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Journalist mugs off Wayne Rooney with strange question during press conference

talkSPORT journalist Ian ‘The Moose’ Abrahams mugs off Wayne Rooney with a strange question during his Derby County press conference.

The Rams manager spoke with the media as he was usually do prior to his side’s encounter at home to AFC Bournemouth.

However Rooney ended up giving a serious stare and no answer at his laptop screen after being asked about how he is coping with the current situation that faces the East Midlands outfit.

As can be heard in the video, Ian ‘The Moose’ Abrahams says: “Things are going well for you right now aren’t they?!”

Rooney responds back with a look on his face: “Sorry?”

Ian Abrahams replies back asking the same question, to which Rooney choose not answer, he gives a stare of ‘are you seriously asking me that’, looks rather red in the face when doing so.

‘The Moose’ then tries to quickly move on, but not before answering his own question, saying “not really?”, then tries to carry on the interview as if that awkward moment didn’t just happen, asking “in terms of this weekend, how do you approach?”

Well how did Rooney’s side get on? They produced a 3-2 victory at home to high flyers Bournemouth, with the Rams now on 0 points having already been deducted 21 points already.

They remain bottom of the table, and are hoping for a miracle to avoid relegation to League One , 15 points from safety with 18 games played so far of the 46.

Wayne Rooney has insisted he would be “stupid” to believe that League One football is beneath him, with Derby destined to be in the third tier next season for the first time since 1986.

“I think that would be naive and stupid of me to think that I’m better than that league,” said Rooney on if he’ll stay at the club beyond this season.

“Right now, we’re in the Championship and we’ll give everything we can to stay in it. If we end up in League One – which of course is a possibility – I’m more than prepared to help us get out of that league.

“I’m committed to this club. It was a gamble to put me in charge and I want to repay that faith.

“Difficult moments are part of football and part of life but I’m not a person who at the first sign of trouble will walk away.

“I am committed to this club and I am ready to fight

“No-one is expecting us to stay in this division, it is not impossible because this league can change very quickly. So we will keep fighting.”

Earlier this week he took to social media to insist that the latest deduction has not lessened his appetite to purchase the club.

He wrote: “We knew there would be challenges with the club, including additional points deduction which has not changed my intent.

“We are continuing with our work and diligence on the club. Yesterday my attorney was notified by the EFL that after our Owners and Directors Test submission of almost a dozen documents including sufficiency of funds and origin of funds they do not see any facts or circumstances that would result in any disqualifying condition.

“This is a great milestone in the process and I thank the EFL for their quick work on this matter.”

Meanwhile, Wayne Rooney has also had his say on the prospect of replacing Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as Manchester United manager, yes really.

He said: “As I’ve said before, I’m committed to this football club until someone above me tells me otherwise.

“I speak to people at Manchester United on a regular basis so I’m sure if they were to come calling it would have already happened. I’m committed to Derby County and until someone says ‘you’re not welcome to be the manager here’ I’m here.”

Although he spoke on the prospect of him succeeding Solskjaer, the Derby boss did admit that he is “sad” for the Norwegian.

“Ole will of course have known the pressures of managing Manchester United,” Rooney continued. “If the results are not right there is a chance you will lose your job. With that Ole has lost his job so that’s not nice.

“I know Ole will have worked very hard every day to get the best out of the team. Unfortunately it has cost him his job. I’m sad for him.

“I don’t know where they go from here.”

Asked if the players could have done more to assist Solskjaer, he continued: “One hundred per cent. I was so disappointed watching that game yesterday. As a manager you know you can set the team up, prepare, shape them but there is no excuse for some of them performances.

“None at all. I’ve seen players waving their arms around, giving the ball away, blaming other people. It’s not acceptable. I’d be very angry if that was my team doing that if it was my players.

“When you look at a club like Manchester United it is one, if not the, biggest club. Those players are in a privileged position to play for them.

“In my opinion, with the players they have, they have to show more. I’m not saying they have to win the league or the Champions League, they just have to do more, show the fans they are working and playing for the club.

“That is the least you expect as a fan. Results may vary but you have to at least be willing to put the effort in.”

Twitter users reacted as journalist Ian ‘The Moose’ Abrahams mugs off Wayne Rooney with a strange question during his press conference…

@PageDcfc: @talkSPORT can you sent someone funny next time

@paige_mabel: Mad respect for Rooney’s reaction though. Also the exact same face I do when someone asks me that

@kimgraleo: I’m not a derby fan but that is embarrassing 😳 awful reporting

@AmbroseBarnaby: Embarrassing to say the least, getting paid good money to say things like that…

@NeilPhillips9: @BroadcastMoose shocking.

@mctucks: @BroadcastMoose you a comedian or a journalist? Or neither?

@DaleyDCFC: Moose who calls everyone friend when he clearly has none 🙄 @BroadcastMoose

@KikeKD: This you @BroadcastMoose?

@portercarl1: Was that the moose from @talkSPORT Shameful question to ask if it was ❌❌

@Derby_Dazzler: ‘Great banter’ as usual from @BroadcastMoose

@stonbank: He really is a tinpot journalist. How he gets this gig I’ll never know.

@adaml88: Shit reporter and he trys to be everyone’s best mate.

@chrisjudd48: That prick from Talksport

@79Jeeeez: Kin’ell moose. Your about as funny as you are thin @BroadcastMoose. Any danger of you reprimanding this heart attack danger @talkSPORT

Not a Derby fan.
This is only getting air time because of how stupid the reporter is.
Has he achieved his aim, probably, because the guy has reached an audience far outside Derbyshire.
But he has only made himself look ridiculous.

@mickj2904: He’s the reason I stopped listening to @talkSPORT blokes a clown. Hadn’t realised he was still with them I honestly thought they’d get rid of him by now. Obviously trying to get “a snide laugh with the boys” blokes an imbecile

@w11eum: @BroadcastMoose is an absolute 🔔 🔚 sack the twat @talkSPORT

@ElizabethSlatts: Glee in his voice obvious. Unprofessional – what an idiot

@Rodgo1981: It’s funny to them that a club is in administration and people have lost their jobs is it. What a prize CUNT.

@callumworker: What an absolute fucking cock you are @BroadcastMoose

@ZakisDickens83: That reporter trying to be funny. Had to repeat his stupid question twice. What a prat @talkSPORT

@OneRamFromDerby: What a twat

@SMaskell: Fuck off 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

@el_pond0: The moose having Rooney off hahahaha

@croftynic: This reporter is a real 🔔 end, stupid questions all through his bit. Rooney’s handling of him was quality

@carlhadfield: @BroadcastMoose @talkSPORT you’ve got to get better and reading your audience! Do you realise how everyone associated or supporting this club is feeling right now!?!

@samevansnffc: As a Forest fan this is hilarious but it’s just another example of ‘Moose’ thinking that every player/manager he’s ever interviewed is his mate. So strange.

@JoshMeado5: That is so embarrassing

@SowdenR: What a disgrace this reporter trying to belittle Wayne should have just kicked him out prize pratt

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