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Jurgen Klopp destroys Gabby Agbonlahor over his Man Utd comments on talkSPORT

Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp destroys Gabby Agbonlahor over his Man Utd comments which were made on talkSPORT after the Brentford game.

Jurgen Klopp says he almost phoned up talkSPORT to defend Manchester United after listening to the station’s post-match reaction to the Brentford defeat last weekend.

Ten Hag’s side were thrashed 4-0 after a horrendous first-half showing that saw them concede four times in the space of just 25 minutes and leave the nation laughing quite frankly.

Josh Dasilva fired Brentford into the lead after 10 minutes of the match before Mathias Jensen, Ben Mee and Bryan Mbuemo added to the score line with ten minutes to spare in the first-half. See more on that HERE.

United were taken apart in the press for their pathetic showing, with talkSPORT guest Gabriel Agbonlahor particularly scathing of Erik ten Hag’s side.

The former Aston Villa forward told the manager to ‘pack up’ after the ‘shambolic’ performance from his side in the second match of the season.

“This is not Manchester United,” he said on the Gameday Phone-In.

“If I was them now after this game I’d be thinking, ‘You know what, Ten Hag, just pack up’. He’s had pre-season and they have started the season as a shambles, they’re like strangers on the pitch…amateur from Manchester United.”

Questioned about how United must be feeling ahead of their meeting with Liverpool on Monday night, Klopp refused to pile more pressure on Ten Hag’s side and instead rose to their defence.

When asked about United getting thrashed by the Bees, Klopp said: “It was obviously not a nice week for United after the Brentford game. We forget in these moments how good Brentford are. It [the reaction to it] was that bad.

“I drove home, watched the first half here [at the Liverpool training ground], drove home and listened to talkSPORT.

“And Gabby… he lost against us 6-0 in my first year. I couldn’t remember him as a ‘mentality monster’ on the pitch.

“But what he said about United on that show, I was close to calling in and telling him, ‘You have forgotten completely that you have been a player’.

“It was unbelievable. If ex-players are going already like this, you can imagine how everything else is going.”

“When you play United away, it’s never easy,” said Klopp. “We’ll have to do our best.

“That’s your words [that United had a bad start to the season]. I would prefer to play United after they won 5-0. We drew two games so is that just as bad, is it worse? I don’t know.

“They like to play out the back, you can see and feel the high press idea.

“We were not ready for our game in pre-season. The quality they have up front is ridiculous, the quality in midfield – whoever lines up – whether it’s Eriksen, Fernandes, Van de Beek, Fred. Donny I think is a really good player. And then there’s McTominay as well.

“You have to rebuild and change a lot of things and that’s not easy.”

Fans gave their thoughts as Jurgen Klopp destroys Gabby Agbonlahor over his Man Utd comments on talkSPORT…

@MUFC_SHEZZ: its hard to hate him

@AaronJay83: Sad he’s defending us but his point is valid. A lot of these pundits forget they were players and some bang average too

@HarveyCallum1: As much as I hate Liverpool Klopp is a legend for having the balls to call out these failed ex pros and their ridiculous opinions! Well said!

@DavidHickman87: Klopp gone in on Gabby Agbonlahor ” forgot he was even a player” 😂😂😂

@OsborneJack98: As a United fan I don’t have a bad word to say about Klopp. Sure he may have a little moan at times but oh well, who doesn’t. I rate how he’s calling out absolute stinkers like Agbonlahor who constantly talk utter drivel and get away with it like they are some elite ex pro.

@HenryJackson87: Haha, Jurgen Klopp going in on Gabby Agbonlahor in his press conference. Said he nearly called in to talkSPORT to question his opinion. Brilliant.

@_J____M: Klopp has butchered Agbonlahor looool

@JackShields7: Something called respect. Something that Agbonlahor clearly doesn’t have. Absolute clown, even klopp doesn’t like him 😂

@LPodengo: Jurgen Klopp just ending Gabby Agbonlahor, things you never knew you needed to see. 😂👏🏻👏🏻

@markwoggle67: Klopp just ripped Agbonlahor a new arse in his press conference for slagging United 😅😅👏👏

@ChambersBen: What the fuck lol.. the last person I expected to shut that dose Agbonlahor up was Klopp.. but here .. fair dues

@efc2325: Klopp Is spot on. Awful, awful broadcaster. What sounds harsh on GA, but he’s there simply because he’s an ex pro. There’s some who are intelligent and offer a good insight into the game. As a blue
@bally03 on @thebullensview that. But Gabby simply makes click bait comments like this. Suits @talkSPORT

@Murda_GGs_: Love seeing klopp expose the stupidity that is Gabi agbonlahor. Dog shit pundit.

@A_Davies123: Best thing this guy has ever said. The witches must have gone now.

@SimplyNate_: Klopp calling out Agbonlahor 💉 bang average player who has a lot to say about other teams. 9/10 times his opinions are really crap

@AidanEagle3: Waiting for Agbonlahor response on Talksport to Jurgen Klopp taking the piss out of him and calling him a mentality monster. 😂 #MUFC

@JamieBrianEvans: Agbonlahor just talks crap for attention and it’s working

@GMKUnited: First time I’ve ever respected Klopp. Agbonlahor is an absolute embarrassment

@dyerjosh1: Fairplay to Klopp, these ‘pundits’ really need a reality check when criticising people who have won far more than them in football

@StephenMUFC4: Great to see someone putting him in his place

@WorkTheSpace: Agbonlahor vs Klopp is the beef I didn’t know I needed.

@richardatuite: Spot on from Klopp this. Hard to take Gabby Agbonlahor & Micah Richards seriously when they are pontificating and criticising from their ivory tower media platforms, when their individual attitude and performances for #AVFC the year we got relegated are still fresh in the memory.

@Akki_SwagMan: If Klopp called Talksport. Agbonlahor would have shit himself

@Mclovin_94: Even Klopp feels sorry for us lmao, that’s how you know you hit rock bottom! #Glazersout

@craiglufc97: Annoying thing is TalkSPORT will absolutely love this, it’s exactly the reason they do it to start with

@al51936180: Yep good or bad news they love the attention. Gabby and co will run with this for a couple of weeks. Simon Jordan will pipe in and the other great player Jamie O’Hara too lol

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