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League One club ‘on the brink of collapse’ with huge concerns for March

It’s tough times for everyone right now, however one particular League One club are ‘on the brink of collapse’ with huge concerns for March.

Swindon Town’s future is looking bleaker as the days go on with a revelation being made according to its owner.

The Robins chairman Lee Power revealed how bad the club’s finances have been after being slammed by supporter for selling a key player in Diallang Jaiyesimi on deadline day.

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Expanding more on how bad the situation is at the Wilshere outfit, Power added the best way to describe the club would be “on the brink”.

“That’s probably where it is,” he told BBC Radio Wiltshire. “Every month I have to worry about funding or finding funding to get the wages paid and that’s where we are.

“I’m surprised we’ve got this far if I’m honest, with no supporters and no income since March.

“It’s getting tougher and tougher and that’s where we are.

He added: “It’s week-by-week, month-by-month. The EFL has been great and they’ve helped as much as they can and we had a sell-on [fee] in the summer from (Jayden] Bogle that helped.

“We’re no different to any other club. It’s just a ridiculously hard position that we’re in.

“I funded the club and invested very heavily in the club for promotion last year to make sure the team got out of League Two, that was me, no one else.

“At that time, I believed that we’d be in league one, the crowds would be back and we’d be back to normal and that hasn’t happened.

“It’s been a double whammy, money and funds we used to get us up aren’t there now to keep us alive so we’re trying our best but we’re on the rockface, hanging over the edge. “

Jaiyesimi was offloaded to Charlton Athletic on Monday after the Addicks matched a release clause in his contract – though Power says to fans that the transfer will have funded the club for at least the next month.

He said: “To be honest, the last thing we want to do is sell our best players, especially with the position that we’re in.

“But like I’ve said and stated since March last year, we’re in a national pandemic, we’ve had no supporters in the stadium, it’s been a fight morning noon and night to keep this club afloat

“The money from DJ will keep this club alive until the end of February and that’s the position the football club’s in at this moment in time.”

Speaking of his deadline-day arrival, manager Lee Bowyer said: “I’m over the moon to get him. He’s a good player, he’s young, he’s going to bring us something different. We worked hard to get this one over the line, it has been a long day, we got this right at the death at the deadline.

“If I was to liken him to someone, it would probably be [Jonathan] Leko, with that unpredictability – you never know what he is going to do. We experienced that when he scored against us. He has that unpredictability we need in that final third.”

Meanwhile, Addicks’ owner Thomas Sandgaard: “We have been looking to add a youth and pace to our squad throughout this window, so and I am very pleased we have been able to bring in Diallang. He is an exciting, young player, so I am looking forward to seeing him in action for Charlton.” 

Fans reacted after seeing that League One club Swindon Town are ‘on the brink of collapse’ with huge concerns for March…

@twitedward: I am going to take an absolute battering for this…but it sounds like an honest interview to me. Let’s me be clear I do not “like” Lee power and agree transparency v poor but wonder how many of power out view would think if they saw real financials behind club @LoathedStranger

@LoathedStranger: Everything LP said duing this this could well be 100% true but the damage caused by the lack of communication/dislike of media throughout his tenure has resulted in what we read from fans every time he talks. The levels of fan cynicism and distrust is, ultimately, his own doing.

@robstfc: up to the EFL rules on budget…. really….. I just don’t believe that.

@bezDB: Absolute drivel mate….

@Rich38709046: Interesting, Season ticket renewals soon. Think about it……..

@htjfc1: Only a minority of fans against me! Pull the other one. Run a pole Shaun and let’s see exactly how many currently support you Mr Chair. My current guess 90% #powerout

@MarcHiett: We had paid to watch the games in March, where did that money go?!

@AidanAr38949930: Ooo lee power the savior who’s kept us alive for another month but doesn’t realize the season ends in may. #powerout

@beckylawrence11: #powerout


@TomFarmer2712: #powerout

@ck_harper: #PowerOut

@59Graham: Guy has no morals. Not another penny from me.

@BatchStfc: So we’ve got budget available for a free agent – Wright, But we are teetering over the edge – power – I mean I can understand the club are on the brink. But mixed messages…

@MrBraindown: Utter, utter garbage…

@ashstfc1984: Can you ask Power to do a fans phone in to answer some real questions from fans and hear our concerns #stfc

@harryjjnicholas: If we’re on the brink why reject Hope and Twine offers? DJ wasnt voluntary sale it was a release clause? Nothing is adding up and unsurprisingly no one trusts anything Power says

@OscroftOfficial: Criminal, this is all on you #powerout

@woolfy1967: Can’t we get someone else to interview him next time, someone who will ask the right questions to get the answers the supporters want, instead of questions which help Power sound like he is doing a great job. I know it is difficult for all football clubs, Swindon is no different

@TCarter66208: Who knows what’s what….one thing we do know though, if Power hadn’t have tried to rip people off and steal we all wouldn’t be stuck waiting for a sale. His actions have put the future of the club at risk.

@Neilhoughton82: Haha didn’t he say that the club wasn’t up for sale and he’d received no offer from able? Fast forward a few months and it turns out he’d been trying to sell it for over a year and had been caught out trying to fleece clem and standing

@MattyBowds: How can you not prove you’ve put in millions ?? Publishing proper accounts and not the bare minimum would prove this. All waffle I’m afraid and all the lying and begging will catch up with you eventually!

@jiff1967: I’m a pretty easy going bloke but this motherfuckers making my skin Crawl fuck him #powerout and yes ill be watching Saturday not because of him but because I love the Town rant over

@ding_dan_18: Rivals or not, this is awful to see, no club deserves this, no fans deserve this, this isn’t football. How this is happening whilst teams like City and spending hundreds of millions on signings is awful

@RFCJoeJ: I know we’re rivals but this is genuinely sad to see. No fans deserve to lose their club. Let’s hope this doesn’t happen and gets resolved.

@BassMasterRich: Really? Like the Wellens and Bogle money that “didn’t touch the sides”. DJ was a 6 figure fee and I suspect the Wellens compo was hardly peanuts

@STFC_Central: If we are so on the brink, then why did he reject Hope and Twine offers? He’s lying to cover his back from the fans. It’s all lies, lies, lies.

@MattDavies25: How many times have we been ‘on the brink’ during Lee’s reign, genuinely curious how many times he’s said something along these lines

@ebonyleigh13: Power mate just sell the club and get gone, ya boring

@MattyBowds: Oh Fuck off now you twat. No one buys this shit any more. You’ve dug yourself into a big hole and been caught out big time. Now looking for sympathy after months and months of silence #powerout

@OscroftOfficial: Hahaha as if supporters have been writing to him “thanking him for keeping the club alive”, okay Mr Power

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