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‘Leave my club’ – Sunderland fans livid at player’s post-match comments

‘Leave my club’ was just one of the things many Sunderland fans said as they were left livid at a player’s post-match comments.

The Black Cats once again relied on Charlie Wyke as he took his season tally to 30 goals with a double before Accrington bounced back to claim a point in a 3-3 draw at the Stadium of Light.

Lee Johnson’s side are now nine points behind second-placed Peterborough in the League One table with three matches remaining after their winless run was extended to six matches. Another playoff campaign it is it would seem.

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Disappointment is growing fast at the club’s fanbase, no wonder, they haven’t won since the visit of Oxford United on Good Friday, and twice messed up their lead against Accrington Stanley on Saturday.

Automatic promotion hopes look out of reach, and Josh Scowen insists that despite recent form, the mood hasn’t dipped too low within the dressing room. Imagine telling your angry supporters that.

“It’s just trying to stay confident, which I think the lads are,” he said.

“Obviously we’re a bit disappointed in our performance in the second half against Accrington, but there’s a lot of experienced lads in there who have been here before.

“We’ll come out again on Tuesday fighting for the three points.

“There probably is [people writing us off], but it’s probably been like that all season,” he added.

“But we’ve shown what we’re about, we know we’re good enough to win and that’s the self-belief that we have.”

Scowen didn’t shy away from the disappointment of the results in his post-match verdict.

“It was disappointing in the end after a very good first half, getting the two goals and creating a lot more chances as well,” he admitted.

“Second half we weren’t good enough and that gave them the leg up to get back in the game.

“First half we controlled the game and had more chances, but the second half they came out and went a bit more direct and got in behind us. That changed the game and we just couldn’t seem to deal with it today.

“We feel disappointed and it’s two points dropped.

“Every game we try and take the positives out and try and learn from the negatives,” he continued.

“The last couple of performances I think we’ve been really good, we’ve just been unlucky with a couple of mistakes or a bit of luck.

“We’ll go, look at this game and take the positives out of it and learn from the mistakes.”

Sunderland now switch their attention to hosting Blackpool on Tuesday evening, with Scowen suggesting this is a game that the side simply have to win.

While thry look set to clinch a play-off place, it is not yet mathematically secure – and achieving that will be the club’s priority.

“Momentum is key going into the play-offs and that’s what we’re trying to build now,” said Scowen.

“We have to win on Tuesday and the boys will build that confidence up.

“We’re more than capable of coming away with three points.

“We just need to win these next three games and go into the play-offs full of confidence.

“That’s the plan now. We’ve some good performances, we’ve just been a bit unlucky.”

As mentioned, Sunderland fans were livid at their player’s post-match comments, see what they tweeted below…

@Camer0nJohnson: Piss poor interview. Again, “Accrington are a good side” are they fuck. We made them look good, like we’ve done to Wigan, Plymouth, Burton absolute nonsense comments being so fucking respectful towards these terrible sides is part of the problem

@igfield73: Please leave my club and never come back.

@LukeD1912: You are absolutely abysmal Josh, I can’t wait until you fuck off out of this club forever

@Templet69197880: Killer mentality? Where is it? FFS we are Sunderland. We don’t have a right but opposition think that we do so they raise game. We need to out opposition our opposition and every single game crush them. Fight and battle to win.

@MarkFis25375386: Do one and take the rest with ya absolutely shit

@RunGMC16: Fuck off cheers 👍🏻

@Mcewan1320David: Not only do we have to suffer Scowen on the pitch every game because he is an LJ favourite they put him up for interview. Absolute rubbish performances on a regular basis

@paulhun7276: Joke

@GavLee82: Same absolute shite week in week out

@DavidMcKeever8: Not many games now before Josh Scowen can go and ply his trade elsewhere

@Terence147: Bottled it as usual prob do same if in playoffs.

@notagainbbc: Who cares what josh scowen says about the spirit in the camp, the spirit amongst the fan base is flat as a fart due the heartless pathetic displays by a bunch of overpaid bottlers and I hope the new owner let’s everyone of the players out of contract go in the summer

@zCeadith: Giving these shite teams wayyyyy too much respect, pisses me off but just baffles me also as of why

@AndrewsPhilip7: The players are simply not good enough also pleased many of them are out of contract

@AndyPhillips1: Worst player on the pitch…and there was plenty of competition!

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