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John Askey quizzed over Hartlepool future after another loss as fans also take aim at Raj Singh

John Askey has been quizzed over his future as Hartlepool boss after another loss as fans also take aim at chairman Raj Singh.

Rochdale survived a late comeback attempt in the North East, with a 3-2 National League win becoming their first victory in seven games.

They went ahead just two minutes in after the ball came over the top from keeper Louie Moulden, Cian Hayes got on the end of it and put it past Joel Dixon.

Rochdale doubled their lead on 33 minutes, Kairo Mitchell flicked the ball on off his head, Jimmy Keohane was there to meet it to make it 2-0.

Dale then got a third on the verge of half time, Ryan East hitting home from outside the area, but there was enough time added on for Hartlepool to get one back through Nicky Featherstone.

Then the hosts grabbed their second, Mani Dieseruvwe getting his goal after nodding Hendrie’s cross into the bottom left corner, but just couldn’t get that all important equaliser.

“Hartlepool is not about managers,” John Askey said to BBC Radio Tees, as per Hartlepool Mail.

“I’m disappointed. When we lose games I hurt, and probably hurt more than anybody else because I feel as though I’m letting the supporters down.

“I only want what’s best for Hartlepool. And if that means I’m still manager, and that’s the best thing for Hartlepool, then great.

“The chairman has been supportive from day one. But it’s not something I’m thinking about at the moment. I’m just really disappointed with how we played in the first half and how we’ve not got a result.

“The first half was as worse as you can possibly see.

“The first goal kills us. Their keeper with a straight forward ball and their player is able to run straight through which, honestly, from a defensive point of view is ridiculous.

“It doesn’t seem to matter who plays in the back four or back three, we have issues. But the first two goals are horrendous. So it gave us a mountain to climb.

“The second half we changed it and we looked a different team, but it was too little too late. You cannot play for 45 minutes like that.”

Meanwhile, chairman Raj Singh says a change of manager ‘is not the answer’ and also dismissed the idea that Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney would have purchased the club over Wrexham.

“There is a lot of disappointment around the club with our recent form after getting off to a great start in the first few games of the season,” he said, as per Hartlepool Mail.

“As usual some people are overreacting and are wanting changes, whether that is with the players, management or the ownership of the club.

“Admittedly, recent results have been unacceptable but we’ve got to remember that no player goes out onto the pitch to intentionally have a bad game and a good manager does not become a bad manager over the space of a few weeks.

“A change in management again is not the answer.

“We’ve got to support the manager and the players by getting behind them so that we can put a few more points on the board. And, hopefully, with a few players coming back from injury, we should be okay and somewhere near where we all want to be.”



Hartlepool United Chairman Raj Singh has today given an update on the sale of the Club.

The Chairman commented on the ongoing matter:

“After the events of last season and given the sentiments shared by some supporters, I felt that I must put the Club up for sale. I’ve dedicated a huge amount of time, energy and money in the quest to try and help Hartlepool United and in many ways the Club is in a much more secure and well-run position, despite what some people like to portray.”

“It does however seem that no matter what I do, part of the fan base will not be happy and abuse towards my family and I from a minority has unfortunately continued.”

“Upon making the sale public in April I asked any interested parties to provide basic details including how they would take Hartlepool United forward as well as an initial proof of funds. The initial proof of funds was set at a level based purely on anticipated operating losses for this season and next. I wanted to be sure that if somebody came in they were reputable with enough working capital so that the Club didn’t find itself in a difficult position like it has done historically when owners have had firesales.”

“A number of enquiries did come in. Several were speculative and timewasting. The factual position is that, despite trying to find a buyer, nobody at this point has come forward with both intent and initial proof of funds to take over Hartlepool United.”

“Within that I’m aware that some people on social media are intent on making out that I’ve set a high price to put buyers off. I must be clear and reassure fans that nobody has even got past the first hurdle of providing initial proof of funds to be able to operate the Club for this season, which first and foremost is the most important thing.”

“One aspect that has been an evident issue during this process is the Club’s lack of ground ownership. That point was obviously something that I had been looking to address with the local authority longer term. It is unlikely that an international standard investor will step into a Club that doesn’t own its own ground with the potential to develop it for additional revenue streams.”

“In light of there being no immediate outright buyer, I have more recently asked to explore whether a small number of local investors might collaboratively come together to take shareholding in the Club. Again, to be clear this would be to positively invest into the running of the Club and to support with operating costs, not to pay me a sum. I would invite any interested parties in that manner to come forward.”

“Looking ahead, the Club will still formally remain up for sale and I will continue to proactively engage in the process. From my very first interview at Hartlepool United, I have always said that I stepped in to help the Club when it was in crisis but that I will not stand in the way of other another owner or investors who have the right intentions and backing. That has not changed.”

“In the interim I will continue to support the running of the Club in a professional manner and I have reiterated to John Askey, the staff and the team that they have my full backing. We have been exceptionally unlucky with injuries to key players at the start of this season but we must stay behind John and the lads to grind out enough results with focus on making the play-offs. With some new players hopefully still to come in and others to come back from injury I still have optimism for the season.”

“Finally, and once again I ask fans to remember that we are all human and that potential owners, investors and even players will look at us during this process.”

Hartlepool currently sit 13th in the National League table with 22 points from 18 games played, but have won 7, drew 1 and lost 10.

This is what fans had to say with John Askey quizzed over his Hartlepool future after another loss as fans also take aim at Raj Singh…

@Leetheyakker: How many times do we stand off teams , giving them all the time in the world on the ball , how many times do we have have to go 1 or 2-0 before we decide to have a go at teams. Why do we only play football when it’s to late in games , it’s recipe for disaster unfortunately 🥲🥲

@1908pools: He changed things players still not good enough man needs some help from the chairman

@georgeskid17: Askey is not the problem. Anyone but.

@ellenhornsey_: Why didn’t we start the game the way we finished it

@anthonystevenh7: Not good enough!

@parkerchris1989: Snooze fest, might as well play the same post match interview every week. He couldn’t inspire anyone him. Dull as dish water. The defence is shambolic, we are hopeless in the final 3rd and it seems like the only people who care are the fans.

@wiches93: Some of those players in that line up need a long hard look at themselves. They’ve had numerous managers sacked some of them and this shortly could be another, JA can’t do much more with these and not sure he will take much more either. Shambles.

@cstarmedia8: 100% askeys fault! That team selection was horrendous, if I didn’t know otherwise he wants the sack!

@1908pools: Just pull the plug Raj

@Danthom03: It’s clear from how he’s speaking that he has absolutely no idea how to fix this defensive situation. No one at the club can fix it, because the players just aren’t good enough. All we can do is pray for luck, mercy and a fifth-bottom finish.

@mickyga78: If the Chairmen spent more time investing into the club instead of slagging fans in his programme notes we’d maybe stop slagging him.

@anthskinner: Fuck RS!

@durhamchris1983: Too little too late. That team is still littered with serial failures who aren’t even average at this level. Strap ourselves in for a relegation scrap

@dbromley___: That last 10 mins is all fans want. A bit of passion and effort.

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