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League Two stadium set to be named ‘Kevin’ following fan vote

An EFL League Two stadium is set to be named ‘Kevin’ following a fan vote which launched on social media earlier this week.

Supporters of League Two Forest Green Rovers — the world’s first vegan club — were asked to suggest titles online.

Innocent Smoothies won a ground naming rights deal and insisted ‘Innocent’ be used in all suggestions.

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So the ground’s original name is The New Lawn, which most will no doubt remain to call it.

Then it changed to the ‘Innocent [insert name here] Stadium’, leaving many confused.

However following on from this poll, majority of over 4,000 voters have opted to go for ‘Kevin’ to be in that gap.

It will mean that the ground will be known as the ‘Innocent Kevin Stadium’, and Jeff Stelling has already claimed it will get a mention on Soccer Saturday every weekend if it wins.

He tweeted: “If it is Kevin, it is guaranteed a mention every week!”

Yesterday, Kevin was well ahead with more than 60 per cent of the votes in a Twitter poll.

Innocent’s UK marketing director, Anna Bateson, admitted: “We have no idea who Kevin is.”

Fans can still vote by going to the @FGRFC_Official and @innocent Twitter accounts.

Forest Green said on the deal with Innocent:

We can today [2nd of October 2020] announce the new official name of our home ground as the innocent [insert name here] stadium, which was officially unveiled during a naming ceremony.

The deal between sustainable smoothie maker innocent drinks’ and the pioneering vegan football club – includes giving innocent the right to rename Forest Green Rovers’ home ground, previously known as The New Lawn.

But rather than just name it after itself – like several other stadiums in the UK – the sponsor decided to put it to the fans, who from today can make their suggestions to the club via its Twitter or Facebook account. A panel from Forest Green Rovers, including the chairman Dale Vince, will then select a shortlist of the best names. These will then be put to a second, final fan vote to choose the new name of the stadium.

However, until then – and for one game only – it will officially be named the ‘innocent [insert name here] stadium. The club has even erected a new sign above the main entrance.

“We’re a green company. They’re the greenest team in the world. Even the grass they play on is green. At the end of the day, it’s a match made in heaven.” said innocent’s UK Marketing Director, Anna Bateson. She continued. “Our marketing team had the great idea to name the stadium but then had no great ideas for what to name it. The best they had was Greeny McGreenFace and we’re not calling it that. So rather than do the work themselves, our marketing department reckoned they’d just let someone else do it. So it’s over to the fans to decide.”

Dale Vince, chairman of Forest Green Rovers, said: “This is a great idea from the innocent team to crowdsource a name. We can expect all sorts of suggestions, especially from fans of other clubs (this is football after all) – and it’s going to be fun.

“Meanwhile, even our interim name is good, I’m looking forward to hearing media pundits saying that at this weekend’s game. What a great way to kick off our partnership with the guys from innocent.”

Fans reacted after seeing that a League Two stadium is set to be named ‘Kevin’ following the fan vote…

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