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King’s Lynn chairman causes backlash after asking fans to help pay for fine

King’s Lynn chairman Stephen Cleeve causes backlash on social media after asking his own club’s fans to help pay for fine handed to them.

The Linnets are allowing supporters to hand in donations to help pay fines the club received following their National League defeat at Southend United in January.

A controversial late penalty from Shrimpers forward Sam Dalby gave the hosts a 2-1 win and infuriated the visitors so much that king’s Lynn manager Tommy Widdrington got sent off.

Writing on Twitter: “The club were fined an additional £850 today for surrounding the referee Lloyd Wood against @SUFCRootsHall even though it lasted less than 8 seconds. Many of you have asked to help so if you want to donate £ 5 to help or multiples of, use this link Thanks”

It’s not the first time Cleeve has been left angry with officials this season, as a few months back, he vented anger at decisions during their game against Notts County.

He took to use his Twitter account to rant, publishing a one minute and ten second clip of moments where his side should have been given a spot kick.

Cleeve wrote on the 12th of January: “Would love to know what we have to do to get a penalty? I always thought that a foul in the penalty area was enough but maybe the rules have changed. Congratulations to Notts County though but we gave an excellent account of ourselves.”

Unable to let go of it, he then said a day later with highlights published: “So the first incident is at 1-1 and from the break out ⁦@Official_NCFC [Notts County]⁩ score – it has to be a foul and the second is a clear penalty – why is it that referees do not want to give us penalties? Both are fouls in my book and both obvious.”

As mentioned, the King’s Lynn chairman causes quite some backlash after asking fans to help pay for a fine…

@fishboygtfc: Would 9 seconds have been enough for a fine then? Why should the referee ‘back off’ as you put it? Tell your manager to sort out your players I’ll discipline and pay the fine.

@Matt_Inne5: Come on Boycey, this is ridiculous. The prices you charge your own fans for season tickets and can’s of coke, you’ll find that money in the centre console of your Capri 🤦🏻‍♂️

@sufcberry: At £21 a ticket you’ll have this paid in no time

@Ajcle68: Embarrassing Steve

@jkell1024: Sorry Stephen, spent my last 850 quid buying two adult home tickets

@TomMcCo63951179: This is an embarrassingly new low from a football club. Take responsibility for the inappropriate behaviour of your club and players. I’m sure you fleece enough money from your fans already.

@RobEves: As a Southend fan I do appreciate it wasn’t a penalty. However, these are the hazards of running a football club. Sometimes you get decisions that go against you that you don’t agree to. Asking fans to put their hard earned wages into a fine that you received is slightly absurd.

@P_Rourke: We had over 2K at your place at £21 a ticket. Assuming a quarter were kids & seniors you still would’ve made over 35K in sales from us alone. How’s about you pay a measly £850 out of that windfall?

@WrexhamAFC4: Asking a hard working fan to pay this fine – a fine that was dealt to your club as you broke the rules – is bordering on criminal. @TheVanaramaNL surely this isn’t allowed? It’s a fine to the club which they should pay

@AndrewIron85: If you can’t afford £850, I really don’t think you should own a football club. Embarrassing.

@adam_major1: Stephen, we all know not a single soul asked if they can contribute to paying the fine and you just made it up to stop you looking tight and/or skint.

@DanBasildonBlue: This is absolutely embarrassing.

@PokeFeet: That’s obscene. As you say the fine was for your players surrounding the referee. Something that shouldn’t be done and I wish the authorities would crack down more on it. If anyone should approach the ref it should be the captain and the captain alone.

@Beefpilgrim: How about Making the players who were involved to chip in and pay the fine?

@welshy1000: Wow. He literally has no shame!

@jayjaydlj71: Haha what a melt.

@cribby2468: Is this bloke serious

@rtrudgeon: That’s still 8 seconds too long. Fine the 11 players who were on the field £80 each and be done with it. Leave the remaining £30 in a kitty for next time they disrespect the official(s).

@sion_parry: Just cancelled netflix and donated xx

@miketheref1974: Maybe get the players to behave themselves.
Decision went against you, get over it. That referee gave what he saw, it’s not going to change the world. If you feel aggrieved appeal it, referees are human, he got £120 to take that shit. Hope much does your lowest paid player get?

@craigyjones17: Checked whether this was the parody Stephen Cleeve account as I thought it must be fake. I was wrong

@JB_Allen: Have a day off Stephen, don’t make your fans pay for something that happens in football, accept it, pay it, move on , you charge enough for the tickets as it is.

@JohnmjtJt1919: Decisions are always wrong when they go against you !!!!!!

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