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Jurgen Klopp makes joke about Man City’s 115 charges, and pokes fun at Chelsea and Man Utd

Jurgen Klopp makes a joke about Man City’s 115 Premier League charges, and pokes fun at Chelsea and Man Utd in his final Liverpool farewell.

Now he’s no longer at the Merseyside outfit, he has the freedom to express himself without any restrictions as he was in a cheeky mood during a question and answer session on Tuesday night.

Speaking to a crowd of 11,000 fans at the M&S Bank Arena, he took the opportunity to humorously make a dig at his Premier League rivals.

In addition to his well-known rants for early kick-off times, Klopp playfully disregarded a list of topics he was supposedly advised not to mention.

He said: “TNT [Sport] – no 12:30 discussion, referees, we don’t talk about Man City – don’t know why, we don’t talk about financial things – don’t know why, VAR.”

Topic turned to Man City’s 115 charges of allegedly breaching the Premier League’s financial rules, Pep Guardiola’s side recently won a historic fourth consecutive title.

When asked if Man City would be stripped of their titles which they had won within that period, Klopp said: “If you organise a bus parade I’m in. How long it takes, I don’t care how long.”

Chelsea’s owners Todd Boehly and Clearlake Capital were next up with Mauricio Pochettino now not in charge.

“We should be really happy we have them (Liverpool owners Fenway Sports Group) and not guys who bought London clubs,” Klopp said. “I wouldn’t have survived a year at Liverpool [with them].

“Finally they [Chelsea] play football which everyone thinks ‘Oh, they might be back’ and then they sack the manager anyway.

“The owners feel responsible for the club. Are they the best in the world? I don’t know, I can’t say. But they worked really hard. I felt supported.”

And of course, he couldn’t leave without saying something on Man Utd, more so loanee Jadon Sancho, of whom had been banned from first team training after having a public fall out with Erik ten Hag, then got sent out on loan to Jurgen Klopp’s former club Borussia Dortmund.

“If the whole world loses trust and faith in the player, the manager has to be the one behind the player,” Klopp said, in reference to Ten Hag.

“I cannot just buy into that ‘he’s useless’, like other clubs did by the way – buying a player for £80million and then sending him out on loan!”

Jurgen Klopp couldn’t hold back the tears any longer however, overwhelmed by the reaction, love and support inside the arena as he said goodbye while on stage with comedian and host John Bishop, and LFCTV’s Peter McDowall for ‘An Evening with Jurgen Klopp and special guests,’ as the crowd sang ‘Jurgen is a Red’.

Prior to the event, Jurgen Klopp sent a special message to fans, saying on Instagram: “Okay, so now I’ve tried to put myself somehow in proper gear to say now for the last time, hopefully, goodbye.

“I’m pretty sure it will be a good event – again pretty emotional, but I think we are through the worst now. So we can have a good time and that’s the plan.

“So I wish you as well – if you can see it – if you can watch it (I’m not sure if somebody shows it) a wonderful night as well.

“So let’s go! So here we go, that’s it. Ready for the party.”

This is how fans reacted as Jurgen Klopp makes joke about Man City’s 115 charges, and pokes fun at Chelsea and Man Utd…

@indentleft: Nice idea, but you wouldn’t want a trophy tainted by another team being stripped of it.

@_Smedegaard: Imagine if it actually happened… You just know both the club, and the gaffer would do it! 😅

@oliverpool: This is why we love you Kloppo ♥️

@danjbroad: 😂😂😂 tragic

@darlofanatic1: Hahahahahahaha love this! What a manager. Best ever ❤️❤️

@ritchCFC: Sad Klopp can’t just admit Pep and Man City were better and got out with dignity

@aslatermusic: Imagine the scene with Klopp and Gerrard in the parade. Rules are rules, and the truth is truth. 🏆

@IrishJamess: I love him so much 🤣🤣

@ManCitty9320: Shameless. You fail on the pitch then you hope for handout

@fizjib: Now he left us he can say whatever he wants 🤣

@roberts_katz: 115FC rotten to the core. They will have their day in court and we will have our parade. 🚌

@lfc_fede: Hahaha he has no filter, I love it

@LiamGranby: brilliant Jurgen lad 😂😂😂

@EthanMChadwick2: And I damn sure will find a way to fly in just for that!

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