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Leeds fans left laughing at Man Utd faithful over ‘disgraceful’ decision ahead of meeting

Leeds fans have been left laughing at the Man Utd faithful over the a ‘disgraceful’ decision ahead of the two sides’ meeting in February.

The two rivals face each other in a month’s time (20th February), and like every occasion at Elland Road, the atmosphere will be electric, though for this game, it’ll be even more hostile with crowds able to attend this unlike last season’s fixture which was behind closed doors due to Covid.

The have been several incidents at Leeds throughout the season, especially when a player of the away team have celebrated in front of the home end.

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The ticket section of Man Utd’s website states: “Applications for this game will be accepted from Executive Club Members and Season Ticket holders at Silver Level and above who purchased all home cup games in 2021/22, from Sam Friday 21st January until 8am Wednesday 26th January.

“Leeds United have offered our fans only 2,565 (including 225 restricted view) tickets for this game, vs. the 3,000 tickets we were expecting to receive in-line with Premier League guidelines. They have also indicated that they will not offer a concessionary discount for seniors. These issues have been escalated to the Premier League and updates will be provided here.”

Man Utd fans have hit out at Leeds for what they feel is a poor allocation, and some have demanded that the Red Devils pick up on this and give them the same amount of tickets for the next time these two meet at Old Trafford.

As mentioned, Leeds fans have been left laughing at the Man Utd faithful over the ‘disgraceful’ decision ahead of next month’s meeting…

@Redhand55: Time to cut their old Trafford allocation then

@MattJWiggins: Just means there’s gonna less people sat quietly with their phones out filming Ronaldo.

@ScootG1988: Are there not specific rules about this @premierleague?

@BooneyBooney83: We’ve been hung by our own petard, again. How can we expect other clubs to treat our ticket allocations/ prices fairly when we absolutely shaft other clubs at any given opportunity. Middlesbrough a prime example.

@wackydog70: Disgraceful treatment of supporters, clearly can’t police football safely if they are coming up with these sort of decisions. Any reduction in support to ensure safe policing should be from the home allocation.

@M1ke73305: Love it, pissing off the scum

@_Since1979: Pointless challenging it as they’ll just put it down as health & safety due to previous issues along with extra segregation police/stewarding. 2,565 it is……..

@bennymufc: Typical Leeds scum

@RickeSSanghera: Leeds lot seem like such a nice bunch

@_carterlewis: Glad there challenging something for once

@b17lufc: We’ve had a TV box built that means some of the tickets/seats are now unable to be used as there would be no view what so ever of the south stand goal. Nothing that can be helped so quit the moaning

@SEF_MUFC: #mufc given a reduced ticket allocation by Leeds United, who have also not given any concessions/oap discounts. United have raised these issues with the Premier League. Once again United fans being discriminated against compared to other clubs supporters.

@JFARobinson: Then how about we cut Leeds’ Old Trafford allocation to 0 for all future fixtures they have here? I wouldn’t mind that actually, keep the scum out of our ground

@Towertmufc: leeds reducing the away allocation changes nothing, Elland Road will still be put to shame by 2K united 🤣

@MrCantona7: That’s why they are “Scum”

@mufc90: Dirty sheep shagging scruffs

@Noahy2002: Dirty bastards don’t want another 500 reds to see us batter them even though we’re shit

@UtdWesleyy: I’d expect nothing less from that lot. Vermin scum.

@DOWHU_1995: Coming from the club who charges away fans £46 for cup games? Good, reap what you sow, entitled scum club

@hollins_ben: Pissboiling whites are back 💉💉💉

@DanielB466: Just means there will be a few less grown men (dickheads) shouting “Siuuu”

@nathlufc23: But you gave Villa 3000 tickets for the FA Cup even though they should have had 15% of the capacity. People in glass houses…..

@CMcDonnell16: They remember that 3-0 in the league cup well 🇾🇪

@breggertelli: Grow up. They’re just trying to stay relevant. Give 3k tickets like you’re meant to and give concessions.

@SW689908: Would you expect anything less from them, we all hate Leeds and Leeds and Leeds

@Ryanbrown_5: Didn’t expect anything less from them

@DannyP_72: Not surprised. More segregation and H & S will be the party line. That and the fact it will be absolutely crackers outside

@matt_johnson_89: Disgraceful from Leeds

@harps_joey: Hardly new news that Leeds are a shithouse club but we can’t really justify a complaint when we rip off visiting clubs ourselves. Honks of double standards and can’t imagine the decision will be reversed.

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