q&A: “We are led to believe Radrizzani would have only spent what was raised over the summer if he had stayed, while 49ers are hoping to push the boat out more and show their teeth in the transfer window.

“Their financial backing can only mean they have a better chance of retaining those players who may have moved on otherwise.”

Leeds also released a statement on Thursday, confirming the appointment of Nick Hammond as the club’s interim football advisor on a short-term contract.

They add: “Hammond will help support the club during the summer transfer window.

“The experienced 55-year-old, former director of football at Reading and head of football operations at Celtic, worked in a similar consultancy role at Newcastle United.

“The process for finding a new, permanent, director of football at Leeds United is under way and the club aim to complete this process by October, allowing the successful candidate to focus on the January transfer window.”

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Fans reacted as golf pros Rickie Fowler, Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas plan to invest in Leeds amid the takeover…

@james_evans76: The chance to go to a champions league game. Ha. Hope he’s got a few billions

@wilkosbarmyarmy: As a massive golf fan this is brilliant ⛳️

@JRoyce01: Might be waiting a while for champions league games @RickieFowler championship for now.

@MickMcCarthy92: I thought that said Robbie Fowler and got very confused.

@TommyBaker86: It concerns me how they think it isnt worth coming to a game unless we are in the premier league. I can see is becoming a celeb circus if we go up.

@OscarMarrio: There’s a really funny irony if Spieth invests in Leeds because he won the US and British Open in the most Leeds United way possible 😂, absolutely crushing to victory in both and then almost losing both titles before producing a masterclass to win both on the closing holes 😎🐐

@Robertkas88: Nothing surprises me with us, as long as we don’t sell everyone and get money invested into the squad to give the new manager of getting us promoted I don’t care who invests in us personally mot

@jwh1982: These lot are minority will have zero say but will also give the club alot of exposure. The 60 minority lot will invest say 1-2 million for ahits and giggles. The 11 main will invest the main money and have all the say. Just means we have alot more money and exposure.

@ChrisHa32776494: This is humiliating 🤣🤣 millionaires investing in Leeds. Most decent clubs have billionaires investing 😭😭

@BrandanHopper1: What the obsession with them, they’re in the championship. They aren’t part of englands elite. Him mentioning Leeds, premier league and champions league in the same sentence just shows how much football knowledge he has🤣🤣🤣

@shandisco: Bring. It. On. Yes it’s about investments but profile=income and if it manifests onto the pitch it can only be good. #lufc

@LeedsUnitedHub_: Turning to investing in another sport because he can’t win anything major in his own😴

@Paulp695: Bonkers and absolutely very Leeds 😆💙💛

@Chris_Arnold12: Did he really just say he’d like to see Leeds in a premier league or champions league game 🤣🤣

@CraigWalker1983: It gets weirder #lufc

@CoreyMouttou: Didn’t see this coming MOT

@ReesoN_: Andddddd he’s now one of my favourite golfers

@_SamGreen: Christ. Where will football be in ten years time.

@kevinpower93: No idea what’s going on

@Langers669: Always knew Fowler was a good bloke…

@Tom_C_88: Was all for it until he mentioned us getting relegated and then looking forward to watching us at Elland Rd in the PL and Champions League 😂

@leethomas101: I think getting golfers involved in the enterprises club is a fairway to do things. Just hope they can iron things out and get it sorted. They don’t seem to know too much about leeds, they seem a bit green but if they’re putting their dosh in, I’m happy.

@RITGK: We are massive. #lufc

@Lucas1008Martin: Saudi golf money getting spent on Leeds. Things we love to see

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