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King’s Lynn’s Stephen Cleeve hits out at referees for unfairly targetting his side

King’s Lynn’s Stephen Cleeve hits out at referees for unfairly targetting his own side and even added a video for what he deems as proof.

The Linnets chairman reckons his side, who sit second from bottom of the National League, are treated with disrespect by officials and felt that they should have been given several penalty kicks for various incidents.

Again he took to use his Twitter account to rant, publishing a one minute and ten second clip of moments where his side should have been given a spot kick.

Cleeve wrote on the 12th of January: “Would love to know what we have to do to get a penalty? I always thought that a foul in the penalty area was enough but maybe the rules have changed. Congratulations to Notts County though but we gave an excellent account of ourselves.”

Unable to let go of it, he then said a day later with highlights published: “So the first incident is at 1-1 and from the break out ⁦@Official_NCFC [Notts County]⁩ score – it has to be a foul and the second is a clear penalty – why is it that referees do not want to give us penalties? Both are fouls in my book and both obvious.”

The video tweet was viewed nearly 10,000 times, with 71 taking to respond back King’s Lynn’s Stephen Cleeve who hits out at referees for unfairly targetting his side…

@SteveTxnobflanx: I’m not so sure.The Initial contact is outside the box on the first incident. His momentum takes him inside. Possibly a free kick.The second is is a bit tame the defender knocks him off balance. Needs to be stronger and let’s be honest Clunan will appeal for anything and winge 😁

@linnet1976: The issue is the first one is definitely a foul, don’t think the chairman is claiming a pen for that one? If given, as it should have been, they don’t go downfield and score the 2nd. Not saying we’d have got anything from game though you just ask for refs to get things correct!

@Rtansley_89: @StephenCleeve it was the same for us when we was in the national league north, I reckon refs have a WhatsApp group & when they officiate us they say not to give us penalties or fouls 🤔

@HappyWanderer55: Behave. First one potentially a free kick, goes down too easy though. Second one isn’t a foul any day of the week. He’s absolutely embarrassed himself going down there 🤷🏼‍♂️

@linnet1976: Wasn’t 100% sure first one was in the area but definitely a foul no matter what. Said at the time the 2nd was a pen as Ken was about to shoot and his leg was taken away. Frustrating. Again!

@jacobncm: the first is clearly a foul, albeit outside the box. absolutely nothing in the second one, for me.

@MickCordukes: See you in national north next season 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

@LynnoJay: First one is outside of the box & shoulder to shoulder & the second one the lads behind him & hasn’t intended to stop him shooting I’d say neither were pens, soft pens if they even get given

@blathers67: shoulder to shoulder 1st one. Possibly outside the box. 2nd one was more of a coming together than a blatant foul. Seen them go against us but not a clear pen. #Notts fan. As a football fan I hope you give TW plenty of time. He’s had a baptism of fire but he knows enough about ⚽️

@BenG2003_: Neither are penalties 😂😂😂 1st one is shoulder to shoulder and 2nd one he touches the ball 😂 stop crying and accept the loss ⚫⚪

@kevvykevster: Chairmen on twitter never ends well.

@Smiffy300583: Both players momentum took them into each other, that’s why the ref didn’t give the penalty outside the box the first one!! As for the second one well the kings Lynn player was trying to cover up that horrendous effort 🤣🤣🤣🤣 good luck for the rest of the season ✌🏻✌🏻

@Kelly_rutter: Outside the box for the first never a pen for the second! Ref wasn’t brill but that is what you get at this level. Let us know how they are next season when you are a division lower 😂

@Anthony09902627: Some are given, some aren’t. No point speaking about it now, tho I do see both sides. Move on, and hope the boys can win Saturday.

@BiddleGrant: 1st one definitely foul and probably outside area. 2nd one more debatable as not sure defender moves that much and backswing of strikers leg catches him. Seen them given though

@BenG2003_: Neither are penalties 😂😂😂 1st one is shoulder to shoulder and 2nd one he touches the ball 😂 stop crying and accept the loss ⚫⚪

@LBowmar: First one is a stone wall foul, but outside the box. Second one is a soft shout, both got something on the ball, I’d be unhappy if that was given to anyone.

@Notoriousgee: First one I’d say was a foul, so free kick. 2nd the striker kicks our player on his backswing, so no foul.

@adam1862_: More slow motion replays than Kings Lynn have groundmen

@grezza2120: On another note be more like your manager, his interview was the epitome of knowledge and class .

@NottsCounty1991: Love how your manager was very respectful! Maybe take a leaf out his book?

@rmf80: 1st is definitely a foul but outside the box the 2nd no foul for me the striker catches the defender with his leg swinging to take a shot then falls to the ground like he’s been shot.

@DanSmethurst21: I think the first contact was outside the box so would have only been a free kick anyway!

@tomhwilliams23: Cry more, every side gets decisions go for them and against them, all levels out over the course of a season

Notts County boss Ian Burchnall said: “We were really poor in the first half and fantastic in the second. That’s football sometimes.

“We struggled in the first half and didn’t adapt to the conditions. Credit to King’s Lynn. They set up and frustrated us really well.

“We switched it up at half-time, changed the system and I think that released us and let us attack much more.

“Once we did that, then we looked great. I changed the system because of the way they pressed us we needed four to build up.

“As soon as we did that we started to go forwards. We upped the intensity. But teams at the top will have a bad half. They played really well, but top teams can turn it around. We did that. In the second half, in general, I thought we were brilliant.”


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