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Josh Windass takes aim in ruthless dig at Barnsley boss Michael Duff after scoring winner

Josh Windass takes aim in a ruthless dig at Barnsley boss Michael Duff after scoring the winner in Monday’s playoff final.

In third minute of stoppage time in extra time, the Sheffield Wednesday hero scored the winning goal for his team, sending them to the Championship after three years out of it.

Wednesday was promoted against all odds, after they lost the first half of the semi final to Peterborough by a score of 4-0. However, they overturned the deficit to win on penalties after a 5-1 victory in the second leg.

Owls fans were forced to wait for Windass’ very late goal against 10-men Barnsley. But the wait was well worth it.

The emotional forward spoke to Sky Sports about Duff after the match, who had reportedly written off Wednesday following the defeat to Peterborough.

Windass told Sky Sports: “I heard their manager left our game against Peterborough because he said we were out. So, unlucky.”

“Probably the worst standard of game that you’ll ever watch,” Windass admitted. “The standard from both teams was shocking to be honest, no real quality and luckily we got the winning goal.”

Wednesday’s players and coaching staff celebrated with aroud 44,000 fans of theirs. “It’s one of the fan bases in the country. I’ve played for a couple of big clubs but look at this, it’s unbelievable,” said Windass.

“We’ve been good on the pitch this year. The club’s got a lot of work to do to catch up with the other clubs off the pitch, but hopefully we can do that and start being the giant club that we are.”

About the goal, Windass added, to the club website: “I just knew Gregory was going to cut it back, I know it’s cliche and everyone says but we’ve been working on cutbacks all week so I knew anytime somebody got in that zone it was getting cut back luckily

Interviewer: It’s almost meant to be wasn’t it obviously we know what your Dad did all those years ago with Hull and you are there you are today

JW: Yeah it’s funny because Baz (Barry Bannan) said to me in the change room before the game this is this is your day this is for players like you and um I was shocking for him so um five minutes to go we’ve had five minutes to go I was thinking Jesus I need to do something here because and then luckily that’s what happened

Interviewer: Obviously we would have liked to go up in the top two places but when you get a day out like that in front of the fans that’s probably how you want to go up really isn’t it

JW: Well yeah our target was to win the league, let’s not make a mistake about it, we messed that up and um yeah if we’d had come today and lost and I’d have been fuming, so buzzing

Interviewer: And the spirit that dressing room, obviously that carries in games like that doesn’t it, just tell us about that dressing room in there

JW: Yeah, unbelievable, um we was hammering each other on the whole pit on the on the game or game to be honest um because of how bad we were but no that’s that’s the standards the lads have got they’re always digging each other out and I think that’s why we came up trumps in the end

Controversy, stunning saves, disallowed goal and a late winner settles 2023 League One Playoff Final

Darren Moore said after the game, as per The Star: “It was a special moment. Just a delightful moment for everybody at the football club. It means so much to help this club back into the Championship.

“I’m really pleased but it’s important everybody shares in it. It has been a joint effort and it just goes to show when a club comes together, what can be achieved.

“It’s been a long journey but a journey worthwhile.

“It was always going to be a tight game,” Moore continued. “But we spoke about being in these moments, staying together and doing the right things at the right time; being a Yorkshire derby the magnitude of the game, the arena.

“It was that moment that fell to us and credit to the boys for going all the way. Just before that we had a breakaway that didn’t quite go for us.

“For us to get the bodies into the box and for Josh to get on the end of it? It’s the stuff dreams are made of. It finished a really titanic game and we got the all-important touch to win the game.

“We spoke about today and the two-legged semi-final, about leaving the pitch spent. The first leg was what it shouldn’t look like, the second was what it should look like.

“The energy and endeavour we showed was great. Barnsley were the same.

“The sending off changed the course of it. They sat in deep and it was up to us to break them down and get the all-important touch for a goal.

“It was a special moment for it to come with the last kick of the game. It’s incredible.”

Twitter users reacted as Josh Windass takes aim in a ruthless dig at Barnsley boss Michael Duff after scoring the winner…

@VFinnishProbs: “Nothing seemed to be going your way”…except a pen not given and then very, very dodgy red 😂

@AdHunter1984: Pretty classless when you compare it to the interviews of the Luton players after their win.

@italianclarets: Complete lack of class right there. Instead Luton players and manager spoke respectfully about their opponents. Maybe he’s also forgetting the fact that the referee helped them out massively.

@danslater1973: Class is something money can’t buy

@cal_howis: As thick as his dad

@CFC_Mason2001: If var worked he’d be unemployed this summer

@GillsonAndrew: I heard your manager was racially abused by some of your own fans and a lot of the rest wanted him sacked, ten days ago. Stay classy.

@MRMAXBRADLEY_: This guy seems like a right bell end

@BFCDrinkers: Loves a hear say. They were piss poor v ten men so don’t bring us into the quality debate. Like his dad I guess, bellend.

@RealPrideNE: Why are the Windass family such bell ends

@TeaCider24: Completely classless after scraping a winner against a team wrongly down to 10 men for the majority of the match.

@benkilbride85: You learn a lot about somebody’s character both in defeat and victory. This tells me everything I need to know about Josh Windass.

@Dazza25dj: Come on Josh, Show some class. Bloody hell

@Greeney73570937: Sounds a right bellend this lad

@aaronlane1989: What a weirdo. He’d love a career like Michael Duff’s

@squeeze73: Where is the class?!

@KP10legend: Classless. Also being asked things didn’t seem to be going your way how did that make you feel? Literally a red card and pen decision went their way. 🤣

@boro_memories: Not really any need to be a tit about it

@DowleBFC: Always came across as a bit of a bell end, he’s proved it here.

@ClementLozzy: How is that answer relevant to the question, couldnt wait to get it in 🛎️

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