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Jurgen Klopp gets labelled as ‘bitter’ after post-match comments in Tottenham draw

Jurgen Klopp gets labelled as ‘bitter’ after post-match comments he made in the draw against Tottenham on Saturday evening.

The Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp was critical of Spurs’ tactics after their 1-1 draw at Anfield, saying: “I don’t like this kind of football.”

Heung-Min Son scored early in the second half, threatening to hand Liverpool with their first Premier League home defeat of the season, before Luis Diaz levelled things up on the 74th minute.

However, the draw saw the Reds drop two points to give Manchester City an opportunity to extend their lead at the top when they take on Newcastle on Sunday.


Spurs had just over a third of possession, prompting Klopp to say: “I am sorry, I am the wrong person to ask about [Spurs’ defending] because I don’t like this kind of football. But that is my personal problem. I think they are world-class and I think they should do more for the game.

“It’s a game against Liverpool, they have 36 per cent possession. But that is my problem. I cannot coach it. So that is why I cannot do it. World-class players, [who] block all the balls. It is really difficult. Atletico Madrid is doing it. Fine, whatever, absolutely fine, it’s just I can’t. But yes I respect everything they do. But it’s not me.”

Klopp added: “It was the expected game. It was always clear that Tottenham would show up like they show up, with all the individual quality they have and the game-plan they have, it was clear it would be incredibly difficult.”

Despite being disappointed, Klopp remains confident his side are still in the running to secure a historic Quadruple, and they get set again for a Tuesday meeting with Aston Villa.

“It is an important point because it is one point more than before the game,” Klopp said. “That is how it is. But we all know the situation. We are now top of the table.

“If you ask me, my favourite situation would be if it stays like this, on the same points total because City and us lose the rest of the games in the Premier League. That would be great. But we all know this is not going to happen.

“The boys are more disappointed than I am. That might be because of my age and because I have seen pretty much everything in my life. But we will go again.”

He added: “It is incredibly difficult to play against an opponent with world-class players and a world-class manager when they have had a week to prepare and we play every three days.

“The dressing room is not flying, come on, but there are other games to play. We just have to keep going.”

On the game, Klopp said: “It was always clear, Tottenham would show like they show, with individual quality and a game plan, it was clear it would be incredibly difficult.

“It didn’t get easier when you concede a goal. But I was really happy with a lot of things I saw in the game.

“We said at half-time we could have showed more initiative. I thought we did that in the second half and then we concede a goal.

“Anything can happen after that. Nothing happened. The stadium was there, the boys kept calm, increasing the pressure without opening up too much. We scored a goal.

“We could have won, but we could have lost as well, with their insane counter-attack.”

“There are three games to go for us, four games for Arsenal,” Conte said.

“Not easy for us, not easy for Arsenal. In November, not many people could believe Tottenham could fight to the end for the Champions League.

“On Thursday, we have an important game, a London derby against our rival, our rival in this race. I want to get the points because it is important to have hope of the Champions League. We are still in the race for the Champions League.”

Conte added: “It is not easy to play in this moment against an amazing team, especially at Anfield with lots of noise. It is not simple.

“For sure, to have a good result was positive. On the other hand, I think maybe we have to be a bit disappointed. I have seen, in the eyes of my players, disappointment because we had the chance to win the game.

“But I repeat, a good performance. I asked my players to be good defensively and I don’t think we conceded any chances. We conceded a goal to a deflection.

“With the ball, I asked my players to show courage, because Liverpool press you in a good way. If you can play through that you can find space and have chances to score.

“But I think the draw is fair.”

Twitter users reacted as Jurgen Klopp gets labelled as ‘bitter’ after his post-match comments in the Tottenham draw…

@Lucasglory___: Welcome to the world of Klopp moaning. What a surprise.

@makkathfc: Great to see Klopp bitter and twisted 🤣

@YawLander: No one has asked you to play like that 😂😂 every coach devise a way for his team to win and that’s conte’s style

@THFCsemaj: Crying now because quadruple hopes have gone 😂

@Amford16: Just say you’re angry because you failed to beat them…🤣🤣🤣

@Raheem7ii: This is one thing I dislike about Klopp, he’s so bitter and unlikable whenever something doesn’t go his way. Pep witnessed a heartbreaking comeback just a few days ago yet responded in a professional manner

@DomH_90: Just watched the Klopp interview after their game last night. My God, he is one bitter, salty b*stard! And I thought Wenger was bad!

@SimplyStefario: Why’s Klopp so bitter. We slapped City and gave you the opportunity to go ahead. You didn’t take it 🤷🏾‍♂️

@jcscjc28: Been a while since they’ve dropped points so not seen much of the real klopp but here he is. Bitter sore loser this fella. The masks slips again

@SpursOrlando: Jurgen Klopp is a sourfaced cunt. So bitter. Fuck your quadruple.

@McfcPR: crying again

@Mr_Segehood: So keep your personal problem to yourself.

@JaiP72: Yeah let’s go toe to toe with Liverpool when our wingbacks are Emerson and Sessegnon. Any team who goes to Liverpool and goes toe to toe except City get beat. Spurs should’ve won yesterday. Spurs beat City playing the same way.

@AndyyLadd: That ‘but that’s my personal problem’ is just trying to mask his criticism. He’s so unbearable when something doesn’t go his way.

@jimmyhillish: ‘Why didn’t they just let us win?’ 😢

@TheAshMorgan: I’m no fan of Tottenham… but obviously nearly every other team can’t go toe to toe with his and play his type of football. So of course they need to find a different way to nick a point. What a weird complaint

@callme_kennyg: Yeah that should be your problem cuz I’m def sure you were happy when mancity dropped point against then couple of weeks back, you wouldn’t have mentioned you didn’t like it 🤣🤣🤣🤣

@IvanAkol: He wanted Spurs to play like United 😂

@dalmedoo1: This is one weird trait of Klopp’s. He genuinely believes teams have to play tactics that favor his style of play 😂😂🤣

@Michael08775715: Bit of disappointment after dropping 2 points for him but it’s not up to opponents to play in a fashion that suits Liverpools style.think that’s a fatal blow to their title hopes.

@mattburland1: Like it or not, football is an entertainment business these days. The way Spurs played yesterday was not entertaining. If the majority of PL teams start playing like that then viewing figures will drop, and therefore so will tv revenue.

@Daveybob1986: So he’s essentially said “I don’t like their tactics as they wouldn’t let me win”. He’s a first class bellend Klopp. Moans about absolutely everything

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