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John Terry demands NINE ex-England footballers should receive New Year honours

John Terry demands that NINE ex-England footballers should receive New Year honours after the latest list was published on Saturday.

The former Chelsea captain took to his social media, frustrated that there was some players he felt should have been honoured by now for their services to football.

Seven-time Olympic gold medallist Jason Kenny was made a knight, while his wife — five-time Olympic gold medallist Laura Kenny — was made a dame.

British Tennis sensation and US Open champion Emma Raducanu was awarded the MBE after becoming the first-ever qualifier to win the prestigious Grand Slam.

Meanwhile, Chelsea women boss Emma Hayes, who guided her side to a fourth Women Super League title and the Champions League final, was awarded an OBE for her services to football.

However Terry, who will begin a role with Chelsea’s academy in the near future, reacted to the news by questioning the lack of recognition from some of England and the Premier League’s most successful players.

Terry believes several England stars deserve a recognition in the Queens' Honours list

“Can someone explain why Gary Neville, Phil Neville, Paul Scholes, Ashley Cole, Nicky Butt, Rio Ferdinand, Sol Campbell, Jamie Carragher, Wayne Rooney, have never been honoured for their services to football?” Terry asked on Twitter.

“We are talking the BEST of the BEST EVER.”

Surprisingly, Sky Sports pundit Neville was quick on this, responding to the question, saying that he wouldn’t be interested in the honour.

“I don’t think I’m anywhere near (receiving recognition in the Honours list) but I’d rather have a most improved player award for a Sunday team than an award of this lot,” Neville wrote.

G Nev’s response isn’t surprising as he has been a fierce critic of the Conservative government for a while now, rarely missing an opportunity to call them out on social media or TV.

Gary Neville has been a fierce critic of the Conservative government

In December, Neville took a shot at Prime Minister Boris Johnson, by describing him as “the worst kind of leader”.

“We’ve seen it for the last two years. This guy lacks integrity. He lies to us constantly. The mistruths that come out of number 10 are just constant,” Neville said in a scathing assessment of Johnson on Twitter.

“Not only that but he’s the worst kind of leader. Someone who expects his team to go under with him and come out and lie for him.

“His ministers and his MPs are constantly forced to do that and enough is enough.”

Neville said this after allegations suggesting Johnson and several members of the Conservative Party held a Christmas party, despite guidelines at the time encouraging the public to limit social contact as much as possible.

“It’s not even about a party or a social gathering on December 18,” Neville added.

“Or a secret Santa or a cheese and wine. It’s about actually having a guy at the top of our country who believes he can take us all for a ride and laugh at us.

“He does it time after time after time. This cannot be let go. Now is the time to get this guy out of number 10 and start bringing some standards back into politics.”

Twitter users gave their reaction as John Terry demands NINE ex-England footballers should receive New Year honours…

@daveyruthers: Services to football? It’s a total joke. Yous ain’t doing it for free. Getting honoured for being good at football. What about someone working in Gregg’s or Asda or someone who does voluntary work

@Stewartchapman5: My question is why any footballer would get an honour? This outdated tradition should be stopped in my opinion. In my opinion no. The ones you are talking about are being paid and incredible amount of money for doing something they love. If you’re going to go down that route why not honour those who have played in the lower divisions and the gone on to work in those leagues and grassroots

@Oram4Andi: Even a Everton Phil Nevillle was on a different level. We had one of the greatest national teams since 66. JT / Becks / Nevilles / Rooney just list goes on. Unfortunately they out club before country when playing International games, segregated tables etc etc.

@SmithersJones6: Phil Neville?! Best of the best EVER? You really need to read up more about football. Seems like you think it began and ended in the 2000s. And Phil wasn’t even one of the best then. Same goes for Butt.

@ByronA1985: Phil Neville best of the best ever 😂😂😂

@Skyseller67: Yes I’ll explain. Ive no doubt they’re all great lads, especially Gary Neville, but they’re footballers, overpaid footballers. Give gongs to Nurses that work 12 hour shifts and earn less in 5 years that you earned in a week. Just let that sink in!

@SakuraEdenRose1: Services to a football? I would rather see Firefighters, Police, Paramedics etc receive these awards, it’s clearly obvious over the years the horrific incidents they go to. They do not get the recognition they deserve.

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