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Leeds fans furious with club increasing season ticket prices and never-seen-before clause

Leeds United fans furious with the club increasing season ticket prices ahead of the 2023/24 campaign and a never-seen-before clause.

Leeds United Supporters Club (LUSC) sum up plans for a 10% increase in season ticket prices for the new season as “another bitter pill for fans to swallow”.

The Whites this week announced that they will increase the price of season tickets by 10% for the 2023/24 season to help the Whites avoid being relegated from the Premier League.

The LUSC has now questioned the club’s decision and issued a statement in response to the cost increase.

“Leeds United Supporters Club is concerned regarding the advertised price rises for season ticket holders,” it began. “Given the current cost of living crisis and after last year’s season ticket rises it feels like another bitter pill for the fans to swallow.

“The club states that they will refund the 10% if the club are relegated. Given the amount of income that the club would lose because of relegation it makes the price rise appear a choice and not a necessity.

“As inflation is projected to be 4% this year operational costs should not have such a big impact.”


Existing Season Ticket Holders can renew today.

Leeds United are pleased to confirm existing Season Ticket Holders are able to renew online for the 2023/24 campaign now!

– The renewal window will begin on Monday 6th March 2023 and will end on Friday 7th April 2023, after which date any unrenewed Season Tickets will be made available to the 21,850 supporters on the Season Ticket Waiting List

– There will be a flat 10% price increase for all general admission Season Ticket Holders, representing just our second general admission price increase in 12 seasons and this rise will only partially offset the significant increase we have seen in matchday operational costs over the same period, which is below the prevailing rate of inflation

– The cheapest 2022/23 Adult Season Ticket was £20.21 per game and the increase for the next campaign means this will rise by only £2 per match

– 2023/24 Adult Season Ticket prices start from the equivalent of £22.21 per game, with Under-16’s £7.63 per game and Under-11s an amazing £4.42 per game

– If we do not retain our divisional status, supporters will be able to claim a rebate of the 10% increase, meaning prices will be kept flat despite the four additional home matches

We appreciate that any increase in the current economic climate is unwelcome, particularly when it coincides with poor performance on the pitch. The decision has not been taken lightly but we believe the new pricing is consistent with both our principle of running the clubs finances responsibly and maintaining our commitment to affordable football at Elland Road. Our prices will remain amongst the cheapest in the Premier League. In 2022/23 we had the second cheapest Season Ticket in the top-flight.

Like last year, Season Tickets will be sold exclusively online via our SeatGeek Platform.  To access the SeatGeek platform and renew your Season Ticket for the 2023/24 campaign, please CLICK HERE

As per previous seasons, supporters will once again be able to spread the payment of their Season Ticket across six instalments through our ticketing finance provider, V12 Finance.*

Seasonal Hospitality guest pricing will also be increasing by 10% and an email with package details will be sent today.

Details on Away Season Tickets for the 2023/24 campaign will be confirmed in due course.

‘United for 20 Years’ Ticket Holders do not need to renew their Season Tickets online, their renewals for the 2023/24 season will automatically be renewed by the club.

As mentioned, Leeds fans were furious with the club increasing season ticket prices and adding a never-seen-before clause…

@lufc_paul: Thats going to go down like a cup of cold sick

@Richb1169: Can we have a list of the players earnings like they do in America to see what we are getting for our money!!!!!!

@kurgan_uk: Call me old fashioned, but a ‘thanks for your support’ would have been nice instead of this passive agressive, buy it or lose it sunshine. Wow 😮

@CarlRichard70: Going to be a lot of refunds!

@JackBru89871803: Football is for the fans.

@lufcgrace: Football becoming less and less accessible for everyday people

@jwh1982: Football is for fans. Why don’t u if we go down reduce the players wages to compensation for season ticket prices to be covered cos there the ones under performing not the fans.

@Jcraven76690777: Insane how much admission is to a 90 minute game of football just so the club can throw even more money at vastly over rated and over paid players. Sadly that’s me done although to be fair it has been for the last few years. At least I have the memories! 🔥 MOT…

@Smithlufc1919: Over 22% increase in two seasons to watch absolute dross due to the boards negligence with their managerial appointment (JM) and not buying a proven goal scorer (which we’ve needed for 3 seasons plus) @andrearadri @49ers

@nathan10wilson: Cheek to increase the prices with the shite we play

@elliott_robin26: fuck it let’s go down

@RobbieGear17: Andrea Radrizanni and the 49ers are absolutely loaded why are they charging us fans in the middle of a cost of living crisis? Scummy asf

@Leemhammond: What a piss take

@RyanReddington1: So 620 for championship football the club is a fucking joke

@batesylufc2: You greedy bastards.

Hang on….
“10 per cent back IF we suffer relegation?”
How can that be? @andrearadri said it was “Impossible” for us to be relegated….

@hhheatherrrc: this is actually laughable, expecting us to pay £50-£60 for a ticket to go watch utter dross

@Ossettwhites1: That’s now over £800 a season, it costs me £240 ish for non league

@kurgan_uk: watch the ‘waiting list’ absolutely scarper if we go down, and we’ll be back to the old days where everyone outside of ER was on some sort of protest over something or another and wouldn’t set foot inside ER. At least we might get a ‘thank you’ on the renewal emails then.

@steg245: With the premier league TV money slushing around, and corporate sponsership etc they could afford to let supporters in for free with hardly a noticable effect on finances. What difference does an extra £1m really make when individual players take that every month in salary?

@The_Stringer: Mine went up more than 10% it was £571 last year and £649 this year. So if we go down do I get 10% of £649 back?

@G_Balfe: 21% increase in 2 seasons. Especially for the experience being served up is a joke. Packed concourses. Massive queues. Chernobyl burgers etc

@Dean197250: As if the season isn’t painful enough 😕

@simonpauljones: If you’re going to increase ticket prices by 10% at least allow fans (that are struggling) to spread the cost interest free. 30% APR is an absolute disgrace. Come on @LUFC you can do better than this.

@OysterSurgical: You’d make money if people could actually get a drink at half time. Queue for 20 mins for a drink because you’re Pulling pints of John smiths individually when ppl order them. Pull 50 pints 5 mins before half time and whack em out quickly!

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