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John Barnes defends Liverpool’s US billionaire owners to fleece British taxpayers

John Barnes defends Liverpool’s US billionaire owners to fleece British taxpayers, whilst also hitting back at Piers Morgan.

The Reds have been widely criticised after opting to utilise the government’s job retention scheme in response to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

John Barnes has defended Liverpool’s decision to furlough staff and believes more Premier League clubs will follow suit.

He said: “On the face of it you may think it doesn’t look good, obviously because the company (makes) a lot of money.

“But this is a strategy that the government have offered to all companies.

“I don’t see how you can offer it to any company and say ‘this is what we will do for any business’ and then criticise them when they do it.

“Every football club is in the same boat, and I’ll be surprised if more clubs don’t do it.”

And Barnes added: “Maybe Liverpool call their furlough now and are better placed in three or four months’ time when we know more the financial implications of sponsorship and what’s going to come in to stop the furlough.

“Maybe they can actually manage their finances better, rather than clubs who, if they don’t play for six or eight months, all of a sudden have to lay off workers.

“No-one at Liverpool has been laid off, no-one at Liverpool is not getting 100% of their salary. The fact that it’s not coming from Liverpool is neither here nor there as far as I’m concerned.”

Barnes, speaking to Joe.co.uk, hit back at Piers Morgan, who has voiced his outrage of Liverpool’s approach.

“When people like Piers Morgan are talking about billionaire owners in America having loads of money and the club having made a big profit, you have to understand that if Liverpool post a profit in March 2020, that is going to be gone in three weeks,” he said.

“This whole idea that football clubs are just awash with money and they have money to spend so therefore they can afford to do this, that’s crazy.

“They make loads of money, but they spend loads of money.

“In terms of the myth football clubs are just holding all this money back and their staff are being furloughed, that is not the case.”

Fans reacted as John Barnes defends Liverpool‘s US billionaire owners to fleece British taxpayers…

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