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John Askey in tearful emotional interview after being left ‘upset and hurt’ by York sacking

John Askey was in a tearful and emotional interview after being left ‘upset and hurt’ by York City sacking on Wednesday.

Askey at first was an interim boss at York back in November last year, before becoming their manager on a permanent basis in March 2022.

He guided the club to promotion via the National League North playoffs and also got them to the FA Trophy semi-final spot while also rejecting a move to League Two outfit Rochdale.

He signed a new deal until the end of 2023/24 in September, having took York to 12th after 19 matches played in the National League. So it’s rather surprising that the decision to sack was made this week.

Tensions are said to be the cause of the call to part ways, happening between Askey and chairman Glen Henderson since the club’s takeover in July.

He was left feeling “undermined” by Henderson’s discussions with players over the team’s style of football and the lack of contact between himself and the board, report York Press.

Speaking to BBC Radio York, Askey said: “I’m really sad. I’ve enjoyed my time at the club and the support has been fantastic.

“It’s not something I wanted to happen, so I’m really disappointed.

“I was disappointed with how it was done. I stood in front of a printing machine, waiting for a letter to be printed.

“I read the letter and it says ‘You’re sacked’. That’s the biggest thing that hurt me more than anything.

“Alastair (Smith, chief executive) gave me the letter. Nobody spoke to me.

“I think I deserve better than that and I think anyone deserves better than that, to be perfectly honest.

“Nobody ever came to me and said ‘John, you’re not doing a good job.’

“I’ve had no contact with anyone. I’ve not spoken to anyone, other than over text, for six to seven weeks.

“When I have spoken to someone, I’ve had to make the phone call.”

The club’s fans on social media have expressed their outrage at the decision and remained overwhelming supportive of Askey.

“That’s special,” Askey said. “It doesn’t happen (elsewhere) and I realise that. You can tell I’m upset.”

A York City statement claimed that Askey told the club he didn’t wish to remain at the club “but was not in a position to resign due to his personal circumstances”.

That came on Thursday the 3rd of November, two days after Henderson’s controversial Q & A on Radio York in which he failed to give public backing to Askey.

“The reason why I said what I said was because after the interview with the chairman and other things that had gone on, I felt undermined,” Askey explained.

“It got to a stage where I said that ‘I can’t work with a chairman who is doing this all the time’.

“I didn’t say I wanted to leave. I said I couldn’t work with that going on.

“It started in the second game of pre-season. He (Henderson) went to the players and asked them if they were happy with the way that we play and the style of football.

“He said that when we won promotion, we weren’t playing good football.

“That’s not what you want to hear as a manager.”

York City’s statement also states Askey cancelled a meeting, set up by the board, at short notice to “discuss budgets”.

Askey has denied this, adding that he wanted the discussion and that the board hadn’t organised one meeting with him since Henderson and the Supporters’ Trust’s takeover.

He says the club’s inability to pay transfer fees for new players did not contribute to his unhappiness and that his comments on the issue were said to keep “supporters aware of the situation and the expectations.”

First-team coach Kingsley James turned down the approach to become interim manager, an appointment which is set to come from the club’s existing staff, Askey has said.

York want to appoint a replacement to Askey by the end of the month, but still, fans aren’t happy and want him back.

U19’s manager Tim Ryan will take charge against Wealdstone this Saturday, assisted by Scott Barrow.

Fans reacted with John Askey in a tearful emotional interview after being left ‘upset and hurt’ by the York City sacking…

@yorkshire_fella: @ycfcchairman and @YorkCityFC are you hiding away hoping this all blows over. Are you actually going to face the fans.Will you turn up at the weekend or use the excuse that police have advised you not to for your own safety? Time to MTFU and face the fans #ycfc #cheekychairman

@MaltonYorkie: We are all very unhappy with yesterday’s events however we need to get behind the lads & the management team in charge on Saturday. We also need to remember it’s not the staffs fault behind the scenes like the Shop/ticket/media/hospitality departments. #ycfc

@YCFC1972: If you think this will all blow over given time @ycfcchairman @ycfcst think again! #ycfc

@HappyWanderer55: One sentence that keeps repeating in my mind is, “we did what we felt was in the best interest of the supporters”. I’ve not seen one person over the last few weeks claim they’re fed up with JA or think it’s time for a change. Just the agendas of 3 kids. #ycfc

@Noddy_Holder: I think we’re all grieving today, sounds melodramatic but such a kick in the guts to all City supporters that had finally felt things were moving in the right direction #ycfc

@charliefewster: Hearing John Askey clarify the way he left and was treated during the muppets reign since his arrival I simply do not believe a word this board say #Hendersonout #getoutofourclub #ycfc

@jack_biggo: Did yesterday really happen? Get out Glenderson #ycfc

@spattinson001: This morning feels no better. We all thought we had the good times back again and it’s been ripped from underneath us. It’s unforgivable #ycfc

@Blodge93: Glen Henderson needs to be sacked, how has he just let a manager like #Askey go? Chairman that don’t understand their role and overstep the mark are toxic for any football club. A complete idiot thinking he knows everything about football. Really fear for York. #ycfc

@_morgan_bruce: Wow. Just listened to @Guymowbray part of the #YCFC special on radio york and I’m shocked as to askeys first few days at the club. I love that he wanted to learn about the club and that he spent so long with guy talking about the recent history of the club

@moxon_will: Gonna make me cry 😭😭😭😭

@Dave_Hughes: I’ll say it again, John Askey was the best thing to happen to this club for a long time. Hearing him here is soul destroying. There are three positions tonight that are untenable. Two of those can be acted upon, the third is the owner, that’ll take a bit longer. #ycfc

@itslennonmate: Nahhh 💔 the board have blood on their hands

@joeforemanYCFC: My manager 💪💪

@Browny_90: Hearing Askey on the verge of tears here. Na, fuck this club. Now have to do another boycott of no money to the club until Glen has gone 😂.

@rmf80: You’ve upset our John and we will never forgive you 🤬 it is 3 people out of several thousand making this astonishing decision it isn’t in the best interest of #ycfc it’s personal it’s a disgrace. Thank you for everything John Askey hold your head up high👏🏻

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