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Josh Windass sees backlash after putting forward idea to ease Covid postponements

Sheffield Wednesday’s Josh Windass sees backlash after putting forward an idea to ease Covid postponements this festive period.

As well publicised, a number of matches have been called off just hours before the scheduled kick-off, and it’s left supporters and clubs out of pocket after already travelling to the ground.

Both the Premier League and EFL revealed their stand on a possible circuit breaker, after managers and clubs across the football pyramid put forward their views in a meeting.

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The governing bodies both announced the season would go on as usual despite a rising number of positive Covid cases.

A few days ago, 27 year old Windass believed that a winter break could be the answer to easing Covid pressures on the EFL.

Winter breaks are common across European football and Windass believes it should be implemented in the English game.

Amid further postponements this month, Windass tweeted: “A winter break would save all this postponement nonsense. Every other league does it. Games getting called off 2 hours before kick-off.”

Twitter users have since reacts and Josh Windass sees some backlash after putting forward the idea to ease Covid postponements…

@Carl_T_: Winter is fans favorite time for football. Boxing Day especially.

@ForeverAYellow: Josh has been brainwashed by the top six managers I see. A circuit breaker aint gunna stop the pandemic. What i don’t get is non league seems hardly affected yet their players are playing as regularly while also having a second job and still aint getting covid.

@ABULLY57: A winter break so clubs can in normal times fly away and play lucrative games abroad 😡

@JustCraigyp: Stopping bowing to bullshit restrictions would also stop it, just saying

@OlympusPete68: Football at Christmas is a massive tradition in UK. It should continue. Football gets more breaks than school kids already

@dionrs7: Ah yes of course, because after two weeks break Covid will magically disappear! Nice one Joshua, you’ve saved the day!

@DanBingley: Would you have wanted a winter break before the new flu came along?

@ACoyOwl: Eh, most of the postponements this year are due to covid not sure how a winter break would solve that, it could flare up anytime. And to cover weather postponements we’d need to have a break covering 50% of the season.

@went57: Only if u have a crystal ball to predict snow and covid outbreaks.

@all_wednesday: But then wouldn’t players/managers be complaining about the amount of games they’d have to play in a short space of time as with 46 league games it would be Saturday – Tuesday – Saturday pretty much for most of the season!

@scargill_1: But a winter break wouldn’t change the course of a pandemic.

@weststeve563: I don’t think you realise that friends and family’s meet for a beer over the Xmas fixture list familys agree to meet and travel from far and wide nothing more than I love going to match Boxing Day or NYD with my old man no matter who you support it’s important those games play

@nickdurnan: It has nothing to do with winter. A winter break spoils the game for the fans. If footballers don’t like playing over the Christmas period either go play somewhere where they have a winter break or get another job

@philclarke0170: Sorry Josh. Not true at all. Until people are either vaccinated or have natural immunity what’s to stop a squad in 4 weeks time having an outbreak? Do virus’s only circulate in the winter break?

@Ijblade: Don’t Try and fix something that ain’t broken. We don’t want a winter break in England leave it as its always been for years and years.

@JColquhoun6: Christmas football is what makes English footy. Obviously not right calling games off just before but no point just stopping games just for a cold

@TDWigan1992: Fuck off Windass.

@elyshearerwoods: Windass for PM? Thicker than a jar of thlem

@StandishTic: Thicker than a whale omelette this fella

@Declanswfc_: Most teams not even got covid, cancelling games cus they can get away with it, load of shit

@sheffield_andy: Sometimes you can only conclude that the facepalm at the end must actually refer to just how stupid their own tweet was!

@TomBuckle1: Couldn’t agree more that fans are being let down by poor decision making atm. Not sure why the Winter break argument is relevant though.

@DCalow: So can other industries cancel work for a while then? Or do you expect those people to keep working???

@seanh2604: Talking bollocks. Fans pay wages. They are off work and wanna see football. The real nonsense is this covid bullshit.

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