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Jonjo Shelvey makes bizarre West Ham claim

Jonjo Shelvey makes a somewhat bizarre West Ham claim as Newcastle United prepare for another important game, this time against the Hammers.

West Ham fan and Newcastle United midfielder Jonjo Shelvey has come out with a quite astonishing suggestion about the two teams ahead of their Premier League clash this weekend.

As the two squads get ready to go head to head on Saturday afternoon they have very different aims for the remainder of the season.

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The Hammers have been in phenomenal form and are currently sitting in the fourth Champions League spot, with the opportunity of going third in the league with three points at St James’ Park.

Whereas Shelvey and his Newcastle teammates are just one place above the relegation zone and fighting for Premier League survival.

The former Liverpool man, however, does not seem to think that the two squads are that different despite the whopping 23-point gap between the two.

“The squad we’ve got on paper, I don’t think theirs is better than ours, to be honest,” Shelvey told talkSPORT.

“I think we’ve got a great squad, we just haven’t performed to the level we can. It’s only recently we’ve picked up a few better results.

“That’s given us the belief to finish this season strong, then come back next season and kick on.”

Shelvey might believe the two squads are even on paper but the league table does not lie and after 31 games this season, the two are looking at very different ends to the campaign.

The midfielder grew up a Hammer and as a fan of the team is hoping to see his boyhood club on the biggest stage next season.

“Growing up as a West Ham fan, it’s great to see them where they are and what they’re doing,” he said.

“I used to watch them every week – it will be great if they get into the Champions League next season, with their fans coming back.”Shelvey also singled out his teammate Allan Saint-Maximin as Newcastle’s star performer and the man West Ham need to watch out for on Saturday.

“He’s absolutely outstanding, he’s what you want in a team, he’s a game-changer and he gets fans off their seats,” he said.

“He’s a big character in the dressing room and it’s just important he stays fit now and gets us back to where we can be.”

Fans reacted after seeing that Jonjo Shelvey makes a bizarre West Ham claim as Newcastle prepare for the Hammers game…

@AngryWestham: Voldemort has been on the sauce again

@hammersmikey: But as a Hammer fan he’s laughing really

@SeanRushworth: I wouldnt go that far shelvs matey, we have 2 decent players, they have a whole first 11 of decent players! Big difference

@jamesdowning: So if they are as good why are they 23pts behind West Ham. Mugging themselves

@siewakes20: West ham have a much better squad than Newcastle. Let’s be serious here.

@AISean66: Jealousy is a terrible thing, he wishes he was in a claret and blue shirt!

@wanderlove110: By saying that he is either calling out the manager or admitting the players aren’t doing it

@Stescott23: What at? Certainly isn’t f**king football

@Ollyhx1: Investigate Voldemort for taking drugs

@robnorris10: Loooooooooooool

@WestHamRambles: Couldn’t even say it with a straight face!

@darylgallon93: I’m a toon fan and that’s just silly. Shelvey couldn’t lace any of there players boots he’s wank.

@calumv89: Shelvey clearly wants to see his boyhood club in the Champions League! #WHUFC

@ScottyLithgow: What’s he been sniffing 😂

@Dazza25dj: Can someone drug test Shelvey

@WHUFCallum_: I swear a player or manager fuels our team talk most weeks??

@Whuben1: we’re not a serious league ffs, imagine Andre Silva or any Frankfurt player saying despite a 22 point gap i believe we have the same talent as Bayern. Prem FT would go into meltdown ffs

@Jackcoyi: Can’t wait to beat Voldemort on the weekend. Zero class.

@grahamwhu: Jonjo on the Romford talc again

@MarshyBoy26: With a 23 point gap they clearly don’t share the same talent

@JamieWHU__: Thanks for the motivation

@Roddymacmillan: Clown

@WHU_CENTRE: What’s he gonna do put a spell on us 🤣

@MitchellWHU: Cheers for the team talk pal

@DanFuller87: Only Wilson gets in the current West Ham team for me. I am a Newcastle fan, we have one or two that could make the bench but only one real starter that’s it.

