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Leeds fan posts video of ‘Leicester, Ipswich and Southampton making promotion party about Leeds’

A Leeds United fan posts a 9-minute long YouTube video of ‘Leicester, Ipswich and Southampton making their promotion party about Leeds’.

The compilation video surfaced a week after Daniel Farke’s Leeds United lost to Southampton in the Championship playoff final at Wembley.

The mocking started back in April, with Leicester City winning the title, then Ipswich Town joined in when they won promotion on the final day of the season.

This escalated further when Southampton and their fans joined in poking fun at Leeds in their respective promotion parties.

This weekend, Southampton continued to wind up Leeds fans, posting a photo of a music playlist with the Kaiser Chiefs track ‘I Predict A Riot’ featuring on it.

Even retailer Currys got in on the act, taunting Leeds on social media.

One user took a photo of the TVs in one of their stores and captioned it: “Absolutely disgusted with Currys… just bought a new 75″ TV to watch the Premier League next season but it’s come with no Leeds…”

To which Currys replied: “Sorry we’ve had a recall, they kept falling apart.”

YouTuber LUFC Lewis has now put together a 9 minute video showing all the times Leeds were mocked these past few months. Take a look below…

Here’s how Twitter and YouTube users reacted as the Leeds fan posts a video of ‘Leicester, Ipswich and Southampton making their promotion party about Leeds’…

@BensonLUFC1987: Obsession at its highest level ha ha.

@pepperminthippo: Rent free in all their tinpot clubs 😂

@Mattt_lcfc: Couldnt be more satisfying to give it back to the fanbase who were the most vocal to us whenever we lost. You can dish it out but always cry when it bites you back.

@Icfctoby: Who would’ve known that if you give it all season, when you inevitably crumble, it’s given back!!! WHATTTTT!!!!!!! Nahhh!!!! Also as if you can be arsed to go through all those videos and stitch them together on a Sunday ffs

@lcfceriic: Making a full comp about it 😭😭😭 obsessed about the obsession atp

@SPORTSA_YT: Leeds gave it large all season and cry when we give it back. A whole 9 minute video, taking the play-off loss well.

@JordanAshley97: Gave it big spuds since Christmas now crying when we give it back 🤣🤣🤣 imagine if we bottled it and you won the league

@KHJG24: Fucking hell… Obsessed and really really small club behaviour

@b3llufc: hahahahah were fucking massive #obssesed

@Jairstone: What is that concert thing at the end 🤣

@BamfordTheCheat: The ultimate compliment! I can’t believe how much interest all these clubs have in us! #lufc

@teamslikeboro: Stop crying. Leeds did this with Brentford in 2020

@pessimistic_L: Nobody outside their fanbase is bothered about them, so they have to rattle the biggest and most passionate to get some attention. It’s pathetic. Singing about us is the only way they get exposure.

@LUFCLewis: Southampton only ones with the right, Ipswich not too bad, Leicester absolutely begging a rivalry.

@oliverp8555: It is actually crazy that they all think off Leeds instead of their own team

@stevebrown8019: Leeds are living rent free in the heads of so many fans of other clubs. Jealous of who we are. The sides that were promoted this year will struggle to stay up. As a Leeds fan I don’t give a feck about any other club. Supported my club since 1965 and proud to do so. Kaiser Chiefs coining in the royalties #MOT #ALAW

@kyleknott7188: We have spent all season bantering with all 3 of these clubs don’t start crying and being bitter now because they are giving it back. If you can’t take it don’t give it. You are sounding very bitter and it just comes across as you not being able to take your medicine tbh. Either way we go again next year MOT

@Not-A-Witch: They hate us because they’ll never be us. I almost feel sorry for them. MOT

Better to be hated than not rated .
Their worlds would be empty without us .
Leeds forever MOT

@niall5974: Proves we are fucking Massive. MOT.

@AlZheimer-hs8wi: it’s called KARMA. When leeds fans sang this after beating leicester it showed a total lack of class and smacked of small-time to me. Thet leicester sing it now is just a bit of pay-back for that night.

@AlZheimer-hs8wi: This should be shown to the players at Leeds.

@superowlsforlife: Leeds leeds are falling apart again

@louishannlouishann8629: Rattled, Leeds are falling apart again

@superowlsforlife: We’re laughing at you We’re laughing at you LEEDS UNITED WE’RE LAUGHING AT YOU

@andythorpey1377: I’ll be laughing when they all come straight back down next season

@SfcW7: it’s mainly lcfc, a bit of ipswich but hardly us

@stevewaddy139: Leeds will be back, stronger and better than before

@user-wd9co9vf7q: Small clubs, small fans, who would trade!!!!!!

@glennoble7766: Can’t beat a bit of Bantz, Leeds should have gone up Automatically and it was probably a bit naive when you beat Leicester to start saying you were going up Automatically. Beat Ipswich and Leicester twice but that does not get you promoted unless your consitent against the other teams. With Ipswich they have a team ethic and mantra, Leeds have a very talented squad but do not play collectively like the other teams who got promoted. Best of luck next season if you can get the consistency right then you’ll go up Automatically

@jeanchp: They’re like obsessive exes. Doesn’t matter. 25/26, we’ll be up there playing Arsenal away while they’re down here playing Millwall away.

@johnshores4745: gonna be sweet when we pass Leicester next season

@adameamesxbox: Leeds fans all season – “we’re coming for you” “best team and manager in the league” Leeds fans now – “why are they all obsessed with us” enjoy Oxford you small minded muppets

@bjrndegaard8510: Amazing.. good lord.

@trafficone2008: Its always about Leeds

@trafficone2008: I will be laughing when leicester get kicked out of the league for financial irregularities.

@staceyyoung5839: We all love Leeds we won’t when we are champions next year and Ipswich Southampton Leicester go down we will be having party like vardy you brats they no were better

@trafficone2008: Did leicester get the rights to play i predict a riot?

@progd4v3: Absolutely pathetic clubs

@Samsmashes: There just little brats

@totalfootball3728: Don’t give it billy big bollocks all year then cry now you have ended up with egg on your face.

@SomersetSaint7: Shouldn’t act all billy big bollocks all season then should you 😂

@Tillyard86: Bit depressing to watch.

@AndrewOldfield: Napoleon said all glory is fleeting enjoy your 15 point deduction Leicester

@sammiiejayde9438: Embarrassing!

@SfcAlex__: If you give it big to everyone expect to take it back when you inevitably always fall apart. Dont cry and make a 9 minute compilation about it

@BoozerArab: You’re the one sat at home making YouTube compilations 😂😂😂

@Paolo80s: Why would Leicester be obsessed with a failing championship club ??? they used the mocking at the time of the championship like any team would

@italianclarets: Because apparently you’re the biggest club in the world and remind everyone about it 24/7

@SaintsSocialite: You boys thought you won the league in March. Fully deserved🤷‍♂️

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