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Jorginho reveals Chelsea team were woken up by fireworks set off by Everton fans

Jorginho reveals that the Chelsea team were woken up by fireworks set off by Everton fans, with the latter succeeding in their attempt.

His fellow squad members have likely not had too much sleep as Toffees supporters try all they can to gain an advantage in this crucial Premier League fixture.

Everton go into the game knowing they must pick up some form of a positive result after seeing Burnley produce a five-point gap in the table after they completed a dramatic turnaround against Watford on Saturday.

Coupled with this, Leeds fell to defeat against Man City and this provides Everton with a chance to drag Jesse Marsch’s side right into the conversation.

@KAEHIAN_B_S was among those via the Liverpool Echo who picked up on the Chelsea team being caught up in the fireworks going off outside their hotel.

‘Everton fans setting fireworks off outside the Hilton Hotel where Chelsea players are currently staying. 2:40 am atm. Been going on for about hour and a half,’ he tweeted. Police were even called but no arrests have been made as of yet.

Tuchel said ahead of the game: “No, we’ve had no lunch. I agree he sent me a very kind, respectful message after I took over at Chelsea that meant a lot. I was a huge fan of him as a player, and he is – and will remain – a legend at our club. This is a given. I was very happy when he wrote me that message, it was very gentlemanly.

“We didn’t have the chance to go out and have lunch, and he also took the chance to go and take charge of Everton. He took an assistant from us, Joe Edwards, and we’re not so happy! Just joking. We will meet some friendly faces [on Sunday] with Joe and Ashley Cole, and Frank, who I have never met in person. I would love to meet him.

“We need the points, and they need the points urgently as well. Everybody tells me about the atmosphere at Goodison Park, how emotional and how tough it is to play there. I am excited to go there, and we expect a tough fight.”

Meanwhile, Jorginho reveals the team were woken up by fireworks last night ahead of their game against Everton.

He told Sky Sports: “Yes, it was a bit noisy. I woke up because of the noise. We were aware it could happen.

“We knew that maybe it would happen and just went back to sleep again to be right for today.”

Everton boss Frank Lampard, who spent 13 years at Stamford Bridge as a player and was sacked as their manager last January, knew how vital this match was.

“I have been very used to handling pressure. As a player, I would have been upset to have a season with no pressure – it means you’re not fighting for something,” said Lampard.

“Our task is very clear, we have six games and have to get as many points as we can.

“It is in our hands and we have to handle that pressure.”

Sky Sports’ Oliver Yew: “The scenes outside Goodison Park show you just what a huge game this is for Everton Football Club.

“You can expect the atmosphere to be electric inside the ground too once the game gets underway.

“And that could be a crucial factor in this battle to beat the drop. the Goodison Park factor could be key for Everton today, and in the coming weeks.”

Twitter users reacted as Jorginho reveals the Chelsea team were woken up by fireworks set off by Everton fans…

@Safe_hands_no1: It’s going to be amazing if the highlight of Everton’s whole season, is a fireworks display

@Flexirobinson: In any other circumstances I would say that this was pathetic. But needs must and we have to do EVERYTHING we can to give us even a 1% advantage. We have to get something from today’s game

@QueenSandy_CFC: Everton fans think this sort of stupidity is gonna save them smh 🤦

@WelderBlue: Be easier if we were decent at footy and wouldn’t have to resort to this wank….

@BobDevineCSM: Karma will be a bitch. You’ve just lit a fire under Chelsea, good luck with that 🤣🤣🤣🤣

@duffy24fit: They will probably have gone in through that front door and out the basement to another hotel. Feel for anyone else staying in and around that area last night. If we wanted to give them more of a reason to get even with us we just did. Shite that in my opinion. No need.

@tonio6uk: How have a load of blues managed to set up a better display than the council run ones?

@WilliamstAntony: As an Everton fan I feel embarrassed that our supporters can sink this low. Sad day indeed. Sorry if you were affected

@w32d5: All this effort to still lose and get relegated

@MainStandULTRAS: Remember when Everton fans went mad cos LFC fans hit a building with a firework when celebrating winning the league? Well here’s Everton fans last night

@1994simmmy: And they wonder why everyone wants Everton to go down 👍🏼

@christtocs: If I’m a Chelsea player with no interest in winning or losing against Everton I now want to batter them.

@AndyBtheatre: That’s nothing compared to the massive fireworks displays up and down the country when Everton and Lampard are relegated

@Mcmenj115John: Sorry but I think it’s disgusting, as a blue season ticket holder for many years I hope they cath the scripts and jail them. If we can’t stay up on our own steam without these scenes then we don’t deserve to stay up.

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