@KevertonH: As an Everton fan who can’t stand either Newcastle or West Ham i have to say Shelvey is either deluded or on the magic mushrooms because West Hams squad is far superior to Newcastles

@flynn260: He’s off his tits mate. He claimed that Bruce was the best manager he’s worked with, however that was clearly because he doesn’t need to run for Bruce. He hated rafa cos he had standards

@Beesh24240265: The fact shelvey gets a game for newcastle shows west game have a better team and squad

@PratMobile: I actually agree with him. I think we have a top 10 squad and a lower league manager. This season has been the biggest underachievement at #NUFC in years, and that is saying something!

@RTL2311: 3 wins from 23, THREE!

@darrylburleigh: Shut up you fucking idiot

@ChipperfieldNot: Actions Speak Louder Than Words Jonjo And Your Performances Have Been A Fucking Disgrace….

@gw850: West Ham’s squad is definitely better than ours. The only players that get anywhere near the West Ham team are Wilson, Miggy, Dubravka, ASM and maybe Fernandez.. even Miggy would really struggle with Lingard at West Ham now. We’re way off, and Shelvey is one of the worst

@chrismpatrick: hahahahahaha this is a joke right

@ShaunGunner1973: Is he on glue? What a load of nonsense.

@Toontom68: Is he pissed?!

Dubravka > Fabianski
Coufal > Krafth
Ogbonna > Lascelles
Schar > Dawson
Cresswell > Dummett
Rice > Hayden
Soucek > Shelvey
Lingard > Almiron
Saint Maximin > Benrahma
Bowen > Ritchie
Wilson > Antonio
& that’s first XI. Not bad but if we compare squads it isn’t close.

@JoshVernege: Fuck off Shelvey you prat

@lukeeggy: It’s shame football is played on grass and Newcastle are poor

@RobbieMac90: Jonjo talks so much shite #NUFC

@NotSoLocalHero: Jonjo also said that Steve Bruce is the best manager he’s ever played under, so.

@joely_bland: Jonjos smoking something dodgy ini

@njp6439: I’m assuming Shelvey has been on the drink?

@georgejones_01: Hahaha fuckin hell lad

@AvfcPearson: Didn’t know Shelvey was a comedian

@RJM_83: Anyone drug tested him recently?

@RichardL_79: Behave yourself

@Denner7s: Shelvey’s cup final. Been saying not for ages. The only game he turns up for.

@WHUspencer: Harry Potter spells really fucked this guy up huh

@AlexFynn: He’s joking right?

@MartynHobbs12: Play this just before kick off please, COYI

@FromTheAnvilWHU: Say what you said on here back to yourself Jonjo, it’s making no sense mate

@Yxllop: “Takes encouragement from their season” They have won 3 games since the turn of the year.

@ChrisBlack10: We’ve said that about lots of teams this season, the reason we’re considerably worse off is #nufc have the worst manager in the league, by a distance.

@joe__whufc: Another incentive to win on Saturday

@BennyPoolaar: What has shelvey been smoking? Their squad is miles better than ours and what encouragement is there to take from this season

@Kooshycooooooo: Shelvey as stolen a living from football

@WHUgameday: Let’s not overreact to this, Shelvey isn’t going to come out and say we’re a way better squad is he?

@NStampar: Oh my god he’s not well!

@Fozzie94: I support NUFC & I think Shelvey is talking shite

@halliday_9: Shit for brains spouting more waffle.

@bubsy_1977: Lay off the spice John

@kevo175: We’d be better without shelvey in the team that’s for sure!!

@ToonFan14: He needs to leave. If he’s encouraged by being 17th and 3 wins in 23, he’s not the kind of person/player I want anywhere near our club. #nufc

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