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Josep Guardiola’s secret of success

Josep Guardiola

The Spain coach is rightly considered one of the best managers despite losing in the Champions League final. It’s hard to argue this fact. There are many reasons for that, but we’ll highlight the key reasons why Guardiola’s teams stay successful for such a long time.

Total domination

Only a team good at positional offensive play can win a trophy. That is one of the pillars of modern football. Clubs that use counterattacks as the central part of their tactics, as recent trends show, practically cannot claim the title. Every year there are fever and fever exceptions to this rule. Manchester City, best known for their brilliant positional play under Guardiola, have perfected their system this season. If you consider a Spanish coach as a favourite for the next season, then try to take advantage of betting bonuses at https://www.telecomasia.net/sports-betting/bonuses/.

Citizens had 64% possession on average: this is the best result in the Premier League this season. In the European best five leagues, only Barcelona achieved better stats with 65%.

By possessing the ball, City fully controls the course and rhythm of the games. Other opponents, specializing in the possession play, couldn’t create that many moments in the matches with Citizens.

Fantastic flexibility

The second feature of the current Manchester City squad is its incredible tactical flexibility. Any team playing positional football needs to be dynamic to be successful. The movement along the learned trajectories becomes boring for the players and stops working at a certain moment, which becomes predictable.

At the beginning of the season, Manchester struggled because of that. As a result, the team lacked freshness, looked monotonous. City allowed rivals like Tottenham and Leicester to catch themselves in the transitional phases: their counterattacks instantly cut the pitch with a couple of passes, eliminating the efforts of Citizens to control the course of the game.

Guardiola recognized City’s problem and implemented a tactical reform that quickly propelled his team into the lead. For example, the Spanish coach significantly diversified the team’s offensive play this season. Five players at the front lost their fixed positions and started playing various “false” roles. They also evenly distributed the duties that their forward previously had. Having lost Sergio Aguero due to injury, the team started playing without a striker at all. İlkay Gündoğan moved to the attack and had the best season in their entire career. The German finished with 13 goals and 2 passes in the Premier League, which is almost a half he scored in 5 seasons at City (28 goals).

Things, banned at City

There are things that Manchester City coach restricts to his players. These six things are not allowed on “Etihad Stadium” because they prevent players from success:

  • Pizza

Claudio Ranieri promised to throw a pizza party if Leicester could win the Premier League under his management. The motivation worked perfectly as the team made history in the 2015/2016 season, becoming champions for the first time in the club’s history. Pep, nevertheless, doesn’t want to hear about pizza and put it under a strict ban.

  • Sex

The rules are not that severe: players just can’t have intimate relations after midnight. According to Pep, this can help the players to show their best qualities and avoid muscle injuries.

It’s still hard to avoid the most interesting part: how does the coach control the implementation of this rule?

  • Fast Food in the morning

The days when players could have a snack with a hot dog or hamburger on the way to the training are left in the past.

Pep Guardiola prefers to sit everyone from the team at one table, as per old family tradition. There are only healthy foods because breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

  • Wi-Fi and mobile phones

The most difficult test for all the players under Guardiola’s management. As the coach said himself, he was tired of looking at the players who constantly stare at their phones. To prevent that, he completely banned not only Wi-Fi at the training base but mobile devices themselves, calling players to live communication.

Given how active most of the athletes are on social networks, it must be very hard to come to terms with the prohibition from the coach.


Pep Guardiola deservedly is one of the most demanded and talented coaches of our time. Due to his professionalism, attention to detail and a lot of innovation he succeeds in any club he inks the contract with.

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