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Kings Lynn manager upset at getting ‘death threats’ from Peterborough Sports fans

Kings Lynn Town manager Tommy Widdrington says he has been left upset at getting ‘death threats’ from Peterborough Sports fans.

Widdrington took aim at a section of the home support in his post-match interview after his side won 2-1 in stoppage time.

Peterborough Sports officials declined to comment on Widdrington’s specific allegations as his own behaviour is believed to be the subject of a report from security and a report from the match referee.

It has been also claimed that Widdrington threw a ball into the home crowd after the winning goal, but it’s understood he made no mention of alleged death threats to the police or Sports officials at the game, preferring instead to bring it up with his local paper.

Following the match, Widdrington told the Lynn News: “I’ve been in the game a long, long time and I’m aware of people having a bit of a go because they don’t support your team or want them to do well.

“Some of the things I’ve had to endure today in terms of vitriolic language, the throwing of liquids over me and death threats.

“We’re playing at Step Two of the national pyramid of football and people should be coming to watch the game, not just barrack.

“When we score like that – you’re not going to clap that? That’s what I said to them.

“You should be clapping that, lads, that’s a hell of a goal – and all hell breaks loose and you think, well, I’ve listened to you for 92 minutes giving me real dog’s abuse, and I mean dog’s abuse, wishing unmeasurable and unfathomable things towards me and it’s hit a nerve, even on the way home.

“I am disillusioned because that’s my last two away games. I don’t get paid enough money to take that abuse and I don’t need it to be honest with you. I love my job and doing what I do but that’s not on.

“I wouldn’t want a manager coming to our football club and being heckled or abused verbally or physically. I’ve got no problem with people calling me baldy or Geordie, keep it to football as that’s what we are here for, but they weren’t.

“I don’t think they’ve seen anything of the game because they spent the whole of it screaming in my left ear and that’s why I stood with my back to them.”

Peterborough Sports boss Jimmy Dean has appeared to play down the issue.

He said: “It’s handbags. I get stick when I come to Lynn but nothing is said because there are 1,000 people there whereas it is a bit more isolated here.

“That’s the fashion of defeat. Wrongly or rightly the goal has ignited Tommy to celebrate and it has ignited a few of our fans to say something back.

“I’ve got no problems with Tommy. He’s a gentleman and very humble and I didn’t hear anything as I had my head in the sand.

“As long as nobody has been hurt, I don’t really care.”

Twitter users tweeted on the Kings Lynn manager upset at getting ‘death threats’ from Peterborough Sports fans…

@andyroseblade: Tommy Widdrington has the National League North on strings 😍 my manager 💙💛

@patricksmithnc: ….sorry to hear that. It’s so bloody ridiculous (excuse my language) – shouting football-related disagreements is acceptable – we all do it; but personal abuse is Not acceptable, & should be reported to the host Club, for them to do something about. Patrick

@nonleaguenext: Shameful really

@Marvench3: Lovely goal to win it and congratulations, but your manager Tommy Widdrington is in a spot of bother, totally out of order and deserves whats coming his way from police.

@thomasg65212423: so, it’s OK to dish out death threats to tommy?

@NoakesyKLTFC_F1: Bloke gets death threats from your “fans” yet he’s the bad guy? Give me strength

@OscarPrescott17: How dare he not take abuse the whole game and just be happy about it. What a horrible bastard Tommy is 😢

@ForeverOUFC: sounds to be that peterborough sports are being rather butthurt about it all, shitty to aim death threats at something, get a grip of yourselves, its just a game of football

@PaulKLTFC: Really disappointed to hear such stuff yet it was great game to watch from the side, seems ever since fans were allowed to go back to football matches again that there are a lot more bitter pricks about
@linnetslad: seems like he’s showed a bit of passion and the home fans took a disliking to it and tried their best to look as foolish as possible , how low does one actually have to be to make death threats, especially at a game of football in the sixth tier, go to a game, enjoy yourselves for what is served up on the pitch then head of out reflecting and talking about the game instead of acting a twat and potentailly getting yourselves in trouble

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