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Keeper gets sent off for ‘WWE move’ on player in FA Cup First Qualifying Round tie

A keeper gets sent off for producing a ‘WWE move’ on a player in an FA Cup First Qualifying Round tie played earlier in midweek.

The two sides initially played the tie on Saturday, but was abandoned due to Flackwell Heath’s Matthew Ayres having an asthma attack which led to medical attention on 64 minutes.

So the game was played on Wednesday, and had some great goals, goalmouth scrambles, and that red card with some loss of heads as described by Farnham.

In the clip, a commentator for Farnham can be heard saying: It’s a good ball in and Pat Nash has caught it from underneath his and there’s a huge melee.

“What’s happening here is a few Farnham players down as the goalkeepers look to run away and he’s gone down.

“I think it might be Owen Dean and it’s unnecessary. I think goalkeeper pushed him over, knew that with Pat Nash in the… with Pat Nash with a ball in his hands, he was going to get this forward.

“The goalkeeper’s been called back from his goal to the referee just outside the Farnham Town box. There could be some late drama here.

“Red card, goalkeeper gone for Flackwell Heath, not only is that not good for Flackwell Heath in this game, it’s not good for Flackwell in the league as they will lose them for three games if they lose this game after that red card.

Farnham uploaded footage of this, captioning it on Twitter: “bit of @WWE in non league last night…”

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Fans reacted as the keeper gets sent off for a ‘WWE move’ on a player in the FA Cup First Qualifying Round tie…

@tudorarmyfan: From a neutral I cannot see how this is a red card the Farnham player clearly wants it to happen as his moved into his way 🤷‍♂️

@andysharratt: Have a look for the stamp on the keeper and then the Farnham player being struck. Then have a look at the laws and see if someone moving in the way allows you to strike someone. Hopefully you’re now getting an idea of why it was a red.

@tudorarmyfan: It’s not a red 👍 the stamp has nothing to do with my previous comments as the ref blew after the keeper ran into the Farnham player so the red had nothing to do with no stamp obviously he did not see it neither like I said before the Farnham player moved into his way

1) when the ref blew the whistle is totally irrelevant.
2) someone moving into your way does not entitle them to strike.
3) you are not allowed to strike someone on a football pitch. That is called violent conduct and is a straight red card.

@tudorarmyfan: You keep talking but nothing your saying is making a point I’ll say it again in way that is not a red card the ref did not do anything for the “stamp” he let the game go on until the Farnham player got in the way of the keeper and nothing more then a coming together 🤣👍

@Monty__1010: Some clothesline

@LDCox5: And they say you have to be stupid to be a GK. Point proven

@andysharratt: By your logic you can stamp on someone and not get sent off unless the ref blows immediately, and punch someone if they move in your way also avoiding a red card? Right. Got you.

@tudorarmyfan: Putting words into my mouth and thinking you made a point I’ll say it one last time it’s not a red card

@andysharratt: You’re right, it’s two as there are two red card offences.

@Cherie2112: Was at game as a neutral and saw the incident. The footage confirms to me that the Farnham players were trying to stop the goal keeper getting back. Regards to him stamping on the other goalie having watched 10 times I can only see him stumbling over him.

As a neutral this is what I see
19 tried to grab the keeper back but kinda failed
20 saw it coming, did nothing not to block him but keeper does make a punch movement through him
7 was sprinting across to also hinder the keeper
Keeper = 🟥
Farnham = Bit Unsporting 🤷

@1KaiTanner: So ready for the triology at wrestlemania

@Farnhamfoghorn: Been learning off the undertaker 😝

@SamuelCol1115: As a neutral i Saw the keeper stamp the other keeper and proceed to forearm smash a bloke who tried to confront him, not sure what ur watching

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