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John Terry names Premier League teams he wouldn’t be welcome at as manager

John Terry names Premier League teams he wouldn’t be welcome at as manager and has already confirmed he turned down two approaches.

The former Chelsea captain recently left as assistant head coach to Dean Smith at Aston Villa, but he has made no secret of his desire to go into management.

Terry has revealed that he has already rejected two “decent-sized clubs” because he is “in no rush” and plans to get as much advice as possible in preparation ready for when he signs that dotted line.

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The 40-year-old has labelled managing Chelsea his “end goal” and ruled out EVER becoming the boss of Tottenham Hotspur or West Ham United, saying “Spurs is the only one I wouldn’t take” and that he “wouldn’t be welcome at West Ham” either.

In an interview with the Times, Terry said: “My ambition is very, very clear. There’s an end goal for me and that’s managing Chelsea Football Club.

“My team will be winning — hopefully — very honest, very organised, very well drilled, very well prepared and with a back four.

“I look at Lamps [Frank Lampard] and Stevie [Gerrard] and the success they’ve both had. Lamps in his first season at Chelsea, and what Stevies done up at Rangers is unbelievable.

“l probably wasn’t ready to go into coaching then. I am now. But I’m not just going to jump into anything. I’ve turned down two jobs since I’ve been here [at Villa].

“Decent-sized clubs. But it’s going to take something special for me to leave here. I’ve got one more year left at Villa. I’m in a privileged position because I’m in no rush. I want to be a No 1 but I’ll get there at some point.”

Terry said when being linked on the vacant Tottenham job before that went to Nuno Espirito Santo: “Never take it. Never. Spurs is the only one I wouldn’t take. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be welcome at West Ham too.”

John Terry names Premier League teams he wouldn’t be welcome at as manager

In July 2021, John Terry spoke of his decision to leave Aston Villa, saying: “It has been a tremendous honour and privilege to have spent these last three years at Aston Villa, but I feel now is the right time to make the extremely difficult decision to move on.

“I want to be as respectful to the manager and everyone at Aston Villa as I can and, having given my future serious consideration over the summer, I genuinely don’t feel it is fair to move into a new season without being certain of seeing that through.

“My immediate plan is to spend some quality time with my family and, thereafter, hopefully take up some invitations to visit clubs and managers around Europe to develop my aim and objective of becoming a manager.

“It has always been my ambition to move into football management and, providing the right opportunity presents itself, I feel ready to take up such a challenge.”

Villa boss Dean Smith said: “I’m disappointed to lose John as part of my coaching staff but fully understand and respect his decision.

“John has played a huge role in the success the club has enjoyed over the last few years and has been very supportive of myself throughout that period.

“I have no doubts he will go on to be a first-class manager in his own right and wish him well for the future.”

Fans reacted as John Terry names Premier League teams he wouldn’t be welcome at as manager…

@DozaAFC: Can’t wait for another Chelsea legend to completely embarrass himself managing again.

@Slapheadstu71: Wouldn’t be welcome at QPR either definitely

@Toffeewolfie: Terry undersells himself there..he won’t be welcome at many many clubs..

@rebekkarnold: Wouldn’t be welcome at Liverpool either.

@aaroncock97: You’d never be offered it you fucking tool.

@RedBezza: Name 1 that would welcome him as manager?

@red_mecca: Surely he’s talking about hopes and aspirations that are way, way into the future here. He doesn’t have a proven pedigree of being a manager at any level – he’s an assistant head coach at Villa…. Mind you, I suppose the same could be said about Arteta.

@rfinn28: He assumes we’d offer him the role 😂 🤣 #COYS

@CSUN9956: Yeah you’re not welcome at United either pal

@redmanc76: Wouldn’t it be easier to list those he would be welcome at?

@Tonetek1: Because he would shag all the players girlfriends. 😂

@mollieandarchie: John Terry will never be a successful manager at a top club.

@walkingscott12: Maybe he could team up with Wayne Bridge and manage a Non league club somewhere….

@TC38534491: And wouldn’t be asked or welcomed at Spurs.

@stuartsimc: Who’s want the c**t

@gibbo_jg: Good to hear him say ‘he wouldn’t be welcomed at West Ham’. The fans have always been vocal in our dislike for him. Not least because he’s a classless, arrogant thug & labels himself as ‘Mr. Chelsea’

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