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Jude Bellingham earns high praise over eloquent post-match interview as Real Madrid beat Man City

Jude Bellingham earns high praise over his eloquent post-match interview as Real Madrid beat Man City to advance in the Champions League.

Rio Ferdinand expressed his utmost admiration for Jude Bellingham, who spoke with Ferdinand, Laura Woods, and Joleon Lescott after Real Madrid’s victory over Manchester City in a penalty shootout at the Etihad Stadium.

Jude continues to impress on and off the pitch, is having an exceptional debut season with the Spanish giants, and will be a key player for England at the upcoming Euros in Germany this summer.

It is worth noting that Bellingham is 20 years old. The interview he conducted with TNT Sports showcased his remarkable maturity and composure.

Bellingham said to TNT Sports: “It’s relief. You put so much into the game. I’ve played against City before and they snatch it away from you. I was pretty much dead on my feet at the end.

“It’s so difficult. They are continuously probing with the ball and move you around. Most teams would fall apart when City get on top of you but we stood up really well.

“I could never dream of how it started [his time at Real], just the feeling you get playing for the club – getting to put the badge on your chest. Long may it continue. Hopefully more nights like this.

“Our biggest strength is he [Carlo Ancelotti] finds a way to let a lot of boys play with freedom. We’re so off the cuff. As a man he fills you with calmness and confidence. I caught him yawning and he said to go out and excite him.

“You have to see it as a responsibility not a pressure if you want to play for a team like Real Madrid.

“Today it came down to mentality.

“It’s beautiful. My brother is here today, the first time he’s seen me play for Madrid.”

And mid-interview, Rio Ferdinand said: “How’s he answering these questions so eloquently? Tell me how old you are, bro?”

Bellingham replied: “I think you’ve got to see it as a responsibility more than a pressure.

“If you want to come to a club like Real Madrid then you have to be willing to be criticised, be under that scrutiny and under that spotlight.

“The club do a great job and if they don’t think you are ready they will ease you in. But if you are here then they probably think you can handle it.”

After Bellingham left the interview, Ferdinand then said: “He’s the type of person… if your daughter is going to bring someone home that’s what you want them to come with.”

Dan Walker tweeted the morning after having seen Jude’s interview: “We all know he’s great on the pitch but… watch this 🏆

“Listens to the questions
Eloquent responses
Looks you in the eye when he answers
Hardly a ‘you know’ in sight.”

Man City boss Guardiola said: “First of all, congratulations to Real Madrid,” said Guardiola afterwards.

“We did everything, I don’t have any regrets. Always, you try as a manager to create more and concede less. There were one, two or three transitions but that is normal. We played exceptional in all departments. Unfortunately, we could not win. That is how it is.

“Today, they defended deeper than the previous seasons. We created chances. But football is about scoring goals. From the penalty spot, they did it a bit better than us. Sometimes you win with penalties, sometimes not. The way we played, we should have done it before.”

Guardiola said the decision Erling Haaland at the end of normal time and De Bruyne in extra-time, along with Manuel Akanji, came after requests from the players.

“Erling and Kevin asked me to come out,” he revealed. “They could not continue. Same as Manu.”

Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti said: “We defended really, really well. This was about survival. Madrid is a club based on always fighting to stay in situations where there seems to be no way out – but we always find a way.

“By the time the penalty shoot-out came, we were totally convinced we’d go through.

“This is about the only way you can come to City and win. You work, sacrifice and win however you can.”

Man City centre-back Dias said: “I don’t know what to say. Frustrating. We dominated the whole game. You go to penalties. The effort was there. We had chances. It’s a difficult one to take.

“You always end up doing everything to try to avoid penalties. That’s what they wanted.

“The team was there. We fought, we had our chances but it wasn’t our day.

“We had the chances. Sometimes the ball goes in, sometimes it doesn’t. Now we have to look forward at what’s to come in the season.

“We won’t have much time to rest. It’s a busy part of the season. Now is a time to be strong especially in the head. We’re still in two important competitions.”

This is how fans reacted as Jude Bellingham earns high praise over his eloquent post-match interview after Real Madrid beat Man City…

@jameswigmore: Just listened to the after game interview with Jude Bellingham, what a breath of fresh air, interesting talker and obviously someone who loves playing football and has a game intelligence beyond his years, 21 years old, already a superstar but very humble.

@MillwallDolbs5: Jude Bellingham not only a world class player but speaks with so much inteligence

@craig_pankhurst: This lad has to be the next England Captain. Talks with such maturity, intelligence, and wisdom. He also appears to very humble.What a player and what a guy. CL Semi-Final: England Captain v Future England Captain. Who wins?

@RJS8337: Some interview.. humble, understanding and grounded.. Anyone involved in Academy football and any young player can learn a lot from this.. earnt through process and development..

@0try: Young, smart, well-spoken, n a damn good footballer 🤩

@Keeno09: Has to be our skipper 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 impresses me more and more every time he speaks 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

@DeanoUTV75: I don’t care that this lad came from Blues, he’s the best English player I’ve ever seen play football at the age of 20! So level headed & he should wear the captains armband for England.
He is special…

@MarkGarratt4865: What an incredibly talented and articulate young man @BellinghamJude is. I along with many other @BCFC Bluenoses were privileged to watch him play at the age of 16 in the Championship which we will live long in the memory KRO Jude

@BcfcMichael: 20 years old. Elite mentality and mature head on his shoulders. The star boy for club and country

@carsten_14: A very impressive young man on and off the pitch

@jamiefletcher88: What incredible player already! So humble & such a down to earth person. Brilliant interview. Go on Jude top man 👏⚽️

@DavidMatthews6: Mature way beyond his years. Incredible player & young person. An inspiration for every young player in this country & beyond.

@JKD_LFC: Wise for a 20 yr old.

@harbs_soor: What an eloquent and mature kid – years ahead in mind and play 👏

@GoonerxLDN: This guy is wise beyond his years. Mad how young he is. You’d never guess it hearing him speak.

@joseikofi: I could listen to this fella everyday, so eloquent and mature for his age. Wish him all the best

@TurnbullsCans: How the hell does he interview as well as that at 20 years old? Absolute boss – on and off the pitch.

@BenHarding6: To speak like that and to have the mentality that he has at that age is frightening. Monster mentality and he’s 20 years old…madness absolute player.

@connorlakey97: This lad is 20 year old btw! Different class, everything about him

@BenMUFC8: What talk for a player so young. Generational talent meant always just what you can do with the ball but attitude and football intelligence. This is a leader so young. Has to be next England captain for me

@kendallrowanx: Still never fails to strike me just how well versed, personable and mature he is. A real credit

@Alexosb80120300: Jude is so special. 120 mins in an incredibly intense game at 20. To show that professionalism and the way he conducts himself in every interview is exemplary for his age. He is more than just a phenomenal footballer and can’t wait to see him shine in the euros this summer

@TCarter66208: This guy is incredible, at 20 years old. He’s a leader of people… not sure I’ve seen anything like it.

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