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Laura Woods makes savage response back to whinging Tottenham fan who called to complain about Arsenal

Laura Woods makes a savage response back to a whinging Tottenham fan who called the radio station to complain about Arsenal.

She hit back, seemingly growing bored and perhaps miserable at hearing Spurs supporters calling in to moan.

One fan called talkSPORT on Monday morning to complain about Arsenal’s celebrations against Bournemouth. Yet we all knew how big of a comeback it was and quite potentially could prove to be a big three points towards the end of the season.

Reiss Nelson scored a last-gasp winner for Arsenal, who won 3-2 at Emirates on Saturday. See more on that HERE.

Mikel Arteta’s team are five points ahead of Manchester City, who are second in the Premier League standings.

After Nelson, 23 years old, fired from home, the Emirates went wild. Even Ian Wright went into hyperventilation before his appearance on MOTD.

Tottenham fan Dan called talkSPORT to complain about the Gunners post-match celebrations.

“Do you know how cringey it is to listen to you lot?” he said. “Bournemouth have form in this, we were 2-0 down to them earlier on in the season and came back.

“You lot are the most cringe worthy, desperate, honestly try hard fanbase I have ever heard in my life.

“You’re the luckiest club I have ever come across in my life. You scored in the eighth minute of the six minutes added on, and you celebrate like a kid who has just been given a packet of Percy Pigs.”

Arsenal fan Laura Woods then cheekily hit back at the Spurs fan.

“You know what I heard then Dan from your wonderful rant, I heard waa, waa, waa, ohh we lost 1-0 to Wolves at the weekend,” Woods replied.

“What is the best thing I can do on a Monday morning, I know, I’ll call up talkSPORT and cry about how Arsenal fans are having a great season.

“And all we [Spurs] are is depressed. We hate our manager, he is a born winner, but you know what, he can’t even get Spurs to win.

“What is happening Dan? Don’t worry about Arsenal, worry about yourselves. You’re actually doing better without him [Conte]!

“It is about top of the league Arsenal, where are Spurs at the moment?

“How much do you think you will hang on to fourth place?”

This is how fans reacted as Laura Woods makes a savage response back to one whinging Tottenham fan who called to complain about Arsenal…

@conoredwards94: I absolutely love how everyone that called Arsenal lucky on Saturday is conveniently ignoring the 90 mins of pure domination and 6 (SIX) penalty shouts that went against them 😂😂😂 imagine having that amount of bad luck in a game and still winning

@abbott_george: Games absolutely gone if you can’t celebrate a 97th min winner after being 2-0 down, regardless of the team 🤡

@OCONNELLAFCFAN: There is no difference between Spurs last season and this season so why the misery? Because Arsenal are going for the league. Spurs define themselves against Arsenal.

@ChazBentley1: This Spurs fan has woken up on a Monday morning (2 days after our game) and Arsenal are on his mind enough for him to call in the radio and talk about us, where as I didn’t even know Spurs had lost to wolves until about an hour after the final whistle on Saturday, rent free.

@arrjayyess: Absolutely nothing lucky about that result. Should’ve had at least one if not two or three pens. By the letter of the law, Bournemouths opener shouldn’t have stood. The game was won by domination and sheer force of will in the adversity of, if anything, bad luck.

@sam_jeffs: Fair play @laura_woodsy. Let him ramble on and then just finished off with the perfect line. One of the best in the business hands down

@wearz: enjoy the rest of your miserable season 😂

@TheOnlyBrianG: Laura is undefeated! 😂😂

@DailyGoonerSam: Absolutely glorious

@jonloveridge83: Ally laughing in the background is excellent

@JohnnyBoyElk: Love the comeback Laura

@GEORGIE_35: Laura is so smug and annoying.

@nickg995: You are absolutely correct Jason. Only one set of fans should celebrate, from the team that ends up winning the title, and they should only celebrate once per season when they are presented with the trophy. Nobody else should ever celebrate again! Amazing logic!

@hashtagMullins: Laura is levels above! Outstanding stuff.

@GoonerGirl1969: Hah ❤️ this. I love @laura_woodsy too but when Spurs fans ring up with their “Arsenal are lucky drivel” That there’s a whole lot of VAR errors that have gone against us too should be mentioned “are you Adrian Durham?” Lol Spurs fans are obsessed with us, we’re living rent free…

@NonFlyingIceman: @laura_woodsy Cant believe he said luck!? Like the numerous incorrect VAR decisions that have cost us points and all we have to show for it, are pitiful PGMOL apologies. No injuries, like ESR out a whole ssn, who contributed 10 goals last yr. Without Kane they’d be mid table!

@LiamGilbert10: Chuck this on things you love to hear 🤣🤣🤣 not even an arsenal fan but thoroughly enjoyed this🤣🤣🤣🤣

@Capo_Dan_AFC: Brilliant 😂 if I had a voice left from this weekend I’d definitely phone in for a chat with this guy but @laura_woodsy said it all 👏🏻 👏🏻

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