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Kyle Walker mocks Arsenal fans’ fireworks fail after Tottenham fans poke fun with chants

Kyle Walker mocks Arsenal fans’ fireworks fail after Tottenham fans poke fun at their rivals with a number of chants in defeat to Man City.

Kyle Walker found humour in the Arsenal supporters who mistakenly believed they were disrupting Manchester City’s pre-match routine ahead of their match against Tottenham.

Gunners fans filmed themselves setting off fireworks outside the hotel where City players were supposed to stay before the important title race showdown.

City however hadn’t made the trip to London until Tuesday, so instead Arsenal fans’ efforts were for nothing.

Pep Guardiola’s side secured a 2-0 win over Tottenham with two goals from Erling Haaland. This victory propels City ahead of Arsenal in the Premier League standings, putting them in a favourable position as they head into the last matchday.

Kyle Walker was not just delighted at Man City’s ability to handle the pressure so far, but couldn’t resist a cheeky dig at the blunder from the Arsenal fans.

“If I didn’t enjoy the pressure I’d be in the wrong job and definitely the wrong team. These are the games you want to play in,” Walker said to Sky Sports.

“As a footballer, the feeling I got when we scored to go 2-0 up, you don’t experience that too often.

“It’s the emotion of it… last night I couldn’t sleep. I struggled to sleep and we get to the hotel today – I’ve heard they’ve tried to set fireworks off the night before but we weren’t there, they’ve missed us!

“They’ve missed us… but listen, it’s things like that where you’re trying to get off and I’m trying to scramble off in the afternoon just to get my head down.

“These are the games you want to play in, the things you want to compete for and luckily over my seven years at the club I’ve been competing for definitely six of them.”

“You think the majority of our fans are not going to want us to win? I don’t see it that way. I think the majority of our fans will create the atmosphere they always create at our games,” Ange Postecoglou said prior to the game.

“We’ve got a game of football to win and that’s what we’ll try to do. Man City haven’t won it yet and if you think they have, then it becomes an issue because we’re rolling out a red carpet for them and I’m not going to do that.

“I’m not just going to sit there and watch them win. That doesn’t sit comfortably with me.”

On whether a proportion of fans want to lose to stop Arsenal from winning the league, Postecoglou replied: “A proportion of our fans? What does that mean?

“What proportion? 50 per cent? 20 per cent? One per cent?

“That’s fine, people are allowed to feel the way they do.

“But I think I’ve been consistent and really strong in my beliefs that it’s important for this football club not to look for silver bullets to get to where we want to, it’s hard work, it’s resilience, it’s quality, not to fall for any false dawns – and know what real success looks like: trophies.

“Anything else in between, bragging rights, whatever it is, is absolutely meaningless to me or anyone involved with me. We’ve got a game we want to win.”

Then post-match, he was Asked about the chants aimed at Arsenal, Tottenham boss Ange Postecoglou said: ‘Not interested mate. I don’t care. I’m just not interested mate. Maybe I’m out of step but I just don’t care.

‘I just want to win and be successful at this football club, that’s why I was brought in. How other people feel and what other people’s priorities are is zero interest to me. 

‘I know what’s important – building a winning team, and that’s what I need to concentrate on.’ 

On Spurs’ performance against Man City, Postecoglou added: ‘It was a tight game and in the big moments we weren’t able to capitalise and they were.

‘I thought we were in the game the whole time, even at 1-0 we had a great chance to go level.

‘In the second half we were chasing the game so they got a little more space but I thought we were well in it up until that point [the second goal].”

‘We lost the game so it was a missed chance for three points. We had the opportunities and we had to punish them.’

Tottenham midfielder James Maddison, meanwhile, said: ‘Any result at home where you don’t win is disappointing.

‘I am not naive enough to think we were not playing one of the best teams in the world because we were. Always disappointing to lose at home in front of our own fans.

‘We were in the game for large parts, took the game to City and played some really good football but ultimately it results in zero points.’

Twitter users reacted as Kyle Walker mocks Arsenal fans’ fireworks fail after Tottenham fans poke fun with chants…

@ChelseaSeason: “At least they tried” 😂😂

@dankthemanc: Kyle Walker taking the piss out of the ones setting off fireworks 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

@CambrookJac: Loved this from Kyle 😂 thrown that one in there

@CraigA0121: Fucking hell them fireworks by arsenals outside Man City’s hotel at 2am paid off 😂

@SATURNFDN: let me get this right. arsenal fans let of fireworks at a hotel the players weren’t at, bought spurs tickets to cheer spurs on, was singing spurs chants and planned the parade just for the hate watch to fail 😂

@MattyWi24681819: Have Arsenal ultras got any fireworks left thinking of letting some off outside Mary D’s when I’m on my 13th pint 🍺

@mancity_talk: Hahaha made those people behind it look like absolute mugs. Kyle, our captain 🩵

@mcfc9320group: It’s even funnier when our players were laughing 😂😂

@dannicondon: Kyle Walker confirming they weren’t even at the hotel when those mugs were setting off fireworks 😂😂😂

@AFCBeef: I said this would happen. Those bunch of fucking moron clowns. Embarrassing bunch of cunts.

@RobF_WHU: Arsenal Ultras 🤣🤣🤣

@nickharvey2242: My favourite moment from last nights game was when Kyle Walker said on live TV that the Arsenal fans let fireworks off at the wrong hotel the night before 😂😂😂 #PremierLeague

@Boujeeyg23: Arsenal bottling the fireworks is crazy

@scitizen284: Setting off fireworks at a random hotel, shamelessly supporting your fiercest rivals, combining badges, buying Spurs tickets in the home end, doing watchalongs for a Spurs game on Arsenal channels. The most shameless fanbase on social media. Hold. That.

@CFCMike26: Shout out to the Arsenal ultras who stayed up all night to set fireworks off outside a hotel City weren’t even staying at 😂 embarrassing

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