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Leeds fans sing chant about Southampton fan Rishi Sunak while walking through Kings Cross

Leeds fans sing a chant about Southampton fan Rishi Sunak while walking through Kings Cross station ahead of the Championship playoff final.

Leeds fans were in high spirits leading up to the game, with a number of photos and videos doing the rounds online. One of those being a chant about Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

Even an inflatable with Rishi’s face was stuck on it with a T-shirt showing the message “Tory c***” could be seen on Wembley Way.

The Prime Minister, who is making national headlines for a number of reasons, from general elections to the national service, could be seen clapping from the stands as he watched his beloved Southampton beat West Brom in the Championship playoff semi final.

He waved to those looking at him in the stands of St Mary’s Stadium and watched on standing and applauding while wearing a black hoodie adorned with “Saints 85” in red.

It seems Rishi isn’t Russell Martin’s biggest fan, as in December 2023, 30the Southampton boss gave a blunt “no interest” response after blanking the Prime Minister.

It came after Sunak watched the 2-1 win over Plymouth, with the Saints boss saying: “He might have to come down [to see the players], but I have no interest in saying hello.

“How’s that for honesty? I hope he enjoyed himself just like anyone who comes here. I hope they enjoy themselves. I have no interest [in chatting] because I’m a football manager.

“I’m not sure we’re aligned on too much politically but I know he’s a fan and I hope he enjoyed watching the team. I’m sure some people would be excited about him being here but we had a job to do and we were here to win a football match and we did.”

In January 2024, the prime minister also praised Russell Martin during a day of campaigning on the south coast.

He said Martin was doing an “incredible job” and the team were playing “the most wonderful football”.

The PM was answering BBC Radio Solent listeners’ questions.

He answered a question about the experience of going back to St Mary’s Stadium, saying: “I tend to sit with the directors in that bit of the stands but actually, thankfully, my family’s season tickets are all just near there as well, so I get to see them at the same time.”

He added: “It’s what I grew up doing. It’s my number one love.”

Twitter users reacted on a video which sees Leeds fans sing a chant about Southampton fan Rishi Sunak while walking through Kings Cross…

@thunderxstorm07: Even Leeds has gone woke, it’s over for you Sunak

@LUFC_Duffy: Lets get this ringing around Wembley

@jcb_bob: Bit hypocritical coming from Leeds and talking about peadophiles

@M3lanieJC: Really what’s the point here? He isn’t a paedophile. There are so many more things to throw at him that wouldn’t make your fans, and footy fans in general, look as thick as shit.

@jodikins87: I can’t stand the tories or rishi sunak, but this is not OK. To say someone is something so disgustingly vile when they’re not is not just dangerous but is sick. Some words should never just get thrown around so easily, joking or not. This word is one. Shameful.

@charlieee106: Fucking pathetic. Of all the things to call him.

@2022benclay: Didn’t like the Jimmy Savile song at them. Even though he was one. But now making accusations about a person! Creating a hate crime with video evidence. @metpoliceuk should have a field day with these lot

@elland_toad: There are infinitely better chants we could have come up with about that cunt than this FFS.

@sophieheloiset: This is the mentality of the country now, it’s embarrassing. You can level many political accusations at Sunak but this is just brain dead nonsense.

@RichDowle: Leeds fans please get some songs about that dickhead Sunak ringing round Wembley

@ricooo180: Leeds fans already got a chant going for Rishi Sunak at Wembley 😭

@jordssboi: mon the leeds today. fuck russell martin and fuck rishi sunak.

@ChaRL_est_1980: I dont follow football but if Rishi Sunak supports Southampton then it only makes sense for me to be a Leeds fan for the day

@SimonCauston: Feels dirty that I’m hoping Leeds come up to thwart Rishi’s team

@mangoholic_trfc: Rishi Sunak’s constituency is full of Leeds fans, so quite amusing to see them chanting about a man a chunk of them elected to parliament

@PaolaRatch63761: Please please get the stadium singing D:Ream Things Can Only Get Better and make the country proud 👏👏👏

In a pub half full of Leeds fans, half full of Southampton fans
Chant about Jimmy Saville and then a chant calling Rishi Sunak a pedophile
Four policemen have now entered the pub
God I’ve missed this

@Stew_Smith1: If you are wanting Southampton to get promoted today, just Remember, Rishi Sunak supports them!! Hope Leeds do them!!!

@charlsafc: Want Leeds to lose but also want Rishi Sunak to lose. What a dilemma.

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