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League One club offers Jack Wilshere a career lifeline

A certain League One club offers Jack Wilshere a career lifeline after the former Gunners player revealed how he was considering retiring.

The midfielder is a free agent after AFC Bournemouth chose not to extend his contract following a brief spell at the Vitality Stadium last season.

The 29 year old Englishman recently lifted the lid on his regret at leaving the Gunners to join West Ham in 2018 and suggested his future may lie abroad, where he is not stigmatised as injury-prone.

However, after speaking emotionally, Wigan Athletic have since offered him the chance to join with Latics chief Talal Al Hammad tweeting Wilshere saying ‘You are most welcome to join us.’

In a revealing interview with The Athletic, Wilshere explained: “I’ve said before that I’m open to going abroad. In fact, I probably want to go abroad.

“I want to try something different. I think it’ll be good for me, for my life, for my family.

“Have a fresh start somewhere where people, clubs, fans don’t think, ‘Oh, that’s Jack Wilshere. He’s going to get injured today’, or, ‘He’ll play five games and that’s it… waste of an investment.”

When asked if retirement has crossed his mind, he said: “Yeah, that does cross my mind quite a lot.

“I’m waking up in the mornings at the moment and I’m thinking, ‘Right, I need to go and train somewhere’. Normally it’s on my own… OK, I’ve been training with a club in pre-season but that’s finished now.

“I’m back to waking up, training on my own and finding that motivation. And the question I keep asking myself at the moment is: What am I doing it for?

“I said to my agent I don’t want to be in that position where I’m waiting and waiting and before you know it January comes and I’ve almost wasted another season.

“I’m not getting any younger and I don’t want that. I did that last year, so to do it again… I feel like I’d be wasting my time.”

Wilshere talked about the impact his career is having on his family life, even sharing that his son Archie has started asking questions.

He continued: “My kids are at an age where they understand. Especially Archie, who’s nine.

“He’s actually having conversations with me, saying, ‘What about the MLS?’ or ‘Why aren’t you playing in La Liga?’

“He loves football. He knows everything about football. And it is difficult to explain to him. He’ll say to me, ‘How come no club wants you?’ I don’t know. But how do I explain that to him?

“They’ve got friends at school and you know what kids can be like, they can be quite brutal.

“‘Why is your dad not working? Is he not good enough? Is he not good at football?’ Yeah, that’s tough.”

One child even called him ‘Jack Wheelchair’ which saw the footballer confront the child’s parent.

Wilshere said on leaving Arsenal: “Honestly, I should have never left, that’s nothing against West Ham – it could have been anyone – but I shouldn’t have left Arsenal.

“I sat down with Emery and he said ‘Look, there’s a contract on the table but you’re not in my starting XI.’ I thought I was going to play – I proved myself the year before. I probably made a few rash decisions. I rang my agent and said ‘That’s it, we need to leave.’

“I should have taken a few days, calmed down and thought to myself again, ‘I look around this midfield and back myself to get in’.”

Wilshere last played for England in 2018 and said he expected to still be playing for them today.

However, his career sadly hasn’t panned out that way.

“Everyone used to say to me, ‘(At) 28, 29… you’ll be at the peak of your career’. And I thought I would. I thought I’d still be playing for England, (that) I’d be at a top club.”

Fans reacted after hearing that League One club Wigan Athletic offers Jack Wilshere a career lifeline, see what was tweeted below…

@DannySmith86: Jack Wilshere’s problem is he still thinks he should be playing in the Prem on top wages. There’s much chance of Keith The Duck signing for us. #wafc

@wiganfishermon: We got Heskey and Kirkland fit and playing for England. We got N’Zogbia in the French team. Worth a pay as you play type contract surely, with possible 12 month deal on offer if it goes well?

@jaymr06: your having too much fun talal and i love it

@Lukedarbyshire7: oh my god Talal I think I love you would be class addition to the midfield up the tics

@JWrighty67: Text me the postcode boss man ill pick him up 🔵⚪️

@DannyBuble: Gonna be some journey with you, Talal. Never has one man had such a positive impact on a new club than you. Galloways next.

@Woodij_: Imagine the scenes! Top quality player! If I was Jack I would be looking at what we have done for past players, Heskey, Kirkland and most recently James.

@ethan_wafc: Announce wilshere

@KieOwe: Oh sod it why not, come on @JackWilshere get signing.

@Latics1932: Don’t. Ian Evatt will have a fit!

@NeilMac54802122: Bolton fans would love it, just love it. Can we get Daniel Sturridge as well? Just asking!

@Who_8_all_t_pie: This would be amazing… I’d put his name on my Latics shirt in a heartbeat and wear it with pride. Either way, I wish @JackWilshere all the best and I sincerely hope he’s playing football again soon!

@ryan46495351: Everyone that comes to Wigan always revitalise there careers and turn into better players. Just sign him up talal 🙏🏻👍🏻

@stew21141675: What a guy talal is I would take play off now sooner have a decent centre half though but if he pulls it off then hats off plenty bubble wrap

@leonardvip12: It will really be quite great if this move can happen for Jack. To see him at the peack of his career and struggling to get a contract is just unthinkable for a Player of his caliber. Please make this happen!.

@BillyWafc1932: Ian evatt exploding as we speak

@cursednumber7: Do it Jack

@TheBenRatch: @JackWilshere when are you coming mate? You’ll be assured of a warm welcome and a warm pie.

@JoshhHurst: Honestly when do you see a chairman do this hahaha

@tabsWAFC: Our chairman is better than everyone else’s. #wafc

@wafc_niall: Not that I’m buying this but imagine Jack Wilshere waltzing round in league one #wafc

@BWFCL8N: Shock. Wigan would like yet another ex Bolton player, really are Wigan Wanderers. #bwfc

@CalWAFC7: I love you and everything Talal but please stay away from this guy, he’s way too injury prone

@martinjackson27: Too good of a player on his day to not have a club! Get down here @JackWilshere and let your son know you are wanted!! #wafc #believe

@WAFCLouis: My head’s going to explode

@acefaceaaron: The #wafc bus is slowly gaining speed and @Talalalhammad32 at the wheel hes reaching for the nitro switch

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