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King’s Lynn chairman makes bitter dig at Wrexham after defeat

King’s Lynn Town chairman Stephen Cleeve makes a bitter dig at Wrexham after suffering defeat to them on Saturday afternoon.

The Linnets found themselves 2-0 down at the break, and although they were much better in the second half, the visitors held on for a much needed three points.

It took just eight minutes for Jamie Reckord to break the deadlock, before Adi Yussuf doubled the Welsh outfit’s lead just under 20 minutes later.

The result seems to have left a bitter taste for the hosts’ chairman, as he took to Twitter with a jibe having watched his side lose.

Cleeve wrote: “It shows just how far Wrexham have fallen that they are so delighted in beating Little Old King’s Lynn – they are after all the longest serving members of The National League and have ran it themselves for several years and screwed it up”

“First half – shocking, shocking,” said the Lynn boss. “We just rolled over. They were more physical, came out quicker. There was a desire to be on everything and we were the opposite.

“Second half it just changed round. We didn’t play any football, we just asked questions of them and created a few chances.

“But we can’t start games like that, it is ridiculous.”

“We didn’t deal with it, “added Culverhouse. “We didn’t stop the balls into them. We were way off of it – we can’t start games like that otherwise we are going to be in big trouble.”

Dean Keates of Wrexham also spoke after the game, you watch the interview by clicking play below…

The result leaves King’s Lynn Town 20th in the National League table, leaving them three points ahead of the drop. Wrexham sit 9th and three points from the playoffs.

Fans reacted as the King’s Lynn chairman makes bitter dig at Wrexham after the defeat, see what was tweeted…

@Connor_4400: Cry more you sweaty rat

@lesley4wrexham: How disrespectful.

@mrcrh11: Be the bigger man stephen and keep your thoughts of wrexham or any other kings lynn rival to yourself, looks more pro

@Jkempster22: I’m getting the word ………….NONCE

@jwalf051: Kings Lynn 0. Wrexham 2 sweet dreams

@paulefarrow: Let’s see how thing go when Wolverine invests and kicks Deadpool’s backside!

@PooleCarl69: He’s a very upset man it seems

@WelshPeteH: And we live rent-free in your head forever and ever

@godfrey_groome: Sour grapes

@Dazedey: As classy as always!!!

@APort76: …..and the winner of the ‘Most Bitter Tweet’ of the day goes to …… this guy

@WXM1980: You’re obsessed. I’d say being banned from being a director for 8yrs is a sign of screwing things up.

@daveangel1972: Classy as always!

@simonwxm: Let it go, Steve. You wouldn’t have liked it at Wrexham anyway. Our floodlights are so bright that you would lose all your strength.

@JamieSewell6: Written in the stars mate

@KevSilv: Just let it go! You’ve got a club your happy with and got them to there highest position, we are happy with the direction our club is about to go in. Long may in continue and good luck to the King’s Lynn fans.

@ArtellMarc: We won a football game should we be disappointed?

@PaskinsTache: How can a man with your past possibly comment on people wasting money? At least it was ours to waste in the first place……get where I’m coming from? I’ll just go and take a sip of a whisky, or shall I have a champagne or maybe a port?? Decisions….

@Rhuddlan93: Still living rent free in this Wrexham rejects head

@spuderz92: Now say it without crying Steve

@ROIDS2020: Why are Wrexham rent free in your head on the Internet of all places mate. You know twitter can be toxic. I do councilling on Thursdays if you need to chat?

@Stoney_Ground: You sound bitter they never took your shilling. Was that down to your past investment advice?

@adamluke22: Spot on this. They think they deserve to be in the Championship even though they’ve been in the conference for what, 13 years? No amount of Canadian money can save them

@stu_woj: We don’t though. We know our place in the pecking order and we deserve to be where we are. However we have potential. There are 900,000 people living within 90 minutes from the town. If we get a bit of success then there is an opotunity to do something. We just need decent owners

@kensdavies: Classless – it merely shows how much you have fallen

@KieranTynan1: A football club owner arguing on Twitter with opposition fans. Classy.

@jeffers49: I think it’s more to do with you Stephen. Being bitter this long since we saw through your advances and turned you down and yet you still think about us. And taking it out on the media team also was bang out of order.

@Ty_Dyfrdwy: Classy Stephen, real classy

@xemma79x: What a knob, very bitter glad we won now

@stuharris85: Alright pal just cause everyone been moaning at your clubs poor pundit

@joeroberts1995: Bitter bitter. Say it without crying

@wrexmad: The best thing that could have happened to us was making sure you didn’t get your hands on our beloved football club, we are on the way up, jealousy is a terrible thing, just stick with your tin pot club!!!

@WozzerCFC: About time you started to speak sense

@JDubash: Thanks, professionalism like that is yet another reason why we fucked you off

@r77ulr: Says the man who had a company closed down by the DTI and tried selling numerous plots of land without planning permission. Get fucked you weasel.

@Ryankirky15: It’s the fact you’re still going on about it you wet nonce

@PaulJcooper87: Them tears salty enough dick head giving it the written in the stars bollocks now got you tail between your legs cause your team got beat by a team that in recent weeks have been shite enjoy your relegation battle

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