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Kevin Phillips rips into Sunderland as ‘unacceptable’ footage emerges

Kevin Phillips rips into Sunderland as an ‘unacceptable’ footage emerges ahead of this weekend’s meeting against Plymouth Argyle.

The North East outfit are harming their promotion chances by feeling sorry for themselves amid their poor run of form.

That is what former footballer Kevin Phillips had to say, speaking exclusively to Football Insider, hoping his old club can pick up all three points.

After Tuesday’s 1-0 defeat to Blackpool, a dejected looking Lynden Gooch told Sunderland’s media team: “it’s just the way things are for us at the moment.

“I think we need to keep believing and trust in what we’re doing is right and keep working hard.

“I know it’s cliché and everyone probably says it but the only way to get yourself out of tough divisions is by working hard.

“Obviously we’ve had chances tonight to at least draw the game but for whatever reason it’s not falling for us at the moment.

“Teams go through this sort of form. It’s a poor time to go through this run of form but I’ve been here long enough to know what it’s like.

“We’ve been in similar situations a couple of years ago so we need to just regroup and get that next win on the board.

“We need to take it from there and get ready for the play-offs if we obviously get that in to secure our place.”

Sunderland are on a seven-match winless run and that defeat mathematically ended their hopes of automatic promotion from League One.

They must now concentrate on securing the point they need from their last two matches to seal a playoff place.

Phillips slammed Sunderland’s diabolical form but insisted that Gooch and company cannot let their heads drop at a key moment.

He told Football Insider correspondent Dylan Childs: “You can’t start feeling sorry for yourself. It is what it is, and they only have themselves to blame.

“It isn’t worth giving up. You can’t physically give up in football matches

“They are disappointed that they didn’t get the job done when they were in such a strong position but they can’t get down.

“Mathematically, they could still fail to make the playoffs if they have a little bit of a disaster in the next two games and teams around them do well.

“All they can do is concentrate on the Plymouth game at the weekend. But they need to secure that point and get in the playoffs.

“If they don’t go up this year it’s four years in League One. That’s unacceptable.”

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Head coach Lee Johnson says that the amount of games and injuries is the main factor behind the Black Cats struggling form.

Gooch said: “Obviously it’ll play a part, without a doubt. But, we wanted to go and win the EFL Trophy at the same time as well. It’s tough.

“The season has been crammed in as well but I don’t think you can make excuses for the run of form really.

“It’s down to us as players to get a result on the pitch and for whatever reason, results on the pitch haven’t been good enough.

“We have to keep believing and get back to what we were doing before. Trusting each other.”

The Black Cats have gone the whole season playing with no fans and Gooch said it’s no excuse, but their absence has been “Massive.”

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

He said: “I know the new lads don’t know what it’s like to play in front of a crowd here.

“I know first hand what a positive it can be scoring early and getting on top of teams. We’ve seen many times where teams have crumbled after we’ve had a good start and the fans are on top.

“I know that the crowd can have a massive affect on the teams that come here and the way we play.

“But we can’t use that as an excuse either. We need to get back to what we were doing best when we were winning games.”

Whilst Kevin Phillips rips into Sunderland as ‘unacceptable’ footage emerges, fans reacted to what Gooch had to say…

@DeanoCummings85: our mentality summed up in this interview…. their keeper was a spectator for 80/85 minutes. these lads are kidding themselves that this is anywhere near good enough

@gazk_mackem: Long gone are the days when he was spoken about being a premier league player, he is a league one player now and needs to step up and show that he has what it takes to play for this club, cos at the moment he is not doing that.

@_toosb: What a hideous interview. Plymouth a difficult game? Charlton won 6-0 there last week. It should be an easy game, they’re shite.

@andrewritson: You can be unlucky in 3 or four games but 3 points from 21? That’s unexplainable

@DeanoCummings85: honestly if this is the kind of shite we are churning out, I’m all for extending the media blackout longer than this weekend. close it down until August. we know Plymouth will be a difficult game… it will be with that attitude you terrified little honker

@Frenchysafc: They made it really difficult for you? no shit that’s the point why can’t you do the same ….

@southshieldsdec: A big part of the problem with our club one of the many that can’t pass the football to a team mate

@lewygsafc: His tone in this interview is worrying. He sounds beaten. If this is through the squad it is defo worrying. Need the likes of Leadbitter, Power and McGeady picking everyone up and start to put a good run together! #SAFC

@GH65: Go back and play in the MSL you fat useless Californian

@Groweller: With 2 games to go and 6 points up for grabs it is possible for #safc to be knocked out of the top 6.. #itwillhappen

@marrs_jordan: Am sorry but he is dreadful. Literally does nowt at all.

@DarkKnightFTM: He’s one of the main culprits on the shit list!

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