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Kieron Dyer gives update after suffering with worrying health and liver problems

Former midfielder Kieron Dyer gives an encouraging update after suffering with worrying health and liver problems for a while now.

One year ago, the 43-year-old resigned from a coaching role with Ipswich Town, who he also played for, after being taken ill, with fans wishing him all the best.

He then announced he had been with diagnosed primary sclerosing cholangitis, which requires a liver transplant.

And 12 months on from that announcement, things are looking on the up as he continues to pursue a career in coaching.

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“It’s well documented that I need a liver transplant,” he told talkSPORT this week.

“We thought that I would be having that within three to six months but I have my bloods checked regularly and my markers are so good at the moment that they are delaying the operation.

“We don’t know when I’ll have the operation because my bloods and my symptoms and everything, I’m doing really well.

“It’s good news, in a way, but sometimes you just want it done so you can start to crack on with your life and do a job properly.

“But I’m really positive and in my off time, because I want to be a coach, I’ve picked different managers’ brains, watched training sessions, watched all sorts of football from the National League all the way up to Champions League clubs.

“I’m like a sponge at the moment absorbing all this knowledge that I’m getting.”

In June 2022, he said during an exclusive interview with Mail on Sunday:

‘If I don’t have the transplant,’ he says, ‘my liver will pack in. There would be nothing they could do for me.’

‘Sometimes there are people waiting for transplants who only have weeks to live. I am getting increasingly fatigued but I’m not in the super-urgent category so I might have to wait a few more months until my liver has really deteriorated before I am called in. There are not enough livers for the demand of people who need them.

‘I am just thankful that they have found out what’s wrong with me. I’m aware I’m dependent on someone else’s misfortune giving me the chance to live a long and happy life. My greatest hope is that, whoever’s liver I get, I do that person proud. They encourage you to touch base with the family of your donor after your operation and that’s something I thoroughly intend to do.

‘It would give me some comfort, I think, if I was in the situation of a family who had lost a loved one. They would have lost someone they have cherished and loved but through their generosity they have given someone else the chance of a long life. I hope I’ll earn their legacy. I wouldn’t want to screw that up. I know how precious a second chance would be.’

then when the surgeon and the transplant team came round, they have got so many people in the team, co-ordinators, the anaesthetists, physios and psychiatrists. And you see people who have overcome the operation. It’s kind of routine for the hospital now, they do so many of them.

‘Your family and people close to you panic when you tell them. I could see when I told people, I could see the dread on them. It gave me the mental side back. I am not putting bravado on but you have to find that inner strength, not just for you but for them. They’re worried but I’m not worried.

‘I just feel that the way my life has been in the last six months, I am constantly fatigued and I can’t do what I used to do.

‘I am looking forward to it in a way. I am looking forward to being a brand new me and doing things better and quicker because I am still competitive.

Dyer was diagnosed with a liver condition in 2002 and PSC was discovered during a routine check-up, though he wasn’t expecting to need a transplant until further on in life.

A subsequent statement released from the League One club in October 2021, where he worked as Under-23s coach, said he had been diagnosed with primary sclerosing cholangitis and now requires a transplant.

Dyer said at the time: “Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with a condition of the liver a couple of years ago, that would lead to me one day needing a transplant.

“Over the next week, test results will confirm when I need to go through this procedure.

“I see myself as a very positive person that will overcome this minor setback. I’m very grateful to the club, the supporters and the general public for their messages of support over the past week.

“I would like to ask everyone now to respect my privacy, and my family’s privacy.”

Many may recall the time he took part in Channel 4’s ‘Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins’ but had to withdraw due to injury – reportedly a punctured lung.

Dyer bravely opened up about the experience of being sexually abused by his great uncle as a child on the show, and offered insight on how he struggled to deal with the trauma as an adult in an emotional interview with talkSPORT in November 2020.

In the radio station’s series, After The Lights Go Out, Dyer bravely opens up on how he makes sense of it all now.

“I never had any help until I was into my thirties, so I was dealing with the abuse on my own,” he said.

“I developed certain traits which protected me, one of them was never to show vulnerability again. If anyone comes for me, I’m going to lash out.

“When the press came for me, I thought, ‘I’m not putting up with your crap’.

“I formed this stubborn personality, and what is so hard is that people judge me in my younger days, I’ve done some monumental wrongs, but I’m a decent and kind person.

“It was just the abuse and the way I dealt with it formed this personality which wasn’t true to my character, I was just never going to be vulnerable again.

“When I got the help, I realised that 20 years of my life had been marred and it was something I could never get back.”

Here’s what social media had to say as Kieron Dyer gives an encouraging update after suffering with worrying health and liver problems…

@tom_hurrell: That’s good. Hopefully he’ll make a full recovery 💪🏼

@whickhamrobbie: Good luck kieron. I heard the interview let’s hope you make a great coach and are recovering well.. See you back in the northeast sometime

@Nufc627063261: Good luck mate 👍

Peter Coote: One of my favourite ever Newcastle players 👏🏻 hope all goes well 👍🏻

Ivan George Wynn: Please get fit ASAP we are all rooting for you and wish better times

Steven North: Good luck Kieron 🤞

Carl Mitchelson: Get well soon Kieron from a Norwich city fan

Ray Lovatt: All the best kiddo !!! Chester/Liverpool fan routing for ya

Barbara ‘Pugh’ Trend: Good luck 🤞

Nathan Boddey: Good luck 🍀 KD

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