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Klopp and Salah in heated exchange; David Moyes jokes he’ll be glad to see back of Klopp

Jurgen Klopp and Mo Salah speak on getting in a heated exchange while David Moyes jokes that he’ll be glad to see back of Klopp.

Salah, who had been benched due to a heavily criticised display in Wednesday’s Merseyside derby, was on standby to enter the field with only 11 minutes left at The London Stadium.

Klopp gestured to Salah on the sideline following a West Ham missed opportunity, leading to an frosty moment before Salah had to be separated by Joe Gomez and Darwin Nunez.

Extensive footage sees Salah making his way towards the touchline alongside Nunez and Gomez, as Klopp extended his hand for a shake. Initially hesitant, Salah then decided to do so before a brief conversation ensued.

Klopp proceeded to hug both Nunez and Gomez, moments before West Ham failed to capitalise on an opportunity.

Subsequently, Klopp had another interaction with Salah, which was prominently captured by the TV cameras.

Jamie Carragher said on Twitter: “The only reason a manager would be unhappy in this situation, is the player took too long to be ready to come on.”

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp speaking to TNT Sports: “Very disappointed, obviously. I think everyone can see that only one team wins the game, and that is us with the chances we created, with the possession we had, with all the things we did. It was a tough one at the end of a four games in 10 days period, but I think the players did really well.

“We just conceded out of nothing and need a few more chances and kind of scrappy goals in the end to score twice. When we are 2-1 up we could control it, and still as I said in a lot of moments playing really well but the final situation we didn’t take. That has been the story of the last four weeks.”

On if it is unlucky for a few attackers to be out of form: “It is what it is. You see the games. We are together and we go through that together, that is all. The boys want it, they fought hard, gave absolutely everything. For some of them it was definitely too hard today, and yes that’s it.”

On the second half reaction: “Very pleased. It was very good and it was what we needed, the early goal helped obviously. We find chances always, you see in the first half we have a lot.

“What I don’t understand is that with each chance we miss everyone is there throwing arms, but a chance is the closest you can get to a goal so we have to be more positive there. Accept these kind of things happen and then do it again, and again and again.

“We played well but didn’t finish the situations off and now we have to acknowledge and carry on.”

Mo Salah told reporters as he walked through the post-match mixed zone declining interview requests: “If I speak today there will be fire.”

Meanwhile a more humorous David Moyes left everyone in hysterics when he spoke about Jurgen Klopp post-match…

‘I’ll be glad when he’s gone’. Moyes joked. 

‘He’s too f***ing big. Teeth are too bright. 

‘I hate saying because I’ve worked for the club’s biggest rivals but I think he’s been immense for Liverpool, I think he’s the Daddy there, I really do. 

‘He’s been able to control a big football club, which is something that isn’t easy to do at times, but he’s controlled it. But I’m glad to see the back of him, I’ve got to say. 

‘The Premier League brings in lots of managers from different places, some come and go very quickly, some can last the course.’

West Ham manager David Moyes talking to TNT Sports: “I think we did [bounce back well from last week]. I would have liked more than a point, we’ve drawn a lot and today is another. It is a good point and to be 2-1 down and take a battering, we did great to keep going.”

On the goals: “They were really good goals. I enjoyed them. Jarrod [Bowen] is in goalscoring form. Congratulations to him on 20 goals in all competitions. I think it is a long time since someone has done that at West Ham. He is a fantastic player. I hope he keeps going.”

Equalling Di Canio’s 16 goals in a Premier League season: “That is where I’d like the 20 goals, I’d like them to be 20 Premier League goals. I’ve got something for him to chase in the last three games.”

Michail Antonio: “He’s got fitter in the last three or four months. We missed him around November time, he got an injury with Jamaica, but he’s come back, led the line well and got a few goals for us, which was missing from his game a little.”

On the game as a whole: “They started the first half on fire, we couldn’t get the ball. Everyone probably watched Everton-Liverpool and Everton were similar, compact and hard to play against. We did much of the same. The first goal was important for us. Great credit to the lads for the character they showed to come back from there.”

This is how fans reacted with Klopp and Salah in a heated exchange; and David Moyes jokes he’ll be glad to see back of Klopp…

@ronaaak_: Looooool how can the whole club just fall apart like this

@jackray_03: How fuckin dare he. Without Klopp he wouldn’t achieved a tenth of what he has done. Truth is he’s a bang average footballer who’s been made to look good for years by a world class manager. Get rid ASAP. Horrible gobshite.

@ReissFerguson: Slowly losing the dressing room whilst your fairytale ending comes crashing to a halt is unbelievably funny

@LFCt0dd: Sell him in the summer. He’s entitled enough to think he can’t be criticised or dropped by his own manager, even though he’s been shite for months. No one is bigger than the club 👍

@Tony_Scott11: Look what Wednesday did!

@UpperGwladysBlu: The Mighty Blues have caused the reds to fall apart! 👀👀👀👀😭

@_lfcleanne: Not sure what Salah has to be complaining about. Has looked miles off it lately and rightfully didn’t start. To do that in front of the cameras with everything else going on – unnecessary narrative to add to what’s an already difficult end to the season.

@Afcbanks___: The title aside, it’s really sad things have become like this between them just when he’s about to leave

@jakemillmxn: Wheels have well and truly fallen off 🤣

@Conor__S22: Jurgen has fully lost it and I’m personally loving it.

@Carrot1983: Disgraceful that. If he’s going to carry on like that then get him gone. No one’s bigger than the club.

@LBLFC_: Proper shithouse trick that from him. Only done it because he knows Klopp’s going. Got a local lad in Jayden Danns who’d kill for a chance, and this sausage is answering Klopp back. How was your career going before Klopp lad? Spoilt little prick. Fuck off to Saudi no ones assed.

@AnnieEaves: Now I’m used to players arguing with managers when they’re being subbed off… but not on

@SSBradMCFC_: the headloss at that football club over the past few games has been mental.. didn’t expect it at all.

@towbray65381: Salah has been shocking all season

@chillychilvers1:It’s all ending so perfectly 😂

@BenSibbo7: Klopps farewell tour 😂😂 wheels have well and truly fallen off, what a shame

@Justy_Morrow7: Benched cause he’s been pish what’s his argument 🤷‍♂️

@Justinn_22: Some farewell spin for Jurgen, this.

@ChrisPickles24: Things appear to be quite broken at Liverpool at the minute…

@St22Nostradamus: So sad how it’s all ended. Tragic really. These players let Jurgen down big time. I want a clear out!

@Luca_Reale92: Hahaha the wheels have well and truly flew off 🤣 wonderful to see!

@Henshall1892: He’s done a lot for this club, along with Klopp.. but salah and anyone watching can’t deny. He’s just not doing the basics anymore. It’s probably the first time I’ve seen him beat a man today in ages because klopps rightly told him.

@samkearney98: Get him gone 👍🏼

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