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Latest Erik Alonso update has rival fans ridiculing Derby

The latest Erik Alonso update emerging overnight has rival fans ridiculing Derby County ahead of the final game of the season.

Reliable source Craig Hope states that it is in serious jeopardy after claims the Spanish businessman is looking to refinance Pride Park in a bid to fund deal to buy club from Mel Morris.

Sportsmail are told that alarm bells are ringing inside the club and there is a realisation that the buyout is unlikely to go through.

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

It’s understood that Alonso has provided proof of funds — however it is not known if this money belonged to him or an associate — and sources say he does not intend to use that to complete the purchase of the Championship club.

Instead, they claim the Spanish businessman wants to borrow against the stadium, with was bought by Derby owner Mel Morris in 2018, but Sportsmail say the deal with Alonso includes the transfer of it to his company, No Limits Sports Ltd.

The sale of the club was agreed a month ago and has since been subject to the EFL’s owners and directors test. Communication with the fans however leaves them left in the unknown.

The delay is said to be caused by Alonso’s alleged attempt to secure finance against Pride Park and the time it takes to arrange a report on the ground’s value.

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

Morris secured a loan against the stadium last year, but is now desperate to sell the East Midlands outfit after being forced to cover April’s wages from his own pocket last Friday.

Morris agreed to proceed with the 29 year old, in the hope that a takeover could be concluded swiftly.

Yet if the latest update is anything to go by, hopes are fading and the deal looks set to go the same way as the doomed takeover of Dubai-based Bin Zayed International.

There was concern in April when Alonso suggested six players Derby should target for transfer — five of which were ineligible for a UK work permit.

It is suspected that Alonso will use the Rams as a trading platform for players and has plans to install his own technical director and recruitment team. Derby have declined to comment and Alonso did not respond when approached by Sportsmail.

Derby fans have been left concerned by a very bleak now-deleted tweet issued by Stan Collymore over the Championship club’s future.

Stan Collymore has stated that the Rams could be another Bury after claiming he has been told the ‘incredibly depressing tale of what’s going on’ at the club.

He said via his Twitter account: “Was told of the incredibly depressing tale of what’s going on inside Derby County. Make no mistake, they could go. And by go I mean Bury go. When will we learn there is another way. 51%.”

This has been backed up by BBC East Midlands Today sports editor Natalie Jackson @NatJacksonsport.

She said staff on the inside have told her the club are in a big mess and are scared to death what happens next. Alonso has told her lets see what happens in the next two games. She adds read into that what you will.

As mentioned, Twitter users reacted on the latest Erik Alonso update whilst some rival fans choose in ridiculing Derby…

@LiamNUFC98: What do us and Derby both have in common? We can’t get a takeover to save our life

@JamNUFC4: Apparently the black and white clubs are cursed in terms of takeovers…

@Rocky1Red: Can’t say I’m surprised, he claimed to be a world champion boxer. Lied about his qualifications, said he was an agent of a player, but the player didnt know him. Why would mel Morris even entertain selling it to some of these chancers.

@MarkDyche2: If he waits til after the weekend he’ll be able to buy it from Poundland

@BarneyLUFC21: Is this including the roof? Because with that roof it’s worth a fortune

@Stuart_Clarkson: Unless they’re actually buying the stadium as well as the club I don’t think they’ll be able to raise any cash from that.

@kevingaff: Derby going down the toilet. Pity the filthy animals couldn’t use ours at Elland road but chose to use the dressing room floor instead

@ossieend: Quelle surprise.

@sojomiff: What I don’t understand is that Mel Morris is a successful man. What’s happened to his judgement? The adage, “if it looks like an elephant, and it’s the size of an elephant, then it’s probably an elephant” should always be applied. I’ll leave it to others on the conclusion.

@Chris_CD2010: We are all interested to see the valuation on the ground that Morris sold to himself to cheat FFP.

@Bo55jppp: The gift that keeps on given, will they give us one more sat ⬇️🍺😂😘

@ScrumpyNffc: @EFL Sheffield Wednesday were docked points yet Derby County have committed a bigger crime that should see them sent into administration and with a points deduction

@FandangoCarllos: Thanks for sharing. This news has really brightened up my morning.

@_EnGee: They’re cursed

@aj_mads: #dcfc banter club

@Rams80s: fuck it just sell to the local consortium!

@portercarl1: Wow I didn’t see this coming 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪 #Shambles

@QuizFooty: Hate to see clubs struggling but if anyone deserves it it’s these fuckers

@0161ppr: Good, the sooner Derby are liquidated the better

@robbomacc: A fraud, just like he was at Wednesday

@mkeddie1502: This joke of a club needs to be kicked out of the league and forced to restart from the Non league status.. played every game in the book for the purpose of greed.. so deluded !!

@ReeceDaviesSWFC: This man needs to be banned from football.

@tommccoy87: State of us. Mel Morris has got so much to answer for.

@nffcbywater123: Fuck sake, was hoping he’d buy them as well

@pal_lufc: Derby are priceless, the gift that keeps giving!!

@SarcasticForest: Hahahahahahaahahahahahahahavashahaha 😂😂😂😂😂 i can’t cope with having this club as a rival, they’re gonna kill me #nffc

@Helmkay6: Fucking Nora 😂 #nffc #dcfc

@jtweets92: If Derby go down they are in serious trouble at this point.

@dcfcfan1985: I wonder if this is what Stan Collymore was referring to? #dcfcfans

@kalum1884: Right he can fuck off he will make us go bust

@TheLukeBeck: Starting too fear the worst now. I have no idea what my club will look like next season! Scary times

@embleton01: Far too many dodgy folk getting into football nowadays. The FA need to reevaluate their “fit & proper person” test

@crag06: I actually think they are fucked. What a mess and I’m loving every minute of it

@HarryBowen: Imagine my shock

@Andrea_E_Elton: You seriously couldn’t make this sh*t up. Borrowing on a stadium he doesn’t even own yet. Taking lessons from the glazier brothers it would seem

@ShadowPenguin: As much as I would laugh to see Derby go down in some capacity, they can’t go near this arsehole. Wouldn’t want to see another football club (whoever it is) ruined by more cavalier owner takeovers. Walk away

@NickolaiTheRed: How much will it be worth this time? £40m, £80m, £160m, fuck it £320m

@SporcoLeeds: That stadium will have more mortgages than Nationwide!

@NeilH87: Imagine my shock….. There’s a dangerous game going on here. Rumours of administration, the ground being owned by a separate entity, the borrowing against Moor Farm etc. It’s an absolute mess – I can’t see why anybody would invest personally…… #dcfc

@Leesy0591: How has it come to this, hate to say it but actually now fear for the long-term future of the club #dcfc #dcfcfans

@RedDogGary: Gutted, was looking forward to this happening!

@CR20357149: As I’ve been saying in recent weeks, the full football league should be backing United in demanding more control for fans & stopping people from using football clubs to earn money at the cost of the clubs future.

@RamReaction: Brilliant. Exactly what you wanna hear before the club goes into one of its biggest games in its recent history. Nice one chaps. #dcfc #dcfcfans

@DerbyStatistics: Now they’ve stopped messing around, can they get on the phone to Red Bull? Or someone else mega rich that knows how to successfully run a football club? #dcfc #dcfcfans

@Vengeance1919: Sounds like Cellino Mk2…

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