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Kettering issue statement on fans being attacked after match with Telford

Kettering Town have took to issue a statement on fans being attacked after their match with AFC Telford United on Tuesday night.

The National League North game played out to a 2-2 draw, however it was shocking scenes after the game that had people dismayed with the away side’s coach being smashed in the process.

Three arrests have been made and the club are continuing to into CCTV to find and catch the culprits with reports claiming one person suffered a stab wound

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The club wishes to make it clear that there is absolutely no excuse for the events that followed last night’s fixture against AFC Telford and to reassure our true fans that we are working with the authorities to identify those involved.

We have reviewed CCTV recordings and images taken on the night, to aid in the identification process and will share all information gained with the Police.

Several people have been identified, since last night’s events, and each will be investigated and where appropriate offenders will be given a life ban.

If anyone has any images, videos or dashcam footage that will help our investigations then please contact the club via report-it@ketteringtownfc.com

Twitter users reacted as Kettering issue a statement on fans being reportedly attacked after their match with Telford on Tuesday…

@BucksWriter: We were told that a group attached to the home club kicked off in the car park and that the windows of a car driven by a Telford fan were smashed. Heard some commotion from inside the ground, you can hear the police sirens on my post-match interview with our manager… 🚨🤷‍♂️

@DazzallDarren: If this is true I’d be happy to contribute to the cost of replacing the damaged windows. I’m not rich but am a true @KTFCOfficial fan

@BucksWriter: I was careful to say it wasn’t ‘fans’ as whilst fans might feel disappointment at a result, most wouldn’t dream of such actions. Telford aren’t immune to this either, we’ve seen elements of this creeping in lately; to me it’s suggestive of a wider problem at our level.

@LouWap: It was my 11yr old son’s first time supporting his local team (he plays for the junior squad). Safe to say sadly I won’t be allowing him back for a while after hearing what he witnessed. So disappointing. Thanks for addressing it though.

@Ross6Kennedy: @ELCHIVITO95 car was smashed last night on the car park

@01iver_Nnewa11: Quite frankly not shocked after visiting a few weeks ago. Some of the most antagonistic and unwelcoming fans I have had the displeasure of meeting. Some lovely ones as well may I add but a lot of idiots that I imagine have led to this…

@wdk85: Some Kettering fans still acting like dicks since their southern central division days.

@JensenColeman4: Yet another excellent and deep statement from my club on fan behaviour. If you’re not there to watch the football and cause trouble, then you’re not welcome at all. Simple as that. 👏👍

@darrenclay05: Find them before I do. My lad ended up in hospital. Supports none of the teams, working near the ground, decided to go to the game to cover it on his blog, got a kicking.

@tom_1177 :This is all very well and good, but it was clear before ko who the trouble makers were. The gang of pissed up idiots spitting and swearing at their keeper. Stewards were aware but did nothing. Positive action needs taking before it kicks off next time.

@steafctelford: A large group of Kettering idiots attacked Telford fans outside the ground and at one point there was 30-40 after four lads. Cars were also being attacked.

@JakeEglen: Kettering and Telford fans fighting. Not sure who’s bigger wankers

@bucksman1955: Disgusting scenes after the game today. Kettering fans going around the car park kicking hell out of vehicles.

Anthony Wilson: Hope that lot get nicked, whatever started it is irrelevant.
On a side note, that Mondeo that got kicked the living daylights out of, I wonder if us as the proper poppies fans would be willing to pitch in to cover cost of repairs, I don’t doubt it’ll go through the club but you should never expect to have your car abused like that regardless of the situation

Mel Ridley: Couldn’t believe what I was seeing in the car park tonight, thought I had been timewarped back into the 80’s. Spoke to a few Poppies fans after and they said wont be going to home games for a while until the club acts on it. Been 4 games in a row now where there been problems. Still selling alcohol to them at halftime wasnt the best idea either!!

Tom Dryburgh: If the club knows who these idiots are, name and shame! And then ban them for life

Graham Smith: Going to end up with police at the ground at this rate at the expense of the club

Lee Wright: Quite shocking what I seen tonight in the car park. A group of lads kicking lumps into 2 cars carrying Telford fans and also cracking the window on one of the vehicles too. Yet again, it’s the same group that was at Alfreton and the same ringleader who was kicking dirty water at everyone and genuinely being a nuisance behind the goal second half.
He even had a can of JD first half which was confiscated from him and was even hugging another steward when we equalised 🥴 A special mention to the stewards that don’t deserve to put up with this rubbish and dealt with everything as best they can. A dark night for the club in which a small minority has tarnished our reputation yet again.

Justin Lovegrove: Whilst this stupidity was going on there was also 3-5 fans walking past the tunnel giving the team loads of grief. Swearing at them, punching the fence (metal and wooden) just as much we don’t want the idiots in the car park back we also don’t need fans like these in the ground. The club needs proper fans who want to come and support the team no matter what the result is. I think the club on and off the pitch this season have done a remarkable job which will applaud, just hope these idiots don’t ruin all the hard work everyone has put in. Bracie and his team were fantastic last night trying to disperse what was happening. It’s only a small team of volunteers who help the club out massively by being at games. Most of you know that I used to be a steward before, now I am fan who comes with my lad and many more of my family members but I have always said to Mark that in will always help when he needs it. It was nice catching some of them idiots last night and seeing some get arrested. Let’s hope they we all don’t see these so called fans never come back. We are a good family/community club who are watching their team have a good season.

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