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Jorginho and Thiago Silva accused of mocking Phil Foden after posting on Instagram

Chelsea pair Jorginho and Thiago Silva have been accused of mocking Phil Foden after posting Instagram posts ahead of the new season.

The Blues players have stunned supporters as well as their fellow team mates by showing off their new blonde hair as they returned to the club for pre-season training.

The duo enjoyed a belated break after Silva have been playing for Brazil in the Copa America, going on to narrowly lose to old foes Argentina in the final, whilst Jorginho won the Euros with Italy against England.

After posting their new look, the comments started to come in with many going down the route of ridiculing with Hakim Ziyech labelling them ‘terrible’.

Jorginho and Thiago Silva accused of mocking Phil Foden after posting Instagram posts

It remains to be seen if Chelsea’s other footballers are inspired to follow suit, but it wouldn’t be surprising, considering they have a fair few jokers in that side.

England midfielder Phil Foden reignited a trend by dying his hair blonde before this summer’s Euros to pay homage to Paul Gascoigne who infamously did it before Euro 96.

‘To be honest, it was my own thing and then I saw people turn it into something else and I jumped on it like everyone else would.’ Foden told talkSPORT in June.

‘I decided to change it up and called the barber and I’ve liked it ever since.’

The Stockport born lad later revealed that the entire England squad would’ve dyed their hair blonde as well had they gone on to win the tournament, something they fell at the last hurdle.

It inspired so many others to get the same hair do, with Jorginho going blonde and writing in his Instagram post: “The creamy hair fashion arrived here in Europe too.

“I couldn’t hold back and had to launch right on beer day.

“I got together with @brahmacerveja and @arielreidoblindado to participate in this movement and try to rescue the creaminess of football.”

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A post shared by Jorginho Frello (@jorginhofrello)

Thiago Silva copied the look, also typing out: “A lot of players launched Hair Cream in Brazil, I couldn’t hold back, I got together with @brahmacerveja and @arielreidoblindado and launched it here in Europe on the day of the beer.

“I want to see who comes with me and also participates in the movement to rescue the creaminess of football.”

Chelsea are set to take on Villarreal in the Super Cup on the 11th of August and will host Crystal Palace the following Saturday in their opening Premier League game.

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Fans reacted as Jorginho and Thiago Silva accused of mocking Phil Foden after posting Instagram posts…

@GeniusUTD: Phil Foden: We’ll dye our hair blond if we win the Euros. Jorginho : Burrrnn 🔥 🔥

@OBrienDylan: Jorginho has always been a muggy little cunt, speaks volumes of why he plays for Chelsea

@charlie_norkett: Embarrassing

@DavieMac10: This is the level of shithouse I love to see 🙌😂

@darrenscott88: Bantzz what a guy

@Will_1905_: No way man haha.

@SebMeetsWorld: Jorginho 2 Foden 0

@CatenaccioEra: He’s too funny

@DeanMears: Ultimate big dick energy dying his hair blonde to take the piss out of Phil Foden and England 😂😂😂 what a man

@SeunMobolaji: Jorg 😭😭 i im cryin my eyes out

@JorginhoFreIIo: What a guy ffs, love him to bits

@StoppTheCap: this is bitter sweet

@2021CL2: It hurts but I respect the shithousery 🤣🤣


@A_SPINE_: The hairstyle Foden said everyone would do if England won….SMH Jorginho you are a beast😂😂😂

@Whitey_1872: Top tier shithousery

@dme__363: Jorginho is petty for this. Someone check on Foden 😂😂😂

@ZackEiseman: Couldn’t score his “best in class” pen tho could he

@G_S_Robertson: Chelsea parading the European cup infront of Tottenham in a friendly ….. Jorginho winning the Euros with Italy and dying his hair like Foden ……… Proper Shithousery !!! and I love it !!

@IbzSpeaks: They’re taking the absolute piss loooooool

@PoojaMedia: Phil Foden said all England players will go blonde if they win Euros but Jorginho return to England with blonde. Height of savage 😂😂

@TheBigPidge: Thought that was Phillip Schofield for a sec then

@welshy1110: Not a fan of this phil foden style hair doo shit but can totally appreciate the shithousery from.jorginho by getting it done what a lad

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