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King’s Lynn owner angered by ‘abusive’ Wrexham fans as social media post emerges

King’s Lynn owner Stephen Cleeve has been left angered by ‘abusive’ Wrexham fans as a social media post emerges this week.

A video had been doing the rounds, showing the Welsh outfit’s supporters taking aim at the controversial Linnets owner, mocking his appearance.

But now Stephen Cleeve wants action taken against them, calling for the FA to punish those singing in the clip about him.

He wrote on the video: “This is Ryan Reynold’s Wrexham – the song they sing is “Steve Cleeve only has one eye..” on Wrexham’s official coaches where drinking is allowed. The FA are taking no action. This kind of abuse needs to stop now.”

He then discovered it had been deleted after getting noticed, luckily for him, he had saved it, to which he said: “Not surprised that the tweet was deleted luckily I saved it to expose the kind of songs sang on #wrexhamfc official coaches. I hope that Wrexham issue another statement condemning this behaviour.”

The owner and Wrexham fans have previously had a spat after Cleeve once tried to buy the Red Dragons a decade ago.

10 months back, the club owner of King’s Lynn attacked Wrexham supporters over his social media and branded the town they’re from as ‘one of the worst places’.

He also sent a tweet to Ryan Reynolds and Rob Mcelhenney, telling them they needed their “heads examined” for investing in the club and wishing them “good luck with the worst fans on the planet”

Wrexham were at King’s Lynn over the weekend, going on to storm to a 6-2 victory, and it came as no surprise that Cleeve was the subject of a number of chants prior and during the encounter.

King’s Lynn Town have since issued a short statement via their official Twitter account, saying: “Abuse and discrimination like this on Wrexham’s official coaches after our game on Saturday must be stopped. We hope that Wrexham take the strongest possible action against those involved. #wrexhamfc”

in our opinion, he isn’t helping himself really? His long-term beef with Wrexham has led to it being what it is today. What Wrexham fans isn’t exactly great, however is it no worse that Cleeve calling Wrexham as ‘one of the worst places’, and that the fans were ‘lowest of the low’, ‘retards’, ‘vermin’ and ‘rats’ months back?!

Meanwhile, as the King’s Lynn owner is angered by ‘abusive’ Wrexham fans as a social media post emerges, Twitter users gave their verdict on it all…

@DisndatSignor: Stephen Cleeve, the UKIP incarnation of Ian McShane?

@danAndrews0: Can’t take the heat? Get out the kitchen!!! 😉

@Rob46895053: Just sorry we took any fans to kings Lynn I boycotted like many others feel sorry for kings Lynn fans who have such a Lizard as owner sooner he crawls back under his rock the better

@libertineben: Best league in the world I’ll hear no different arguments

@modferrret: This is not Ryan Reynolds Wrexham,it is a few drunk idiots. Not the club or the bulk of the fan base. Every club has these and it’s only fueling the fire giving them oxygen. By all means call out those involved but it is churlish to try and tar the ownership with the same brush.

@lynnfan99: they should be deducted points

@MartinCymru1404: This obsession is getting a bit weird now fella

@matthew_bartram: That’s tame that compared to the stick you should be getting

@Broken__Monkey: It’s a simple factual observation. In the next verse, they state that he has 2 ears, and in the third verse obviously finish with confirming that he has 12 fingers.

@TheBigJord17: Is that all?? 😂 Compared to the majority of football chants across the country this is such an overreaction 😂 if we issued statements every time we hear “sheep shaggers” or “Reynolds is a sex offender” it would be a weekly occurrence 😂

@JakeWilliams_13: The worlds gone soft.

@FinestWrexham: Fuck off Cleeve what do you expect after labelling wrexham fans vermin and saying the town is the worst place to live in the world. Get a fucking grip you melt. 6.2 fuck off

@OwenThornley3: Shut up you big greasy melt, deserve every bit of hate you get for being such a twat. Enjoy it though, won’t be able to do it next season

@SteSsilver900: You need stop calling people retards

@WillClayton08: Hahahaha. You were fine dishing it out few months ago. What a complete tosser you are lad🤣🤣

@welshwinny8: Your obsessed pal with Wrexham. 🤣🤣🤣

@_NathanRowlands: Not wrong tho are they

@ForeverAYellow: I’m sorry but wtf. Is Cleeve for real?! He made it what it is today. Don’t go issuing disgusting and unprofessional tweets on other teams’ fans but also attacking their owners thinking you can get away with it but fans can’t. Not nice when on the receiving end is it Stephen?!

@GarethOwenTV: I don’t like this sort of chant. The 10 or so singing it should know better. But if you are looking to expand this matter, maybe the League should look into whether a club owner labelling all supporters of another club “rats” and “vermin” on a public platform is appropriate? I expect more of Wrexham fans, true. But owners are ambassadors with a platform, and should be held to an even higher standard. Your deliberate baiting of Wrexham fans over 2 years is not acceptable, and should be investigated alongside any censure of the drunk fans on this clip

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