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Leeds fans left fuming at talkSPORT video

Leeds United fans have been left fuming at a talkSPORT video which shows a debate going on the club’s chances this season.

A lot of supporters took to reply to a tweet that was posted by talkSPORT, which shows Alan Brazil claim that Marcelo Bielsa’s side have “got to be careful” that they avoid “a little slump” in their results to ensure that they don’t get sucked into a relegation battle.

The West Yorkshire outfit currently sit 14th in the Premier League table, taking 14 points from 11 league games played so far.

At the time of the debate, Leeds were in 12th place, winning four, drawing two and losing four of their first 10 games.

They are eight points clear of the relegation zone at present but Brazil has declared that the club must be careful in avoiding slipping even further down the table.

He also indicated that he doesn’t think that Premier League survival is a certainty for the Whites this term.


Ray Parlour: Leeds have done really well, I mean Bielsa, no one thought he would do badly in the Premier League

Alan Brazil: They’ve got to be careful Ray, cus everyone’s talking about they’ve got a great side, energetic full on zip and full of energy, but they look at the table and don’t want a little slump

Ray: Al, al, when you come up from the Championship, it’s all about staying up, you can’t say Leeds will go down at the moment

Alan: Not at the moment, but if they have a bad Christmas, in the New Year…

Ray: They could have a good Christmas a be top six

Alan: No I want Leeds to stay up, I want Leeds to be halfway, that’s where I think they can finish, halfway I really do, because the way they play, their energy, their movement they’ve got, brilliant, but I look at the bottom of the table and it’s a strange ol game. Look at some of the recents we’ve had lately Ray, ridiculous some of the results. Some of the bottom could put a run together, three four games, wins two, draw two or win three draw one, do you know what I mean? So you’ve got to be on that button all the time.

Watch the clip for yourself here…

Former footballer Jermaine Beckford caught onto it and came to his former club’s defence, tweeting: “Come on Mr Brazil 🤦🏾‍♂️ We’re closer to the top than the bottom, we’ve played against Liverpool, Man City, Arsenal, Wolves, Everton and have 14 pts! Plus we’ve just been promoted! Some would say we’re exceeding expectations for our 1st season back in the Prem 🤷🏾‍♂️

Meanwhile Gabby Agbonlahor also had his say…

Many Leeds fans were left fuming at the talkSPORT video, and took to the social media site to vent their frustration, see what they had to say…
@ellox7: What is it with people on talk sport talking absolute poo

@JamesMcGuire4: Al is talking Rubbish!

@davidro83728290: Brazil looks so unhealthy. He’s popular and not unlikeable, tho I ditched this rubbish station years ago, but he makes no secret of the fact that he watches a few games in the pub or on the telly and that’s the extent of his research. His comments on any team are worthless.

@lufclund: If Brazil has a bad xmas he could be going down

@jordantlufc: talkSPORT? talkSHITE more like

@UpTheDeano: Not a chance Leeds are going down. Just another like cast out by talk sport to get the viewers in

@DirtyLeedsFC: You could currently say the same for 12-14 teams in PL

@Lajt89: He is closer to heart attack than Leeds to relegation scrap.

@Br1t2000: In Bielsa we trust. End. Of.

@PJ_Jenno: let’s be honest the bottom 4 are all terrible. anyone else is safe this season.

@dazzt8: So could half the PL you wally…

@Bonetti7Shaun: Deluded – been on the grog early???? #mot

@EdmundsonSam: Christ have you not seen the state of the bottom 4. I think we will be ok

@helicoptersqua1: Leeds could go down, they could fin top 8. Who knows. But as a leeds fan staying up comfortably would be a great achievment and gaining admirers the way we play. We have a very small squad and need to keep top few players fit. We will win and lose but enjoy it

@ConnorMOT92: This is most pointless conversation I’ve ever heard.

@joelsam7: Lazy punditry yet again. The teams at the top should more worried about Leeds than Leeds being worried about the teams at the bottom!

@JamesWard26: Thankyou mr obvious 😂 basically saying if we lose loads of games we could drop down the table, neverrrrrrrr 😂 #lufc

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