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Latest Coventry season tickets sales so far for groundshare at Birmingham

A few months ago, we learned that Coventry City have no choice but to play their home games at Birmingham City’s St Andrews in the 2019/20 season.

Since then and with the new campaign quickly approaching, clubs are now revealing the season ticket prices and how fans can buy them.

The new campaign is days away and the Sky Blues announced an updated number, it seems a huge amount of their fanbase aren’t bothering due to the ongoing situation with the club plus the travelling they have to do which is an extra 40 or so minutes.

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Coventry Telegraph announced last month that on the 10th of June in the first 24 hours of it going on sale, 500 were sold.

Two weeks later, they doubled it to just over 1,000.

And as of writing this article, the figure has risen up to 2,800.

Last season, Coventry sold just under 7,000, and had an average of 12,362, up 33% on the previous season.

Coventry boss Mark Robins said: “We went on Monday but it’s not like we can go any time and do what we want.

“But they (Birmingham) have been brilliant. They have shown us round and the people can’t be more helpful.

“We spoke to the groundsman and there’s a co-ordinator who will be looking after us and they have been helpful so far.

“It’s been as good an experience as we could hope for in the circumstances.”

Asked if it was going to feel strange about going to a different ground that he, his staff and squad will be temporarily calling ‘home’, he said: “No, not now.

“We know what’s happened and while we can talk about what might have been, you have to deal with what is, and the reality is we have this situation and we have to deal with it.

“We all want things to be easier than they are but we have to deal with it.”

On the pitch size, he replied: “We have to work with them and ultimately they will do what we want within reason,” he said.

“The size of the pitch is something we have to look at and we have to be aware that they want that pitch a certain dimension for themselves and if we want it any wider, which is a possibility, the linesmen are going to run a line up and down the pitch, so it might be dangerous down the sides.

“So we have got to be reasonable but we will work with them and be guided by them.

“But if there’s something we want they have said just ask and they’ll try to accommodate.”

And lastly on if the players will train on the St Andrew’s pitch before the season starts, he said: “We won’t be able to do that.

“But it’s not necessary. They have been really accommodating and we’ll be respectful of the fact that they are a football club in the Championship aspiring to get into the Premier League, so everyone has got their own challenges and we have just got to be grateful we have a stadium to play in.

“The pitch is in top condition and there are 2,500 season tickets sold and I know there are more to come and people pledging day by day.

“The public have been fantastic and to follow us over to play in someone else’s stadium is a big ask for people but they have been magnificent.

“And if people choose to stay away that’s their decision. I want everyone to come together and make this as strong a club as possible in adversity.”


After learning the number of tickets Coventry have sold, fans took to give their reaction – find out what they said on the next page.


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